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MFC r321839:
Implement proper Linux /dev/fd and /proc/self/fd behavior by adding Linux specific things to the native fdescfs file system. Unlike FreeBSD, the Linux fdescfs is a directory containing a symbolic links to the actual files, which the process has open. A readlink(2) call on this file returns a full path in case of regular file or a string in a special format (type:[inode], anon_inode:<file-type>, etc..). As well as in a FreeBSD, opening the file in the Linux fdescfs directory is equivalent to duplicating the corresponding file descriptor. Here we have mutually exclusive requirements: - in case of readlink(2) call fdescfs lookup() method should return VLNK vnode otherwise our kern_readlink() fail with EINVAL error; - in the other calls fdescfs lookup() method should return non VLNK vnode. For what new vnode v_flag VV_READLINK was added, which is set if fdescfs has beed mounted with linrdlnk option an modified kern_readlinkat() to properly handle it. For now For Linux ABI compatibility mount fdescfs volume with linrdlnk option: mount -t fdescfs -o linrdlnk null /compat/linux/dev/fd Relnotes: yes Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D11452
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