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9621 Make createtxg and guid properties public
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@@ -550,6 +550,13 @@ Compression can be turned on by running:
.Nm zfs Cm set Sy compression Ns = Ns Sy on Ar dataset .
The default value is
.Sy off .
+.It Sy createtxg
+The transaction group (txg) in which the dataset was created.
+Bookmarks have the same
+.Sy createtxg
+as the snapshot they are initially tied to.
+This property is suitable for ordering a list of snapshots,
+e.g. for incremental send and receive.
.It Sy creation
The time this dataset was created.
.It Sy clones
@@ -581,6 +588,14 @@ the dataset tree.
This value is only available when a
.Sy filesystem_limit
has been set somewhere in the tree under which the dataset resides.
+.It Sy guid
+The 64 bit GUID of this dataset or bookmark which does not change over its
+entire lifetime.
+When a snapshot is sent to another pool, the received snapshot has the same
+Thus, the
+.Sy guid
+is suitable to identify a snapshot across pools.
.It Sy logicalreferenced
The amount of space that is
.Qq logically