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Update vendor/libarchive/dist to git 85b9f665b6a2d4397fdd38992152d011265e374b
Relevant vendor changes: Issue #1257: Add testcase for ZIPX files with LZMA_STREAM_END marker PR #1331: cpio.5: fix hard link description Issue #1335: archive_read.c: fix UBSan warning about undefined behavior Issue #1338: XAR reader: fix UBSan warning about undefined behavior Issue #1339: bsdcpio_test: fix datatype in from_hex() Issue #1341: Safe writes: delete temporary file if rename fails
Notes: svn path=/vendor/libarchive/dist/; revision=358511
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@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ Note that this format supports only 4 gigabyte files (unlike the
older ASCII format, which supports 8 gigabyte files).
In this format, hardlinked files are handled by setting the
-filesize to zero for each entry except the last one that
+filesize to zero for each entry except the first one that
appears in the archive.
.Ss New CRC Format
The CRC format is identical to the new ASCII format described