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.Fn rtprio
is used to lookup or change the realtime or idle priority of a process.
.Fa function
specifies the operation to be performed.
RTP_LOOKUP to lookup the current priority,
and RTP_SET to set the priority.
.Fa pid
specifies the process to be used, 0 for the current process.
.Fa *rtp
is a pointer to a struct rtprio which is used to specify the priority and priority type.
This structure has the following form:
@@ -71,9 +71,9 @@ The priority specified by the
field ranges between 0 and
.Dv RTP_PRIO_MAX (usually 31) .
0 is the highest possible priority.
Realtime and idle priority is inherited through fork() and exec().
A realtime process can only be preempted by a process of equal or
higher priority, or by an interrupt; idle priority processes will run only
when no other real/normal priority process is runnable.