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Split the documentation for localeconv() off into a separate manual page.
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@@ -35,12 +35,11 @@
.\" @(#)setlocale.3 8.1 (Berkeley) 6/9/93
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd October 5, 2002
+.Dd November 21, 2003
-.Nm setlocale ,
-.Nm localeconv
+.Nm setlocale
.Nd natural language formatting for C
.Lb libc
@@ -48,8 +47,6 @@
.In locale.h
.Ft char *
.Fn setlocale "int category" "const char *locale"
-.Ft struct lconv *
-.Fn localeconv "void"
.Fn setlocale
@@ -59,10 +56,6 @@ for particular sets of routines.
Each such style is called a
.Sq locale
and is invoked using an appropriate name passed as a C string.
-.Fn localeconv
-routine returns the current locale's parameters
-for formatting numbers.
.Fn setlocale
@@ -137,158 +130,6 @@ locale.
The only function in the library that sets the locale is
.Fn setlocale ;
the locale is never changed as a side effect of some other routine.
-.Fn localeconv
-function returns a pointer to a structure
-which provides parameters for formatting numbers,
-especially currency values:
-.Bd -literal -offset indent
-struct lconv {
- char *decimal_point;
- char *thousands_sep;
- char *grouping;
- char *int_curr_symbol;
- char *currency_symbol;
- char *mon_decimal_point;
- char *mon_thousands_sep;
- char *mon_grouping;
- char *positive_sign;
- char *negative_sign;
- char int_frac_digits;
- char frac_digits;
- char p_cs_precedes;
- char p_sep_by_space;
- char n_cs_precedes;
- char n_sep_by_space;
- char p_sign_posn;
- char n_sign_posn;
- char int_p_cs_precedes;
- char int_n_cs_precedes;
- char int_p_sep_by_space;
- char int_n_sep_by_space;
- char int_p_sign_posn;
- char int_n_sign_posn;
-The individual fields have the following meanings:
-.Bl -tag -width mon_decimal_point
-.It Fa decimal_point
-The decimal point character, except for currency values,
-cannot be an empty string.
-.It Fa thousands_sep
-The separator between groups of digits
-before the decimal point, except for currency values.
-.It Fa grouping
-The sizes of the groups of digits, except for currency values.
-This is a pointer to a vector of integers, each of size
-.Va char ,
-representing group size from low order digit groups
-to high order (right to left).
-The list may be terminated with 0 or
-If the list is terminated with 0,
-the last group size before the 0 is repeated to account for all the digits.
-If the list is terminated with
-no more grouping is performed.
-.It Fa int_curr_symbol
-The standardized international currency symbol.
-.It Fa currency_symbol
-The local currency symbol.
-.It Fa mon_decimal_point
-The decimal point character for currency values.
-.It Fa mon_thousands_sep
-The separator for digit groups in currency values.
-.It Fa mon_grouping
-.Fa grouping
-but for currency values.
-.It Fa positive_sign
-The character used to denote nonnegative currency values,
-usually the empty string.
-.It Fa negative_sign
-The character used to denote negative currency values,
-usually a minus sign.
-.It Fa int_frac_digits
-The number of digits after the decimal point
-in an international-style currency value.
-.It Fa frac_digits
-The number of digits after the decimal point
-in the local style for currency values.
-.It Fa p_cs_precedes
-1 if the currency symbol precedes the currency value
-for nonnegative values, 0 if it follows.
-.It Fa p_sep_by_space
-1 if a space is inserted between the currency symbol
-and the currency value for nonnegative values, 0 otherwise.
-.It Fa n_cs_precedes
-.Fa p_cs_precedes
-but for negative values.
-.It Fa n_sep_by_space
-.Fa p_sep_by_space
-but for negative values.
-.It Fa p_sign_posn
-The location of the
-.Fa positive_sign
-with respect to a nonnegative quantity and the
-.Fa currency_symbol ,
-coded as follows:
-.Bl -tag -width 3n -compact
-.It Li 0
-Parentheses around the entire string.
-.It Li 1
-Before the string.
-.It Li 2
-After the string.
-.It Li 3
-Just before
-.Fa currency_symbol .
-.It Li 4
-Just after
-.Fa currency_symbol .
-.It Fa n_sign_posn
-.Fa p_sign_posn
-but for negative currency values.
-.It Fa int_p_cs_precedes
-Same as
-.Fa p_cs_precedes ,
-but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
-.It Fa int_n_cs_precedes
-Same as
-.Fa n_cs_precedes ,
-but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
-.It Fa int_p_sep_by_space
-Same as
-.Fa p_sep_by_space ,
-but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
-.It Fa int_n_sep_by_space
-Same as
-.Fa n_sep_by_space ,
-but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
-.It Fa int_p_sign_posn
-Same as
-.Fa p_sign_posn ,
-but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
-.It Fa int_n_sign_posn
-Same as
-.Fa n_sign_posn ,
-but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
-Unless mentioned above,
-an empty string as a value for a field
-indicates a zero length result or
-a value that is not in the current locale.
-result similarly denotes an unavailable value.
Upon successful completion,
.Fn setlocale
@@ -306,13 +147,6 @@ if the given combination of
.Fa locale
makes no sense.
-.Fn localeconv
-function returns a pointer to a static object
-which may be altered by later calls to
-.Fn setlocale
-.Fn localeconv .
No errors are defined.
@@ -329,6 +163,7 @@ and the category
.Xr mklocale 1 ,
.Xr catopen 3 ,
.Xr ctype 3 ,
+.Xr localeconv 3 ,
.Xr mbrune 3 ,
.Xr multibyte 3 ,
.Xr rune 3 ,
@@ -340,14 +175,10 @@ and the category
.Fn setlocale
-.Fn localeconv
-functions conform to
+function conforms to
.St -isoC-99 .
.Fn setlocale
-.Fn localeconv
-functions first appeared in
+function first appeared in
.Bx 4.4 .