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+//===-- dfsan_interface.h -------------------------------------------------===//
+// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
+// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
+// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
+// This file is a part of DataFlowSanitizer.
+// Public interface header.
+#include <stddef.h>
+#include <stdint.h>
+#include <sanitizer/common_interface_defs.h>
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+extern "C" {
+typedef uint16_t dfsan_label;
+/// Stores information associated with a specific label identifier. A label
+/// may be a base label created using dfsan_create_label, with associated
+/// text description and user data, or an automatically created union label,
+/// which represents the union of two label identifiers (which may themselves
+/// be base or union labels).
+struct dfsan_label_info {
+ // Fields for union labels, set to 0 for base labels.
+ dfsan_label l1;
+ dfsan_label l2;
+ // Fields for base labels.
+ const char *desc;
+ void *userdata;
+/// Computes the union of \c l1 and \c l2, possibly creating a union label in
+/// the process.
+dfsan_label dfsan_union(dfsan_label l1, dfsan_label l2);
+/// Creates and returns a base label with the given description and user data.
+dfsan_label dfsan_create_label(const char *desc, void *userdata);
+/// Sets the label for each address in [addr,addr+size) to \c label.
+void dfsan_set_label(dfsan_label label, void *addr, size_t size);
+/// Sets the label for each address in [addr,addr+size) to the union of the
+/// current label for that address and \c label.
+void dfsan_add_label(dfsan_label label, void *addr, size_t size);
+/// Retrieves the label associated with the given data.
+/// The type of 'data' is arbitrary. The function accepts a value of any type,
+/// which can be truncated or extended (implicitly or explicitly) as necessary.
+/// The truncation/extension operations will preserve the label of the original
+/// value.
+dfsan_label dfsan_get_label(long data);
+/// Retrieves the label associated with the data at the given address.
+dfsan_label dfsan_read_label(const void *addr, size_t size);
+/// Retrieves a pointer to the dfsan_label_info struct for the given label.
+const struct dfsan_label_info *dfsan_get_label_info(dfsan_label label);
+/// Returns whether the given label label contains the label elem.
+int dfsan_has_label(dfsan_label label, dfsan_label elem);
+/// If the given label label contains a label with the description desc, returns
+/// that label, else returns 0.
+dfsan_label dfsan_has_label_with_desc(dfsan_label label, const char *desc);
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+} // extern "C"
+template <typename T>
+void dfsan_set_label(dfsan_label label, T &data) { // NOLINT
+ dfsan_set_label(label, (void *)&data, sizeof(T));