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+Recent user-visible changes to Tcl:
+SCCS: @(#) changes 1.115 96/04/18 16:43:36
+1. No more [command1] [command2] construct for grouping multiple
+commands on a single command line.
+2. Semi-colon now available for grouping commands on a line.
+3. For a command to span multiple lines, must now use backslash-return
+at the end of each line but the last.
+4. "Var" command has been changed to "set".
+5. Double-quotes now available as an argument grouping character.
+6. "Return" may be used at top-level.
+7. More backslash sequences available now. In particular, backslash-newline
+may be used to join lines in command files.
+8. New or modified built-in commands: case, return, for, glob, info,
+print, return, set, source, string, uplevel.
+9. After an error, the variable "errorInfo" is filled with a stack
+trace showing what was being executed when the error occurred.
+10. Command abbreviations are accepted when parsing commands, but
+are not recommended except for purely-interactive commands.
+11. $, set, and expr all complain now if a non-existent variable is
+12. History facilities exist now. See Tcl.man and Tcl_RecordAndEval.man.
+13. Changed to distinguish between empty variables and those that don't
+exist at all. Interfaces to Tcl_GetVar and Tcl_ParseVar have changed
+(NULL return value is now possible). *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***
+14. Changed meaning of "level" argument to "uplevel" command (1 now means
+"go up one level", not "go to level 1"; "#1" means "go to level 1").
+15. 3/19/90 Added "info exists" option to see if variable exists.
+16. 3/19/90 Added "noAbbrev" variable to prohibit command abbreviations.
+17. 3/19/90 Added extra errorInfo option to "error" command.
+18. 3/21/90 Double-quotes now only affect space: command, variable,
+and backslash substitutions still occur inside double-quotes.
+19. 3/21/90 Added support for \r.
+20. 3/21/90 List, concat, eval, and glob commands all expect at least
+one argument now. *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***
+21. 3/22/90 Added "?:" operators to expressions.
+22. 3/25/90 Fixed bug in Tcl_Result that caused memory to get trashed.
+------------------- Released version 3.1 ---------------------
+23. 3/29/90 Fixed bug that caused "file a.b/c ext" to return ".b/c".
+24. 3/29/90 Semi-colon is not treated specially when enclosed in
+------------------- Released version 3.2 ---------------------
+25. 4/16/90 Rewrote "exec" not to use select or signals anymore.
+Should be more Sys-V compatible, and no slower in the normal case.
+26. 4/18/90 Rewrote "glob" to eliminate GNU code (there's no GNU code
+left in Tcl, now), and added Tcl_TildeSubst procedure. Added automatic
+tilde-substitution in many commands, including "glob".
+------------------- Released version 3.3 ---------------------
+27. 7/11/90 Added "Tcl_AppendResult" procedure.
+28. 7/20/90 "History" with no options now defaults to "history info"
+rather than to "history redo". Although this is a backward incompatibility,
+it should only be used interactively and thus shouldn't present any
+compatibility problems with scripts.
+29. 7/20/90 Added "Tcl_GetInteger", "Tcl_GetDouble", and "Tcl_GetBoolean"
+30. 7/22/90 Removed "Tcl_WatchInterp" procedure: doesn't seem to be
+necessary, since the same effect can be achieved with the deletion
+callbacks on individual commands. *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***
+31. 7/23/90 Added variable tracing: Tcl_TraceVar, Tcl_UnTraceVar,
+and Tcl_VarTraceInfo procedures, "trace" command.
+32. 8/9/90 Mailed out list of all bug fixes since 3.3 release.
+33. 8/29/90 Fixed bugs in Tcl_Merge relating to backslashes and
+semi-colons. Mailed out patch.
+34. 9/3/90 Fixed bug in tclBasic.c: quotes weren't quoting ]'s.
+Mailed out patch.
+35. 9/19/90 Rewrote exec to always use files both for input and
+output to the process. The old pipe-based version didn't work if
+the exec'ed process forked a child and then exited: Tcl waited
+around for stdout to get closed, which didn't happen until the
+grandchild exited.
+36. 11/5/90 ERR_IN_PROGRESS flag wasn't being cleared soon enough
+in Tcl_Eval, allowing error messages from different commands to
+pile up in $errorInfo. Fixed by re-arranging code in Tcl_Eval that
+re-initializes result and ERR_IN_PROGRESS flag. Didn't mail out
+patch: changes too complicated to describe.
+37. 12/19/90 Added Tcl_VarEval procedure as a convenience for
+assembling and executing Tcl commands.
+38. 1/29/91 Fixed core leak in Tcl_AddErrorInfo. Also changed procedure
+and Tcl_Eval so that first call to Tcl_AddErrorInfo need not come from
+----------------- Released version 5.0 with Tk ------------------
+39. 4/3/91 Removed change bars from manual entries, leaving only those
+that came after version 3.3 was released.
+40. 5/17/91 Changed tests to conform to Mary Ann May-Pumphrey's approach.
+41. 5/23/91 Massive revision to Tcl parser to simplify the implementation
+of string and floating-point support in expressions. Newlines inside
+[] are now treated as command separators rather than word separators
+(this makes newline treatment consistent throughout Tcl).
+42. 5/23/91 Massive rewrite of expression code to support floating-point
+values and simple string comparisons. The C interfaces to expression
+routines have changed (Tcl_Expr is replaced by Tcl_ExprLong, Tcl_ExprDouble,
+etc.), but all old Tcl expression strings should be accepted by the new
+expression code.
+43. 5/23/91 Modified tclHistory.c to check for negative "keep" value.
+44. 5/23/91 Modified Tcl_Backslash to handle backslash-newline. It now
+returns 0 to indicate that a backslash sequence should be replaced by
+no character at all.
+45. 5/29/91 Modified to use ANSI C function prototypes. Must set
+"USE_ANSI" switch when compiling to get prototypes.
+46. 5/29/91 Completed test suite by providing tests for all of the
+built-in Tcl commands.
+47. 5/29/91 Changed Tcl_Concat to eliminate leading and trailing
+white-space in each of the things it concatenates and to ignore
+elements that are empty or have only white space in them. This
+produces cleaner output from the "concat" command.
+48. 5/31/91 Changed "set" command and Tcl_SetVar procedure to return
+new value of variable.
+49. 6/1/91 Added "while" and "cd" commands.
+50. 6/1/91 Changed "exec" to delete the last character of program
+output if it is a newline. In most cases this makes it easier to
+process program-generated output.
+51. 6/1/91 Made sure that pointers are never used after freeing them.
+52. 6/1/91 Fixed bug in TclWordEnd where it wasn't dealing with
+[] inside quotes correctly.
+53. 6/8/91 Fixed exec.test to accept return values of either 1 or
+255 from "false" command.
+54. 7/6/91 Massive overhaul of variable management. Associative
+arrays now available, along with "unset" command (and Tcl_UnsetVar
+procedure). Variable traces have been completely reworked:
+interfaces different both from Tcl and C, and multiple traces may
+exist on same variable. Can no longer redefine existing local
+variable to be global. Calling sequences have changed slightly
+for Tcl_GetVar and Tcl_SetVar ("global" is now "flags"). Tcl_SetVar
+can fail and return a NULL result. New forms of variable-manipulation
+procedures: Tcl_GetVar2, Tcl_SetVar2, etc. Syntax of variable
+$-notation changed to support array indexing.
+55. 7/6/91 Added new list-manipulation procedures: Tcl_ScanElement,
+Tcl_ConvertElement, Tcl_AppendElement.
