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authorMartin Matuska <mm@FreeBSD.org>2017-03-02 21:13:25 +0000
committerMartin Matuska <mm@FreeBSD.org>2017-03-02 21:13:25 +0000
commit46ab065716a6ecbe96471bebf59ab452a0edcdac (patch)
tree6c9e78f71ff3d3a582111f0897c84bd7491b54b3 /cpio/cpio.c
parent4b729aff5b4c807ecf8795452187ca06d5eb042d (diff)
Update vendor/libarchive to git a15c7f7b496ba4cefbcaf6f8ac637db4f3009a58
Documentation, style, test suite changes and typo fixes. New bsdtar tests for --acls and --fflags options.
Notes: svn path=/vendor/libarchive/dist/; revision=314567
Diffstat (limited to 'cpio/cpio.c')
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/cpio/cpio.c b/cpio/cpio.c
index 6c20ee68322e..d7bb9c469f73 100644
--- a/cpio/cpio.c
+++ b/cpio/cpio.c
@@ -108,22 +108,22 @@ static int entry_to_archive(struct cpio *, struct archive_entry *);
static int file_to_archive(struct cpio *, const char *);
static void free_cache(struct name_cache *cache);
static void list_item_verbose(struct cpio *, struct archive_entry *);
-static void long_help(void);
+static void long_help(void) __LA_DEAD;
static const char *lookup_gname(struct cpio *, gid_t gid);
static int lookup_gname_helper(struct cpio *,
const char **name, id_t gid);
static const char *lookup_uname(struct cpio *, uid_t uid);
static int lookup_uname_helper(struct cpio *,
const char **name, id_t uid);
-static void mode_in(struct cpio *);
-static void mode_list(struct cpio *);
+static void mode_in(struct cpio *) __LA_DEAD;
+static void mode_list(struct cpio *) __LA_DEAD;
static void mode_out(struct cpio *);
static void mode_pass(struct cpio *, const char *);
static const char *remove_leading_slash(const char *);
static int restore_time(struct cpio *, struct archive_entry *,
const char *, int fd);
-static void usage(void);
-static void version(void);
+static void usage(void) __LA_DEAD;
+static void version(void) __LA_DEAD;
static const char * passphrase_callback(struct archive *, void *);
static void passphrase_free(char *);