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@@ -908,7 +908,8 @@ command.
This property is not inherited.
.It Xo
.Sy checksum Ns = Ns Sy on Ns | Ns Sy off Ns | Ns Sy fletcher2 Ns | Ns
-.Sy fletcher4 Ns | Ns Sy sha256 Ns | Ns Sy noparity
+.Sy fletcher4 Ns | Ns Sy sha256 Ns | Ns Sy noparity Ns | Ns
+.Sy sha512 Ns | Ns Sy skein Ns | Ns Sy edonr
Controls the checksum used to verify data integrity. The default value is
.Sy on ,
@@ -927,6 +928,16 @@ should not be used by any other dataset. Disabling checksums is
a recommended practice.
+.Sy sha512 ,
+.Sy skein ,
+.Sy edonr
+checksum algorithms require enabling the appropriate features on the
+pool. Please see
+.Xr zpool-features 5
+for more information on these algorithms.
Changing this property affects only newly-written data.
.It Xo
.Sy compression Ns = Ns Sy on Ns | Ns Sy off Ns | Ns Sy gzip Ns | Ns