+56. 7/12/91 Created new procedure Tcl_EvalFile, which does most of the
+work of the "source" command.
+57. 7/20/91 Major reworking of "exec" command to allow pipelines,
+more redirection, background. Added new procedures Tcl_Fork,
+Tcl_WaitPids, Tcl_DetachPids, and Tcl_CreatePipeline. The old
+"< input" notation has been replaced by "<< input" ("<" is for
+redirection from a file). Also handles error returns and abnormal
+terminations (e.g. signals) differently.
+58. 7/21/91 Added "append" and "lappend" commands.
+59. 7/22/91 Reworked error messages and manual entries to use
+?x? as the notation for an optional argument x, instead of [x]. The
+bracket notation was often confused with the use of brackets for
+command substitution. Also modified error messages to be more
+60. 7/23/91 Tcl_DeleteCommand now returns an indication of whether
+or not the command actually existed, and the "rename" command uses
+this information to return an error if an attempt is made to delete
+a non-existent command.
+61. 7/25/91 Added new "errorCode" mechanism, along with procedures
+Tcl_SetErrorCode, Tcl_UnixError, and Tcl_ResetResult. Renamed
+Tcl_Return to Tcl_SetResult, but left a #define for Tcl_Return to
+avoid compatibility problems.
+62. 7/26/91 Extended "case" command with alternate syntax where all
+patterns and commands are together in a single list argument: makes
+it easier to write multi-line case statements.
+63. 7/27/91 Changed "print" command to perform tilde-substitution on
+the file name.
+64. 7/27/91 Added "tolower", "toupper", "trim", "trimleft", and "trimright"
+options to "string" command.
+65. 7/29/91 Added "atime", "mtime", "size", and "stat" options to "file"
+66. 8/1/91 Added "split" and "join" commands.
+67. 8/11/91 Added commands for file I/O, including "open", "close",
+"read", "gets", "puts", "flush", "eof", "seek", and "tell".
+68. 8/14/91 Switched to use a hash table for command lookups. Command
+abbreviations no longer have direct support in the Tcl interpreter, but
+it should be possible to simulate them with the auto-load features
+described below. The "noAbbrev" variable is no longer used by Tcl.
+68.5 8/15/91 Added support for "unknown" command, which can be used to
+complete abbreviations, auto-load library files, auto-exec shell
+commands, etc.
+69. 8/15/91 Added -nocomplain switch to "glob" command.
+70. 8/20/91 Added "info library" option and TCL_LIBRARY #define. Also
+added "info script" option.
+71. 8/20/91 Changed "file" command to take "option" argument as first
+argument (before file name), for consistency with other Tcl commands.
+72. 8/20/91 Changed format of information in $errorInfo variable:
+comments such as
+ ("while" body line 1)
+are now on separate lines from commands being executed.
+73. 8/20/91 Changed Tcl_AppendResult so that it (eventually) frees
+large buffers that it allocates.
+74. 8/21/91 Added "linsert", "lreplace", "lsearch", and "lsort"
+75. 8/28/91 Added "incr" and "exit" commands.
+76. 8/30/91 Added "regexp" and "regsub" commands.
+77. 9/4/91 Changed "dynamic" field in interpreters to "freeProc" (procedure
+address). This allows for alternative storage managers.
+78. 9/6/91 Added "index", "length", and "range" options to "string"
+command. Added "lindex", "llength", and "lrange" commands.
+79. 9/8/91 Removed "index", "length", "print" and "range" commands.
+"Print" is redundant with "puts", but less general, and the other
+commands are replaced with the new commands described in change 78
+80. 9/8/91 Changed history revision to occur even when history command
+is nested; needed in order to allow "history" to be invoked from
+"unknown" procedure.
+81. 9/13/91 Changed "panic" not to use vfprintf (it's uglier and less
+general now, but makes it easier to run Tcl on systems that don't
+have vfprintf). Also changed "strerror" not to redeclare sys_errlist.
+82. 9/19/91 Lots of changes to improve portability to different UNIX
+systems, including addition of "config" script to adapt Tcl to the
+configuration of the system it's being compiled on.
+83. 9/22/91 Added "pwd" command.
+84. 9/22/91 Renamed manual pages so that their filenames are no more
+than 14 characters in length, moved to "doc" subdirectory.
+85. 9/24/91 Redid manual entries so they contain the supplemental
+macros that they need; can just print with "troff -man" or "man"
+86. 9/26/91 Created initial version of script library, including
+a version of "unknown" that does auto-loading, auto-execution, and
+abbreviation expansion. This library is used by tclTest
+automatically. See the "library" manual entry for details.
+----------------- Released version 6.0, 9/26/91 ------------------
+87. 9/30/91 Made "string tolower" and "string toupper" check case
+before converting: on some systems, "tolower" and "toupper" assume
+that character already has particular case.
+88. 9/30/91 Fixed bug in Tcl_SetResult: wasn't always setting freeProc
+correctly when called with NULL value. This tended to cause memory
+allocation errors later.
+89. 10/3/91 Added "upvar" command.
+90. 10/4/91 Changed "format" so that internally it converts %D to %ld,
+%U to %lu, %O to %lo, and %F to %f. This eliminates some compatibility
+problems on some machines without affecting behavior.
+91. 10/10/91 Fixed bug in "regsub" that caused core dumps with the -all
+option when the last match wasn't at the end of the string.
+92. 10/17/91 Fixed problems with backslash sequences: \r support was
+incomplete and \f and \v weren't supported at all.
+93. 10/24/91 Added Tcl_InitHistory procedure.
+94. 10/24/91 Changed "regexp" to store "-1 -1" in subMatchVars that
+don't match, rather than returning an error.
+95. 10/27/91 Modified "regexp" to return actual strings in matchVar
+and subMatchVars instead of indices. Added "-indices" switch to cause
+indices to be returned.
+96. 10/27/91 Fixed bug in "scan" where it used hardwired constants for
+sizes of floats and doubles instead of using "sizeof".
+97. 10/31/91 Fixed bug in tclParse.c where parse-related error messages
+weren't being storage-managed correctly, causing spurious free's.
+98. 10/31/91 Form feed and vertical tab characters are now considered
+to be space characters by the parser.
+99. 10/31/91 Added TCL_LEAVE_ERR_MSG flag to procedures like Tcl_SetVar.
+100. 11/7/91 Fixed bug in "case" where "in" argument couldn't be omitted
+if all case branches were embedded in a single list.
+101. 11/7/91 Switched to use "pid_t" and "uid_t" and other official
+POSIC types and function prototypes.
+----------------- Released version 6.1, 11/7/91 ------------------
+102. 12/2/91 Modified Tcl_ScanElement and Tcl_ConvertElement in several
+ways. First, allowed caller to request that only backslashes be used
+(no braces). Second, made Tcl_ConvertElement more aggressive in using
+backslashes for braces and quotes.
+103. 12/5/91 Added "type", "lstat", and "readlink" options to "file"
+command, plus added new "type" element to output of "stat" and "lstat"
+104. 12/10/91 Manual entries had first lines that caused "man" program
+to try weird preprocessor. Added blank comment lines to fix problem.
+105. 12/16/91 Fixed a few bugs in auto_mkindex proc: wasn't handling
+errors properly, and hadn't been upgraded for new "regexp" syntax.
+106. 1/2/92 Fixed bug in "file" command where it didn't properly handle
+a file names containing tildes where the indicated user doesn't exist.
+107. 1/2/92 Fixed lots of cases in tclUnixStr.c where two different
+errno symbols (e.g. EWOULDBLOCK and EAGAIN) have the same number; Tcl
+will only use one of them.
