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@@ -201,15 +201,11 @@ Use the PSK key B<key> when using a PSK cipher suite. The key is
given as a hexadecimal number without leading 0x, for example -psk
-=item B<-ssl2>, B<-ssl3>, B<-tls1>, B<-no_ssl2>, B<-no_ssl3>, B<-no_tls1>, B<-no_tls1_1>, B<-no_tls1_2>
+=item B<-ssl2>, B<-ssl3>, B<-tls1>, B<-tls1_1>, B<-tls1_2>, B<-no_ssl2>, B<-no_ssl3>, B<-no_tls1>, B<-no_tls1_1>, B<-no_tls1_2>
-these options disable the use of certain SSL or TLS protocols. By default
-the initial handshake uses a method which should be compatible with all
-servers and permit them to use SSL v3, SSL v2 or TLS as appropriate.
-Unfortunately there are still ancient and broken servers in use which
-cannot handle this technique and will fail to connect. Some servers only
-work if TLS is turned off.
+These options require or disable the use of the specified SSL or TLS protocols.
+By default the initial handshake uses a I<version-flexible> method which will
+negotiate the highest mutually supported protocol version.
=item B<-fallback_scsv>