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.. contents::
-.. warning::
- These are in-progress notes for the upcoming LLVM 3.9 release.
@@ -16,26 +13,90 @@ Here we describe the status of LLD, including major improvements
from the previous release. All LLD releases may be downloaded
from the `LLVM releases web site <http://llvm.org/releases/>`_.
-Non-comprehensive list of changes in this release
+What's new in ELF Support?
+LLD 3.9 is a major milestone for us. It is the first release that can
+link real-world large userland programs, including LLVM/Clang/LLD
+themselves. In fact, for example, it can now be used to produce most
+userland programs distributed as part of FreeBSD.
+Many contributors have joined to the project to develop new features,
+port it to new architectures and fix issues since the last release.
+Link-Time Optimization
+Initial support for LTO has been added. It is compatible with
+`the LLVM gold plugin <http://llvm.org/docs/GoldPlugin.html>`_ in terms of
+command line flags and input file format so that LLD is usable as a
+drop-in replacement for GNU gold. LTO is implemented as a native
+feature unlike the GNU gold's plugin mechanism.
+Identical Code Folding
+LLD 3.9 can now merge identical code sections to produce smaller
+output files. It is expected to be used with ``-ffunction-sections``.
+Symbol Versioning
+LLD 3.9 is able to link against versioned symbols as well as produce
+versioned symbols. Both the original Sun's symbol versioning scheme
+and the GNU extension are supported.
+New Targets
+LLD has expanded support for new targets, including ARM/Thumb, the x32
+ABI and MIPS N64 ABI, in addition to the existing support for x86,
+x86-64, MIPS, PowerPC and PPC64.
-ELF Improvements
+TLS Relocation Optimizations
+The ELF ABI specification of the thread-local variable define a few
+peephole optimizations linkers can do by rewriting instructions at the
+link-time to reduce run-time overhead to access TLS variables. That
+feature has been implemented.
+New Linker Flags
-* Initial support for LTO.
+Many command line options have been added in this release, including:
+- Symbol resolution and output options: ``-Bsymbolic-functions``,
+ ``-export-dynamic-symbol``, ``-image-base``, ``-pie``, ``-end-lib``,
+ ``-start-lib``, ``-build-id={md5,sha1,none,0x<hexstring>}``.
+- Symbol versioning option: ``-dynamic-list``.
+- LTO options: ``-lto-O``, ``-lto-aa-pipeline``, ``-lto-jobs``,
+ ``-lto-newpm-passes``, ``-plugin``, ``-plugin-eq``, ``-plugin-opt``,
+ ``-plugin-opt-eq``, ``-disable-verify``, ``-mllvm``.
+- Driver optionss: ``-help``, ``-version``, ``-unresolved-symbols``.
+- Debug options: ``-demangle``, ``-reproduce``, ``-save-temps``,
+ ``-strip-debug``, ``-trace``, ``-trace-symbol``,
+ ``-warn-execstack``.
+- Exception handling option: ``-eh-frame-hdr``.
+- Identical Code Folding option: ``-icf``.
Changes to the MIPS Target
* Added support for MIPS N64 ABI.
* Added support for TLS relocations for both O32 and N64 MIPS ABIs.
-COFF Improvements
-* Item 1.
-MachO Improvements
+Building LLVM Toolchain with LLD
-* Item 1.
+A new CMake variable, ``LLVM_ENABLE_LLD``, has been added to use LLD
+to build the LLVM toolchain. If the varaible is true, ``-fuse-ld=lld``
+option will be added to linker flags so that ``ld.lld`` is used
+instead of default ``ld``. Because ``-fuse-ld=lld`` is a new compiler
+driver option, you need Clang 3.8 or newer to use the feature.