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Add support to libkvm for reading vmcores from other architectures.
- Add a kvaddr_type to represent kernel virtual addresses instead of unsigned long. - Add a struct kvm_nlist which is a stripped down version of struct nlist that uses kvaddr_t for n_value. - Add a kvm_native() routine that returns true if an open kvm descriptor is for a native kernel and memory image. - Add a kvm_open2() function similar to kvm_openfiles(). It drops the unused 'swapfile' argument and adds a new function pointer argument for a symbol resolving function. Native kernels still use _fdnlist() from libc to resolve symbols if a resolver function is not supplied, but cross kernels require a resolver. - Add a kvm_nlist2() function similar to kvm_nlist() except that it uses struct kvm_nlist instead of struct nlist. - Add a kvm_read2() function similar to kvm_read() except that it uses kvaddr_t instead of unsigned long for the kernel virtual address. - Add a new kvm_arch switch of routines needed by a vmcore backend. Each backend is responsible for implementing kvm_read2() for a given vmcore format. - Use libelf to read headers from ELF kernels and cores (except for powerpc cores). - Add internal helper routines for the common page offset hash table used by the minidump backends. - Port all of the existing kvm backends to implement a kvm_arch switch and to be cross-friendly by using private constants instead of ones that vary by platform (e.g. PAGE_SIZE). Static assertions are present when a given backend is compiled natively to ensure the private constants match the real ones. - Enable all of the existing vmcore backends on all platforms. This means that libkvm on any platform should be able to perform KVA translation and read data from a vmcore of any platform. Tested on: amd64, i386, sparc64 (marius) Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3341
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=291406
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diff --git a/rescue/rescue/Makefile b/rescue/rescue/Makefile
index 45a6cc211656..9b612d0a50ee 100644
--- a/rescue/rescue/Makefile
+++ b/rescue/rescue/Makefile
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ CRUNCH_PROGS_bin= cat chflags chio chmod cp date dd df echo \
ed expr getfacl hostname kenv kill ln ls mkdir mv \
pkill ps pwd realpath rm rmdir setfacl sh sleep stty \
sync test
-CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lcrypt -ledit -ljail -lkvm -ll -ltermcapw -lutil -lxo
+CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lcrypt -ledit -ljail -lkvm -lelf -ll -ltermcapw -lutil -lxo
# Additional options for specific programs