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-Note added June, 2002:
-With the advent of OS X, life is simpler: if you have the developer
-tools installed, the standard awk makefile and gcc works fine, and
-you can ignore the rest of this file, which is now hereby deprecated.
-This file contains a make shell script and a version of the file
-missing95.c for the Mac, courtesy of Dan Allen.
-make shell script:
-# MPW Shell script to build Awk using Apple's MRC compiler.
-# 22 Jan 1999 - Created by Dan Allen.
-# 25 Mar 1999 - Updated for newer Awk.
-# Porting notes for the Mac:
-# 1. main in main.c needs to have its prototype changed to:
-# int main(int argc, char *argv[], char *environ[])
-# 2. popen and pclose in missing95.c need to have as their body the
-# older style
-# return NULL;
-# as parallel pipes are not supported by MPW.
-# 3. To make your Mac more responsive while long awk scripts run,
-# you may want to add some SpinCursor calls to support cooperative multitasking.
-# All of these minor changes can be put under "#ifdef powerc" for portability's sake.
-If {1} == "clean"
- Delete -i awk maketab maketab.c.o ytab.c.o b.c.o main.c.o parse.c.o proctab.c proctab.c.o tran.c.o lib.c.o run.c.o lex.c.o missing95.c.o
- MRC ytab.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC b.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC main.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC parse.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC maketab.c -w off -opt speed
- PPCLink -o maketab maketab.c.o "{PPCLibraries}InterfaceLib" "{PPCLibraries}MathLib" "{PPCLibraries}StdCLib" "{PPCLibraries}StdCRuntime.o" "{PPCLibraries}PPCCRuntime.o" "{PPCLibraries}PPCToolLibs.o" -t MPST -c 'MPS '
- maketab > proctab.c
- MRC proctab.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC tran.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC lib.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC run.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC lex.c -w off -opt speed
- MRC missing95.c -w off -opt speed
- PPCLink -o awk ytab.c.o b.c.o main.c.o parse.c.o proctab.c.o tran.c.o lib.c.o run.c.o lex.c.o missing95.c.o "{PPCLibraries}InterfaceLib" "{PPCLibraries}MathLib" "{PPCLibraries}StdCLib" "{PPCLibraries}StdCRuntime.o" "{PPCLibraries}PPCCRuntime.o" "{PPCLibraries}PPCToolLibs.o" -d
- SetFile awk -d . -m . -t MPST -c 'MPS '
-missing95.c for the Mac:
-/* popen and pclose are not available on the Mac. */
-#include <stdio.h>
-FILE *popen(char *s, char *m) {
- return NULL;
-int pclose(FILE *f) {
- return NULL;