+108. 1/2/92 Lots of changes to configuration script to handle many more
+systems more gracefully. E.g. should now detect the bogus strtoul that
+comes with AIX and substitute Tcl's own version instead.
+----------------- Released version 6.2, 1/10/92 ------------------
+109. 1/20/92 Config didn't have code to actually use "uid_t" variable
+to set TCL_UIT_T #define.
+110. 2/10/92 Tcl_Eval didn't properly reset "numLevels" variable when
+too-deep recursion occurred.
+111. 2/29/92 Added "on" and "off" to keywords accepted by Tcl_GetBoolean.
+112. 3/19/92 Config wasn't installing default version of strtod.c for
+systems that don't have one in libc.a.
+113. 3/23/92 Fixed bug in tclExpr.c where numbers with leading "."s,
+like 0.75, couldn't be properly substituted into expressions with
+variable or command substitution.
+114. 3/25/92 Fixed bug in tclUnixAZ.c where "gets" command wasn't
+checking to make sure that it was able to write the variable OK.
+115. 4/16/92 Fixed bug in tclUnixAZ.c where "read" command didn't
+compute file size right for device files.
+116. 4/23/92 Fixed but in tclCmdMZ.c where "trace vinfo" was overwriting
+the trace command.
+----------------- Released version 6.3, 5/1/92 ------------------
+117. 5/1/92 Added Tcl_GlobalEval.
+118. 6/1/92 Changed auto-load facility to source files at global level.
+119. 6/8/92 Tcl_ParseVar wasn't always setting termPtr after errors, which
+sometimes caused core dumps.
+120. 6/21/92 Fixed bug in initialization of regexp pattern cache. This
+bug caused segmentation violations in regexp commands under some conditions.
+121. 6/22/92 Changed implementation of "glob" command to eliminate
+trailing slashes on directory names: they confuse some systems. There
+shouldn't be any user-visible changes in functionality except for names
+in error messages not having trailing slashes.
+122. 7/2/92 Fixed bug that caused 'string match ** ""' to return 0.
+123. 7/2/92 Fixed bug in Tcl_CreateCmdBuf where it wasn't initializing
+the buffer to an empty string.
+124. 7/6/92 Fixed bug in "case" command where it used NULL pattern string
+after errors in the "default" clause.
+125. 7/25/92 Speeded up auto_load procedure: don't reread all the index
+files unless the path has changed.
+126. 8/3/92 Changed tclUnix.h to define MAXPATHLEN from PATH_MAX, not
+----------------- Released version 6.4, 8/7/92 ------------------
+127. 8/10/92 Changed tclBasic.c so that comment lines can be continued by
+putting a backslash before the newline.
+128. 8/21/92 Modified "unknown" to allow the source-ing of a file for
+an auto-load to trigger other nested auto-loads, as long as there isn't
+any recursion on the same command name.
+129. 8/25/92 Modified "format" command to allow " " and "+" flags, and
+allow flags in any order.
+130. 9/14/92 Modified Tcl_ParseVar so that it doesn't actually attempt
+to look up the variable if "noEval" mode is in effect in the interpreter
+(it just parses the name). This avoids the errors that used to occur
+in statements like "expr {[info exists foo] && $foo}".
+131. 9/14/92 Fixed bug in "uplevel" command where it didn't output the
+correct error message if a level was specified but no command.
+132. 9/14/92 Renamed manual entries to have extensions like .3 and .n,
+and added "install" target to Makefile.
+133. 9/18/92 Modified "unknown" command to emulate !!, !<num>, and
+^<old>^<new> csh history substitutions.
+134. 9/21/92 Made the config script cleverer about figuring out which
+switches to pass to "nm".
+135. 9/23/92 Fixed tclVar.c to be sure to copy flags when growing variables.
+Used to forget about traces in progress and make extra recursive calls
+on trace procs.
+136. 9/28/92 Fixed bug in auto_reset where it was unsetting variables
+that might not exist.
+137. 10/7/92 Changed "parray" library procedure to print any array
+accessible to caller, local or global.
+138. 10/15/92 Fixed bug where propagation of new environment variable
+values among interpreters took N! time if there exist N interpreters.
+139. 10/16/92 Changed auto_reset procedure so that it also deletes any
+existing procedures that are in the auto_load index (the assumption is
+that they should be re-loaded to get the latest versions).
+140. 10/21/92 Fixed bug that caused lists to be incorrectly generated
+for elements that contained backslash-newline sequences.
+141. 12/9/92 Added support for TCL_LIBRARY environment variable: use
+it as library location if it's present.
+142. 12/9/92 Added "info complete" command, Tcl_CommandComplete procedure.
+143. 12/16/92 Changed the Makefile to check to make sure "config" has been
+run (can't run config directly from the Makefile because it modifies the
+Makefile; thus make has to be run again after running config).
+----------------- Released version 6.5, 12/17/92 ------------------
+144. 12/21/92 Changed config to look in several places for libc file.
+145. 12/23/92 Added "elseif" support to if. Also, "then", "else", and
+"elseif" may no longer be abbreviated.
+146. 12/28/92 Changed "puts" and "read" to support initial "-nonewline"
+switch instead of additional "nonewline" argument. The old form is
+still supported, but it is discouraged and is no longer documented.
+Also changed "puts" to make the file argument default to stdout: e.g.
+"puts foo" will print foo on standard output.
+147. 1/6/93 Fixed bug whereby backslash-newline wasn't working when
+typed interactively, or in "info complete".
+148. 1/22/93 Fixed bugs in "lreplace" and "linsert" where close
+quotes were being lost from last element before replacement or
+149. 1/29/93 Fixed bug in Tcl_AssembleCmd where it wasn't requiring
+a newline at the end of a line before considering a command to be
+complete. The bug caused some very long lines in script files to
+be processed as multiple separate commands.
+150. 1/29/93 Various changes in Makefile to add more configuration
+options, simplify installation, fix bugs (e.g. don't use -f switch
+for cp), etc.
+151. 1/29/93 Changed "name1" and "name2" identifiers to "part1" and
+"part2" to avoid name conflicts with stupid C++ implementations that
+use "name1" and "name2" in a reserved way.
+152. 2/1/93 Added "putenv" procedure to replace the standard system
+version so that it will work correctly with Tcl's environment handling.
+----------------- Released version 6.6, 2/5/93 ------------------
+153. 2/10/93 Fixed bugs in config script: missing "endif" in libc loop,
+and tried to use strncasecmp.c instead of strcasecmp.c.
+154. 2/10/93 Makefile improvements: added RANLIB variable for easier
+Sys-V configuration, added SHELL variable for SGI systems.
+----------------- Released version 6.7, 2/11/93 ------------------
+153. 2/6/93 Changes in backslash processing:
+ - \Cx, \Mx, \CMx, \e sequences no longer special
+ - \<newline> also eats up any space after the newline, replacing
+ the whole sequence with a single space character
+ - Hex sequences like \x24 are now supported, along with ANSI C's \a.
+ - "format" no longer does backslash processing on its format string
+ - there is no longer any special meaning to a 0 return value from
+ Tcl_Backslash
+ - unknown backslash sequences, like (e.g. \*), are replaced with
+ the following character (e.g. *), instead of just treating the
+ backslash as an ordinary character.
+154. 2/6/93 Updated all copyright notices. The meaning hasn't changed
+at all but the wording does a better job of protecting U.C. from
+liability (according to U.C. lawyers, anyway).
+155. 2/6/93 Changed "regsub" so that it overwrites the result variable
+in all cases, even if there is no match.
