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Optionally bind ktls threads to NUMA domains
When ktls_bind_thread is 2, we pick a ktls worker thread that is bound to the same domain as the TCP connection associated with the socket. We use roughly the same code as netinet/tcp_hpts.c to do this. This allows crypto to run on the same domain as the TCP connection is associated with. Assuming TCP_REUSPORT_LB_NUMA (D21636) is in place & in use, this ensures that the crypto source and destination buffers are local to the same NUMA domain as we're running crypto on. This change (when TCP_REUSPORT_LB_NUMA, D21636, is used) reduces cross-domain traffic from over 37% down to about 13% as measured by pcm.x on a dual-socket Xeon using nginx and a Netflix workload. Reviewed by: jhb Sponsored by: Netflix Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D21648
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