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Enable GCC stack protection (aka Propolice) for userland:
- It is opt-out for now so as to give it maximum testing, but it may be turned opt-in for stable branches depending on the consensus. You can turn it off with WITHOUT_SSP. - WITHOUT_SSP was previously used to disable the build of GNU libssp. It is harmless to steal the knob as SSP symbols have been provided by libc for a long time, GNU libssp should not have been much used. - SSP is disabled in a few corners such as system bootstrap programs (sys/boot), process bootstrap code (rtld, csu) and SSP symbols themselves. - It should be safe to use -fstack-protector-all to build world, however libc will be automatically downgraded to -fstack-protector because it breaks rtld otherwise. - This option is unavailable on ia64. Enable GCC stack protection (aka Propolice) for kernel: - It is opt-out for now so as to give it maximum testing. - Do not compile your kernel with -fstack-protector-all, it won't work. Submitted by: Jeremie Le Hen <jeremie@le-hen.org>
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