+156. 2/8/93 Added support for XPG3 %n$ conversion specifiers to "format"
+157. 2/17/93 Fixed bug in Tcl_Eval where errors due to infinite
+recursion could result in core dumps.
+158. 2/17/93 Improved the auto-load mechanism to deal gracefully (i.e.
+return an error) with a situation where a library file that supposedly
+defines a procedure doesn't actually define it.
+159. 2/17/93 Renamed Tcl_UnixError procedure to Tcl_PosixError, and
+changed errorCode variable usage to use POSIX as keyword instead of
+160. 2/19/93 Changes to exec and process control:
+ - Added support for >>, >&, >>&, |&, <@, >@, and >&@ forms of redirection.
+ - When exec puts processes into background, it returns a list of
+ their pids as result.
+ - Added support for <file, >file, etc. (i.e. no space between
+ ">" and file name.
+ - Added -keepnewline option.
+ - Deleted Tcl_Fork and Tcl_WaitPids procedures (just use fork and
+ waitpid instead).
+ - Added waitpid compatibility procedure for systems that don't have
+ it.
+ - Added Tcl_ReapDetachedProcs procedure.
+ - Changed "exec" to return an error if there is stderr output, even
+ if the command returns a 0 exit status (it's always been documented
+ this way, but the implementation wasn't correct).
+ - If a process returns a non-zero exit status but doesn't generate
+ any diagnostic output, then Tcl generates an error message for it.
+161. 2/25/93 Fixed two memory-management problems having to do with
+managing the old result during variable trace callbacks.
+162. 3/1/93 Added dynamic string library: Tcl_DStringInit, Tcl_DStringAppend,
+Tcl_DStringFree, Tcl_DStringResult, etc.
+163. 3/1/93 Modified glob command to only return the names of files that
+exist, and to only return names ending in "/" if the file is a directory.
+164. 3/19/93 Modified not to use system calls like "read" directly,
+but instead to use special Tcl procedures that retry automatically
+if interrupted by signals.
+165. 4/3/93 Eliminated "noSep" argument to Tcl_AppendElement, plus
+TCL_NO_SPACE flag for Tcl_SetVar and Tcl_SetVar2.
+166. 4/3/93 Eliminated "flags" and "termPtr" arguments to Tcl_Eval.
+167. 4/3/93 Changes to expressions:
+ - The "expr" command now accepts multiple arguments, which are
+ concatenated together with space separators.
+ - Integers aren't automatically promoted to floating-point if they
+ overflow the word size: errors are generated instead.
+ - Tcl can now handle "NaN" and other special values if the underlying
+ library procedures handle them.
+ - When printing floating-point numbers, Tcl ensures that there is a "."
+ or "e" in the number, so it can't be treated as an integer accidentally.
+ The procedure Tcl_PrintDouble is available to provide this function
+ in other contexts. Also, the variable "tcl_precision" can be used
+ to set the precision for printing (must be a decimal number giving
+ digits of precision).
+ - Expressions now support transcendental and other functions, e.g. sin,
+ acos, hypot, ceil, and round. Can add new math functions with
+ Tcl_CreateMathFunc().
+ - Boolean expressions can now have any of the string values accepted
+ by Tcl_GetBoolean, such as "yes" or "no".
+168. 4/5/93 Changed Tcl_UnsetVar and Tcl_UnsetVar2 to return TCL_OK
+or TCL_ERROR instead of 0 or -1.
+169. 4/5/93 Eliminated Tcl_CmdBuf structure and associated procedures;
+can use Tcl_DStrings instead.
+170. 4/8/93 Changed interface to Tcl_TildeSubst to use a dynamic
+string for buffer space. This makes the procedure re-entrant and
+thread-safe, whereas it wasn't before.
+171. 4/14/93 Eliminated tclHash.h, and moved everything from it to
+172. 4/15/93 Eliminated Tcl_InitHistory, made "history" command always
+be part of interpreter.
+173. 4/16/93 Modified "file" command so that "readable" option always
+exists, even on machines that don't support symbolic links (always returns
+same error as if the file wasn't a symbolic link).
+174. 4/26/93 Fixed bugs in "regsub" where ^ patterns didn't get handled
+right (pretended not to match when it really did, and looped infinitely
+if -all was specified).
+175. 4/29/93 Various improvements in the handling of variables:
+ - Can create variables and array elements during a read trace.
+ - Can delete variables during traces (note: unset traces will be
+ invoked when this happens).
+ - Can upvar to array elements.
+ - Can retarget an upvar to another variable by re-issuing the
+ upvar command with a different "other" variable.
+176. 5/3/93 Added Tcl_GetCommandInfo, which returns info about a Tcl
+command such as whether it exists and its ClientData. Also added
+Tcl_SetCommandInfo, which allows any of this information to be modified
+and also allows a command's delete procedure to have a different
+ClientData value than its command procedure.
+177. 5/5/93 Added Tcl_RegExpMatch procedure.
+178. 5/6/93 Fixed bug in "scan" where it didn't properly handle
+%% conversion specifiers. Also changed "scan" to use Tcl_PrintDouble
+for printing real values.
+179. 5/7/93 Added "-exact", "-glob", and "-regexp" options to "lsearch"
+command to allow different kinds of pattern matching.
+180. 5/7/93 Added many new switches to "lsort" to control the sorting
+process: "-ascii", "-integer", "-real", "-command", "-increasing",
+and "-decreasing".
+181. 5/10/93 Changes to file I/O:
+ - Modified "open" command to support a list of POSIX access flags
+ like {WRONLY CREAT TRUNC} in addition to current fopen-style
+ access modes. Also added "permissions" argument to set permissions
+ of newly-created files.
+ - Fixed Scott Bolte's bug (can close stdin etc. in application and
+ then re-open them with Tcl commands).
+ - Exported access to Tcl's file table with new procedures Tcl_EnterFile
+ and Tcl_GetOpenFile.
+182. 5/15/93 Added new "pid" command, which can be used to retrieve
+either the current process id or a list of the process ids in a
+pipeline opened with "open |..."
+183. 6/3/93 Changed to use GNU autoconfig for configuration instead of
+the home-brew "config" script. Also made many other configuration-related
+changes, such as using <unistd.h> instead of explicitly declaring system
+calls in tclUnix.h.
+184. 6/4/93 Fixed bug where core-dumps could occur if a procedure
+redefined itself (the memory for the procedure's body could get
+reallocated in the middle of evaluating the body); implemented
+simple reference count mechanism.
+185. 6/5/93 Changed tclIndex file format in two ways: (a) it's now
+eval-ed instead of parsed, which makes it 3-4x faster; (b) the entries
+in auto_index are now commands to evaluate, which allows commands to
+be loaded in different ways such as dynamic-loading of C code. The
+old tclIndex file format is still supported.
+186. 6/7/93 Eliminated tclTest program, added new "tclsh" program
+that is more like wish (allows script files to be invoked automatically
+using "#!/usr/local/bin/tclsh", makes arguments available to script,
+etc.). Added support for Tcl_AppInit plus default version; this
+allows new Tcl applications to be created without modifying the
+main program for tclsh.
+187. 6/7/93 Fixed bug in TclWordEnd that kept backslash-newline from
+working correctly in some cases during interactive input.
+188. 6/9/93 Added Tcl_LinkVar and related procedures, which automatically
+keep a Tcl variable in sync with a C variable.
+189. 6/16/93 Increased maximum nesting depth from 100 to 1000.
