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Add /rescue bits. This basically encompasses all of bin and sbin along
with a couple of bits from usr.bin in a crunchgen'd binary. Submitted by: Tim Kientzle <kientzle@acm.org>
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+The /rescue build system here has three goals:
+1) Produce a reliable standalone set of /rescue tools.
+The contents of /rescue are all statically linked and do not depend on
+anything in /bin or /sbin. In particular, they'll continue to
+function even if you've hosed your dynamic /bin and /sbin. For
+example, note that /rescue/mount runs /rescue/mount_nfs and not
+/sbin/mount_nfs. This is more subtle than it looks.
+As an added bonus, /rescue is fairly small (thanks to crunchgen) and
+includes a number of tools (such as gzip, bzip2, vi) that are not
+normally found in /bin and /sbin.
+2) Demonstrate robust use of crunchgen.
+These Makefiles recompile each of the crunchgen components and include
+support for overriding specific library entries. Such techniques
+should be useful elsewhere. For example, boot floppies could use this
+to conditionally compile out features to reduce executable size.
+3) Produce a toolkit suitable for small distributions.
+Install /rescue on a CD or CompactFlash disk, and symlink /bin and
+/sbin to /rescue to produce a small and fairly complete FreeBSD
+These tools have one big disadvantage: being statically linked, they
+cannot use some advanced library functions that rely on dynamic
+linking. In particular, nsswitch, locales, and pam are likely to all
+rely on dynamic linking in the near future.
+To compile:
+# cd /usr/src/rescue
+# make obj
+# make
+# make install
+Note that rebuilds don't always work correctly; if you run into
+trouble, try 'make clean' before recompiling.