+190. 6/16/93 Modified "trace var" command so that error messages from
+within traces are returned properly as the result of the variable
+access, instead of the generic "access disallowed by trace command"
+191. 6/16/93 Added Tcl_CallWhenDeleted to provide callbacks when an
+interpreter is deleted (same functionality as Tcl_WatchInterp, which
+used to exist in versions before 6.0).
+193. 6/16/93 Added "-code" argument to "return" command; it's there
+primarily for completeness, so that procedures implementing control
+constructs can reflect exceptional conditions back to their callers.
+194. 6/16/93 Split up Tcl.n to make separate manual entries for each
+Tcl command. Tcl.n now contains a summary of the language syntax.
+195. 6/17/93 Added new "switch" command to replace "case": allows
+alternate forms of pattern matching (exact, glob, regexp), replaces
+pattern lists with single patterns (but you can use "-" bodies to
+share one body among several patterns), eliminates "in" noise word.
+"Case" command is now obsolete.
+196. 6/17/93 Changed the "exec", "glob", "regexp", and "regsub" commands
+to include a "--" switch. All initial arguments starting with "-" are now
+treated as switches unless a "--" switch is present to end the list.
+197. 6/17/93 Changed auto-exec so that the subprocess gets stdin, stdout,
+and stderr from the parent. This allows truly interactive sub-processes
+(e.g. vi) to be auto-exec'ed from a tcl shell command line.
+198. 6/18/93 Added patchlevel.h, for use in coordinating future patch
+releases, and also added "info patchlevel" command to make the patch
+level available to Tcl scripts.
+199. 6/19/93 Modified "glob" command so that a leading "//" in a name
+gets left as is (this is needed for systems like Apollos where "//" is
+the super-root; Tcl used to collapse the two slashes into a single
+200. 7/7/93 Added Tcl_SetRecursionLimit procedure so that the maximum
+allowable nesting depth can be controlled for an interpreter from C.
+----------------- Released version 7.0 Beta 1, 7/9/93 ------------------
+201. 7/12/93 Modified Tcl_GetInt and tclExpr.c so that full-precision
+unsigned integers can be specified without overflow errors.
+202. 7/12/93 Configuration changes: eliminate leading blank line in
+configure script; provide separate targets in Makefile for installing
+binary and non-binary information; check for size_t and a few other
+potentially missing typedefs; don't put tclAppInit.o into libtcl.a;
+better checks for matherr support.
+203. 7/14/93 Changed tclExpr.c to check the termination pointer before
+errno after strtod calls, to avoid problems with some versions of
+strtod that set errno in unexpected ways.
+204. 7/16/93 Changed "scan" command to be more ANSI-conformant:
+eliminated %F, %D, etc., added code to ignore "l", "h", and "L"
+modifiers but always convert %e, %f, and %g with implicit "l";
+also added support for %u and %i. Also changed "format" command
+to eliminate %D, %U, %O, and add %i.
+205. 7/17/93 Changed "uplevel" and "upvar" so that they can be used
+from global level to global level: this used to generate an error.
+206. 7/19/93 Renamed "setenv", "putenv", and "unsetenv" procedures
+to avoid conflicts with system procedures with the same names. If
+you want Tcl's procedures to override the system procedures, do it
+in the Makefile (instructions are in the Makefile).
+----------------- Released version 7.0 Beta 2, 7/21/93 ------------------
+207. 7/21/93 Fixed bug in tclVar.c where freed memory was accidentally
+used if a procedure returned an element of a local array.
+208. 7/22/93 Fixed bug in "unknown" where it didn't properly handle
+errors occurring in the "auto_load" procedure, leaving its state
+209. 7/23/93 Changed exec's ">2" redirection operator to "2>" for
+consistency with sh. This is incompatible with earlier beta releases
+of 7.0 but not with pre-7.0 releases, which didn't support either
+210. 7/28/93 Changed backslash-newline handling so that the resulting
+space character *is* treated as a word separator unless the backslash
+sequence is in quotes or braces. This is incompatible with 7.0b1
+and 7.0b2 but is more compatible with pre-7.0 versions that the b1
+and b2 releases were.
+211. 7/28/93 Eliminated Tcl_LinkedVarWritable, added TCL_LINK_READ_ONLY to
+Tcl_LinkVar to accomplish same purpose. This change is incompatible
+with earlier beta releases, but not with releases before Tcl 7.0.
+212. 7/29/93 Renamed regexp C functions so they won't clash with POSIX
+regexp functions that use the same name.
+213. 8/3/93 Added "-errorinfo" and "-errorcode" options to "return"
+command: these allow for much better handling of the errorInfo
+and errorCode variables in some cases.
+214. 8/12/93 Changed "expr" so that % always returns a remainder with
+the same sign as the divisor and absolute value smaller than the
+215. 8/14/93 Turned off auto-exec in "unknown" unless the command
+was typed interactively. This means you must use "exec" when
+invoking subprocesses, unless it's a command that's typed interactively.
+216. 8/14/93 Added support for tcl_prompt1 and tcl_prompt2 variables
+to tclMain.c: makes prompts user-settable.
+217. 8/14/93 Added asynchronous handlers (Tcl_AsyncCreate etc.) so
+that signals can be taken cleanly by Tcl applications.
+218. 8/16/93 Moved information about open files from the interpreter
+structure to global variables so that a file can be opened in one
+interpreter and read or written in another.
+219. 8/16/93 Removed ENV_FLAGS from Makefile, so that there's no
+official support for overriding setenv, unsetenv, and putenv.
+220. 8/20/93 Various configuration improvements: coerce chars
+to unsigned chars before using macros like isspace; source ~/.tclshrc
+file during initialization if it exists and program is running
+interactively; allow there to be directories in auto_path that don't
+exist or don't have tclIndex files (ignore them); added Tcl_Init
+procedure and changed Tcl_AppInit to call it.
+221. 8/21/93 Fixed bug in expr where "+", "-", and " " were all
+getting treated as integers with value 0.
+222. 8/26/93 Added "tcl_interactive" variable to tclsh.
+223. 8/27/93 Added procedure Tcl_FilePermissions to return whether a
+given file can be read or written or both. Modified Tcl_EnterFile
+to take a permissions mask rather than separate read and write arguments.
+224. 8/28/93 Fixed performance bug in "glob" command (unnecessary call
+to "access" for each file caused a 5-10x slow-down for big directories).
+----------------- Released version 7.0 Beta 3, 8/28/93 ------------------
+225. 9/9/93 Renamed regexp.h to tclRegexp.h to avoid conflicts with system
+include file by same name.
+226. 9/9/93 Added Tcl_DontCallWhenDeleted.
+227. 9/16/93 Changed not to call exit C procedure directly; instead
+always invoke "exit" Tcl command so that application can redefine the
+command to do additional cleanup.
+228. 9/17/93 Changed auto-exec to handle names that contain slashes
+(i.e. don't use PATH for them).
+229. 9/23/93 Fixed bug in "read" and "gets" commands where they didn't
+clear EOF conditions.
+----------------- Released version 7.0, 9/29/93 ------------------
+230. 10/7/93 "Scan" command wasn't properly aligning things in memory,
+so segmentation faults could arise under some circumstances.
+231. 10/7/93 Fixed bug in Tcl_ConvertElement where it forgot to
+backslash leading curly brace when creating lists.
+232. 10/7/93 Eliminated dependency of tclMain.c on tclInt.h and
+tclUnix.h, so that people can copy the file out of the Tcl source
+directory to make modified private versions.
+233. 10/8/93 Fixed bug in auto-loader that reversed the priority order
+of entries in auto_path for new-style index files. Now things are
+back to the way they were before 3.0: first in auto_path is always
+highest priority.
+234. 10/13/93 Fixed bug where Tcl_CommandComplete didn't recognize
+comments and treat them as such. Thus if you typed the line
+ # {
+interactively, Tcl would think that the command wasn't complete and
+wait for more input before evaluating the script.
+235. 10/14/93 Fixed bug where "regsub" didn't set the output variable
+if the input string was empty.
+236. 10/23/93 Fixed bug where Tcl_CreatePipeline didn't close off enough
+file descriptors in child processes, causing children not to exit
+properly in some cases.
+237. 10/28/93 Changed "list" and "concat" commands not to generate
+errors if given zero arguments, but instead to just return an empty
+----------------- Released version 7.1, 11/4/93 ------------------
+Note: there is no 7.2 release. It was flawed and was thus withdrawn
+shortly after it was released.
+238. 11/10/93 TclMain.c didn't compile on some systems because of
+R_OK in call to "access". Changed to eliminate call to "access".
+----------------- Released version 7.3, 11/26/93 ------------------
+239. 11/6/93 Modified "lindex", "linsert", "lrange", and "lreplace"
+so that "end" can be specified as an index.
+240. 11/6/93 Modified "append" and "lappend" to allow only two
+words total (i.e., nothing to append) without generating an error.
+241. 12/2/93 Changed to use EAGAIN as the errno for non-blocking
+I/O instead of EWOULDBLOCK: this should fix problem where non-blocking
+I/O didn't work correctly on System-V systems.
+242. 12/22/93 Fixed bug in expressions where cancelled evaluation
+wasn't always working correctly (e.g. "set one 1; eval {1 || 1/$one}"
+failed with a divide by zero error).
+243. 1/6/94 Changed TCL_VOLATILE definition from -1 to the address of
+a dummy procedure Tcl_Volatile, since -1 causes portability problems on
+some machines (e.g., Crays).
+244. 2/4/94 Added support for unary plus.
+245. 2/17/94 Changed Tcl_RecordAndEval and "history" command to
+call Tcl_GlobalEval instead of Tcl_Eval. Otherwise, invocation of
+these facilities in nested procedures can cause unwanted results.
+246. 2/17/94 Fixed bug in tclExpr.c where an expression such as
+"expr {"12398712938788234-1298379" != ""}" triggers an integer
+overflow error for the number in quotes, even though it isn't really
+a proper integer anyway.
+247. 2/19/94 Added new procedure Tcl_DStringGetResult to move result
+from interpreter to a dynamic string.
+248. 2/19/94 Fixed bug in Tcl_DStringResult that caused it to overwrite
+the contents of a static result in some situations. This can cause
+bizarre errors such as variables suddenly having empty values.
+249. 2/21/94 Fixed bug in Tcl_AppendElement, Tcl_DStringAppendElement,
+and the "lappend" command that caused improper omission of a separator
+space in some cases. For example, the script
+ set x "abc{"; lappend x "def"
+used to return the result "abc{def" instead of "abc{ def".
+250. 3/3/94 Tcl_ConvertElement was outputting empty elements as \0 if
+TCL_DONT_USE_BRACES was set. This depends on old pre-7.0 meaning of
+\0, which is no longer in effect, so it didn't really work. Changed
+to output empty elements as {} always.
+251. 3/3/94 Renamed Tcl_DStringTrunc to Tcl_DStringSetLength and extended
+it so that it can be used to lengthen a string as well as shorten it.
+Tcl_DStringTrunc is defined as a macro for backward compatibility, but
+it is deprecated.
+252. 3/3/94 Added Tcl_AllowExceptions procedure.
+253. 3/13/94 Fixed bug in Tcl_FormatCmd that could cause "format"
+to mis-behave on 64-bit Big-Endian machines.
+254. 3/13/94 Changed to use vfork instead of fork on systems where
+vfork exists.
+255. 3/23/94 Fixed bug in expressions where ?: didn't associate
+right-to-left as they should.
+256. 4/3/94 Fixed "exec" to flush any files used in >@ or >&@
+redirection in exec, so that data buffered for them is written
+before any new data added by the subprocess.
+257. 4/3/94 Added "subst" command.
+258. 5/20/94 The tclsh main program is now called Tcl_Main; tclAppInit.c
+has a "main" procedure that calls Tcl_Main. This makes it easier to use
+Tcl with C++ programs, which need their own main programs, and it also
+allows an application to prefilter the argument list before calling
+259. 6/6/94 Fixed bug in procedure returns where the errorInfo variable
+could get truncated if an unset trace was invoked as part of returning
+from the procedure.
+260. 6/13/94 Added "wordstart" and "wordend" options to "string" command.
+261. 6/27/94 Fixed bug in expressions where they didn't properly cancel
+the evaluation of math functions in &&, ||, and ?:.
+262. 7/11/94 Incorrect boolean values, like "ogle", weren't being
+handled properly.
+263. 7/15/94 Added Tcl_RegExpCompile, Tcl_RegExpExec, and Tcl_RegExpRange,
+which provide lower-level access to regular expression pattern matching.
+264. 7/22/94 Fixed bug in "glob" command where "glob -nocomplain ~bad_user"
+would complain about a missing user. Now it doesn't complain anymore.
+265. 8/4/94 Fixed bug with linked variables where they didn't behave
+correctly when accessed via upvars.
+266. 8/17/94 Fixed bug in Tcl_EvalFile where it didn't clear interp->result.
+267. 8/31/94 Modified "open" command so that errors in exec-ing
+subprocesses are returned by the open immediately, rather than
+being delayed until the "close" is executed.
+268. 9/9/94 Modified "expr" command to generate errors for integer
+overflow (includes addition, subtraction, negation, multiplication,
+269. 9/23/94 Modified "regsub" to return a count of the number of
+matches and replacements, rather than 0/1.
+279. 10/4/94 Added new features to "array" command:
+ - added "get" and "set" commands for easy conversion between arrays
+ and lists.
+ - added "exists" command to see if a variable is an array, changed
+ "names" and "size" commands to treat a non-existent array (or scalar
+ variable) just like an empty one.
+ - added pattern option to "names" command.
+280. 10/6/94 Modified Tcl_SetVar2 so that read traces on variables get
+called during append operations.
+281. 10/20/94 Fixed bug in "read" command where reading from stdin
+required two control-D's to stop the reading.
+282. 11/3/94 Changed "expr" command to use longs for division just like
+all other expr operators; it previously used ints for division.
+283. 11/4/94 Fixed bugs in "unknown" procedure: it wasn't properly
+handling exception returns from commands that were executed after
+being auto-loaded.
+----------------- Released version 7.4b1, 12/23/94 ------------------
+284. 12/26/94 Fixed "install" target in Makefile (couldn't always
+find install program).
+285. 12/26/94 Added strcncasecmp procedure to compat directory.
+286. 1/3/95 Fixed all procedure calls to explicitly cast arguments:
+implicit conversions from prototypes (especially integer->double)
+don't work when compiling under non-ANSI compilers. Tcl is now clean
+under gcc -Wconversion.
+287. 1/4/95 Fixed problem in Tcl_ArrayCmd where same name was used for
+both a label and a variable; caused problems on several older compilers,
+making array command misbehave and causing many errors in Tcl test suite.
+----------------- Released version 7.4b2, 1/12/95 ------------------
+288. 2/9/95 Modified Tcl_CreateCommand to return a token, and added
+Tcl_GetCommandName procedure. Together, these procedures make it possible
+to track renames of a command.
+289. 2/13/95 Fixed bug in expr where "089" was interpreted as a
+floating-point number rather than a bogus octal number.
+290. 2/14/95 Added code to Tcl_GetInt and Tcl_GetDouble to check for
+overflows when reading in numbers.
+291. 2/18/95 Changed "array set" to stop after first error, rather than
+continuing after error.
+292. 2/20/95 Upgraded to use autoconf version 2.2.
+293. 2/20/95 Fixed core dump that could occur in "scan" command if a
+close bracket was omitted.
+294. 2/27/95 Changed Makefile to always use install-sh for installations:
+there's just too much variation among "install" system programs, which
+makes installation flakey.
+----------------- Released version 7.4b3, 3/24/95 ------------------
+3/25/95 (bug fix) Changed "install" to "./install" in Makefile so that
+"make install" will work even when "." isn't in the search path.
+3/29/95 (bug fix) Fixed bug where the auto-loading mechanism wasn't
+protecting the values of the errorCode and errorInfo variables.
+3/29/95 (new feature) Added optional pattern argument to "parray" procedure.
+3/29/95 (bug fix) Made the full functionality of
+ "return -code ... -errorcode ..."
+work not just inside procedures, but also in sourced files and at
+top level.
+4/6/95 (new feature) Added "pattern" option to "array names" command.
+4/18/95 (bug fix) Fixed bug in parser where it didn't allow backslash-newline
+immediately after an argument in braces or quotes.
+4/19/95 (new feature) Added tcl_library variable, which application can
+set to override default library directory.
+4/30/95 (bug fix) During trace callbacks for array elements, the variable
+name used in the original reference would be temporarily modified to
+separate the array name and element name; if the trace callback used
+the same name string, it would get the wrong name (the array name without
+element). Fixed to restore the variable name before making trace
+4/30/95 (new feature) Added -nobackslashes, -nocommands, and -novariables
+switches to "subst" command.
+5/4/95 (new feature) Added TCL_EVAL_GLOBAL flag to Tcl_RecordAndEval.
+5/5/95 (bug fix) Format command would overrun memory when printing
+integers with very large precision, as in "format %.1000d 0".
+5/5/95 (portability improvement) Changed to use BSDgettimeofday on
+IRIX machines, to avoid compilation problems with the gettimeofday
+5/6/95 (bug fix) Changed manual entries to use the standard .TH
+macro instead of a custom .HS macro; the .HS macro confuses index
+generators like makewhatis.
+5/9/95 (bug fix) Modified configure script to check for Solaris bug
+that makes vfork unreliable (core dumps result if vforked child
+changes a signal handler); will use fork instead of vfork if the
+bug is present.
+6/5/95 (bug fix) Modified "lsort" command to disallow recursive calls
+to lsort from a comparison function. This is needed because qsort
+is not reentrant.
+6/5/95 (bug fix) Undid change 243 above: changed TCL_VOLATILE and
+TCL_DYNAMIC back to integer constants rather than procedure addresses.
+This was needed because procedure addresses can have multiple values
+under some dynamic loading systems (e.g. SunOS 4.1 and Windows).
+6/8/95 (feature change) Modified interface to Tcl_Main to pass in the
+address of the application-specific initialization procedure.
+Tcl_AppInit is no longer hardwired into Tcl_Main. This is needed
+in order to make Tcl a shared library.
+6/8/95 (feature change) Modified Makefile so that the installed versions
+of tclsh and libtcl.a have version number in them (e.g. tclsh7.4 and
+libtcl7.4.a) and the library directory name also has an embedded version
+number (e.g., /usr/local/lib/tcl7.4). This should make it easier for
+Tcl 7.4 to coexist with earlier versions.
+----------------- Released version 7.4b4, 6/16/95 ------------------
+6/19/95 (bug fix) Fixed bugs in tclCkalloc.c that caused core dumps
+if TCL_MEM_DEBUG was enabled on word-addressed machines such as Crays.
+6/21/95 (feature removal) Removed overflow checks for integer arithmetic:
+they just cause too much trouble (e.g. for random number generators).
+6/28/95 (new features) Added tcl_patchLevel and tcl_version variables,
+for consistency with Tk.
+6/29/95 (bug fix) Fixed problem in Tcl_Eval where it didn't record
+the right termination character if a script ended with a comment. This
+caused erroneous output for the following command, among others:
+puts "[
+expr 1+1
+# duh!
+6/29/95 (message change) Changed the error message for ECHILD slightly
+to provide a hint about why the problem is occurring.
+----------------- Released version 7.4, 7/1/95 ------------------
+7/18/95 (bug fix) Changed "lreplace" so that nothing is deleted if
+the last index is less than the first index or if the last index
+is < 0.
+7/18/95 (bug fix) Fixed bugs with backslashes in comments:
+Tcl_CommandComplete (and "info complete") didn't properly handle
+strings ending in backslash-newline, and neither Tcl_CommandComplete
+nor the Tcl parser handled other backslash sequences right, such
+as two backslashes before a newline.
+7/19/95 (bug fix) Modified Tcl_DeleteCommand to delete the hash table
+entry for the command before invoking its callback. This is needed in
+order to deal with reentrancy.
+7/22/95 (bug fix) "exec" wasn't reaping processes correctly after
+certain errors (e.g. if the name of the executable was bogus, as
+in "exec foobar").
+7/27/95 (bug fix) Makefile.in wasn't using the LIBS variable provided
+by the "configure" script. This caused problems on some SCO systems.
+7/27/95 (bug fix) The version of strtod in fixstrtod.c didn't properly
+handle the case where endPtr == NULL.
+----------------- Released patch 7.4p1, 7/29/95 -----------------------
+8/4/95 (bug fix) C-level trace callbacks for variables were sometimes
+receiving the PART1_NOT_PARSED flag, which could cause errors in
+subsequent Tcl library calls using the flags. (JO)
+8/4/95 (bug fix) Calls to toupper and tolower weren't using the
+UCHAR macros, which caused trouble in non-U.S. locales. (JO)
+8/10/95 (new feature) Added the "load" command for dynamic loading of
+binary packages, and the Tcl_PackageInitProc prototype for package
+initialization procedures. (JO)
+8/23/95 (new features) Added "info sharedlibextension" and
+"info nameofexecutable" commands, plus Tcl_FindExtension procedure. (JO)
+8/25/95 (bug fix) If the target of an "upvar" was non-existent but
+had traces set, the traces were silently lost. Change to generate
+an error instead. (JO)
+8/25/95 (bug fix) Undid change from 7/19, so that commands can stay
+around while their deletion callbacks execute. Added lots of code to
+handle all of the reentrancy problems that this opens up. (JO)
+8/25/95 (bug fix) Fixed core dump that could occur in TclDeleteVars
+if there was an upvar from one entry in the table to the next entry
+in the same table. (JO)
+8/28/95 (bug fix) Exec wasn't handling bad user names properly, as
+in "exec ~bogus_user/foo". (JO)
+8/29/95 (bug fixes) Changed backslash-newline handling to correct two
+ - Only spaces and tabs following the backslash-newline are now
+ absorbed as part of the backslash-newline. Newlinew are no
+ longer absorbed (add another backslash if you want to absorb
+ another newline).
+ - TclWordEnd returns the character just before the backslash in
+ the sequence as the end of the sequence; it used to not consider
+ the backslash-newline as a word separator. (JO)
+8/31/95 (new feature) Changed man page installation (with "mkLinks"
+script) to create additional links for manual pages corresponding to
+each of the procedure and command names described in the pages. (JO)
+9/10/95 Reorganized Tcl sources for Windows and Mac ports. All sources
+are now in subdirectories: "generic" contains sources that work on all
+platforms, "windows", "mac", and "unix" directories contain platform-
+specific sources. Some UNIX sources are also used on other platforms. (SS)
+9/10/95 (feature change) Eliminated exported global variables (they
+don't work with Windows DLLs). Replaced tcl_AsyncReady and
+tcl_FileCloseProc with procedures Tcl_AsyncReady() and
+Tcl_SetFileCloseProc(). Replaced C variable tcl_RcFileName with
+a Tcl variable tcl_rcFileName. (SS)
+9/11/95 (new feature) Added procedure Tcl_SetPanicProc to override
+the default implementation of "panic". (SS)
+9/11/95 (new feature) Added "interp" command to allow creation of
+new interpreters and execution of untrusted scripts. Added many new
+procedures, such as Tcl_CreateSlave, Tcl_CreateAlias,and Tcl_MakeSafe,
+to provide C-level access to the interpreter facility. This mechanism
+now provides almost all of the generic functions of Borenstein's and
+Rose's Safe-Tcl (but not any Tk or email-related stuff). (JL)
+9/11/95 (feature change) Changed file management so that files are
+no longer shared between interpreters: a file cannot normally be
+referenced in one interpreter if it was opened in another. This
+feature is needed to support safe interpreters. Added Tcl_ShareHandle()
+procedure for allowing files to be shared, and added "interp" argument
+to Tcl_FilePermissions procedure.
+9/11/95 (new feature) Added "AssocData" mechanism, whereby extensions
+can associate their own data with an interpreter and get called back
+when the interpreter is deleted. This is visible at C level via the
+procedures Tcl_SetAssocData and Tcl_GetAssocData. (JL)
+9/11/95 (new feature) Added Tcl_ErrnoMsg to translate an errno value
+into a human-readable string. This is now used instead of calling
+strerror because strerror mesages vary dramatically from platform
+to platform, which messes up Tcl tests. Tcl_ErrnoMsg uses the standard
+POSIX messages for all the common signals, and calls strerror for
+signals it doesn't understand.
+----------------- Released patch 7.5p2, 9/15/95 -----------------------
+----------------- Released 7.5a1, 9/15/95 -----------------------
+9/22/95 (bug fix) Changed auto_mkindex to create tclIndex files that
+handle directories whose paths might contain spaces. (RJ)
+9/27/95 (bug fix) The "format" command didn't check for huge or negative
+width specifiers, which could cause core dumps. (JO)
+9/27/95 (bug fix) Core dumps could occur if an interactive command typed
+to tclsh returned a very long result for tclsh to print out. The bug is
+actually in printf (in Solaris 2.3 and 2.4, at least); switched to use
+puts instead. (JO)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Changed makefile.bc to eliminate a false dependency
+for tcl1675.dll on the Borland run time library. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Fixed tcl75.dll so it looks for tcl1675.dll instead
+of tcl16.dll. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Tcl was not correctly detecting the difference
+between Win32s and Windows '95. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) "exec" was not passing environment changes to child
+processes under Windows. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Changed Tcl to ensure that open files are not passed
+to child processes under Windows. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Fixed Windows '95 and NT versions of exec so it can
+handle both console and windows apps. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Fixed Windows version of exec so it no longer leaves
+temp files lying around. Also changed it so the temp files are
+created in the appropriate system dependent temp directory. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Eliminated source dependency on the Win32s Universal
+Thunk header file, since it is not bundled with VC++. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Under Windows, Tcl now constructs the HOME
+environment variable from HOMEPATH and HOMEDRIVE when HOME is not
+already set. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Added support for "info nameofexecutable" and "info
+sharedlibextension" to the Windows version. (SS)
+9/28/95 (bug fix) Changed tclsh to correctly parse command line
+arguments so that backslashes are preserved under Windows. (SS)
+9/29/95 (bug fix) Tcl 7.5a1 treated either return or newline as end
+of line in "gets", which caused lines ending in CRLF to be treated as
+two separate lines. Changed to allow only character as end-of-line:
+carriage return on Macs, newline elsewhere. (JO)
+9/29/95 (new feature) Changed to install "configInfo" file in same
+directory as library scripts. It didn't used to get installed. (JO)
+9/29/95 (bug fix) Tcl was not converting Win32 errors into POSIX
+errors under some circumstances. (SS)
+10/2/95 (bug fix) Safe interpreters no longer get initialized with
+a call to Tcl_Init(). (JL)
+10/1/95 (new feature) Added "tcl_platform" global variable to provide
+environment information such as the instruction set and operating
+system. (JO)
+10/1/95 (bug fix) "exec" command wasn't always generating the
+"child process exited abnormally" message when it should have. (JO)
+10/2/95 (bug fix) Changed "mkLinks.tcl" so that the scripts it generates
+won't create links that overwrite original manual entries (there was
+a problem where pack-old.n was overwriting pack.n). (JO)
+10/2/95 (feature change) Changed to use -ldl for dynamic loading under
+Linux if it is available, but fall back to -ldld if it isn't. (JO)
+10/2/95 (bug fix) File sharing was causing refcounts to reach 0
+prematurely for stdin, stdout and stderr, under some circumstances. (JL)
+10/2/95 (platform support) Added support for Visual C++ compiler on
+Windows, Windows '95 and Windows NT, code donated by Gordon Chaffee. (JL)
+10/3/95 (bug fix) Tcl now frees any libraries that it loads before it
+exits. (SS)
+10/03/95 (bug fix) Fixed bug in Macintosh ls command where the -l
+and -C options would fail in anything but the HOME directory. (RJ)
+----------------- Released 7.5a2, 10/6/95 -----------------------
+10/10/95 (bug fix) "file dirnam /." was returning ":" on UNIX instead
+of "/". (JO)
+10/13/95 (bug fix) Eliminated dependency on MKS toolkit for generating
+the tcl.def file from Borland object files. (SS)
+10/17/95 (new features) Moved the event loop from Tcl to Tk, made major
+revisions along the way:
+ - New Tcl commands: after, update, vwait (replaces "tkwait variable").
+ - "tkerror" is now replaced with "bgerror".
+ - The following procedures are similar to their old Tk counterparts:
+ Tcl_DoOneEvent, Tcl_Sleep, Tcl_DoWhenIdle, Tcl_CancelIdleCall,
+ Tcl_CreateFileHandler, Tcl_DeleteFileHandler, Tcl_CreateTimerHandler,
+ Tcl_DeleteTimerHandler, Tcl_BackgroundError.
+ - Revised notifier, add new concept of "event source" with the following
+ procedures: Tcl_CreateEventSource, Tcl_DeleteEventSource,
+ Tcl_WatchFile, Tcl_SetMaxBlockTime, Tcl_FileReady, Tcl_QueueEvent,
+ Tcl_WaitForEvent. (JO)
+10/31/95 (new features) Implemented cross platform file name support to make
+it easier to write cross platform scripts. Tcl now understands 4 file naming
+conventions: Windows (both DOS and UNC), Mac, Unix, and Network. The network
+convention is a new naming mechanism that can be used to paths in a platform
+independent fashion. See the "file" command manual page for more details.
+The primary interfaces changes are:
+ - All Tcl commands that expect a file name now accept both network and
+ native form.
+ - Two new "file" subcommands, "nativename" and "networkname", provide a
+ way to convert between network and native form.
+ - Renamed Tcl_TildeSubst to Tcl_TranslateFileName, and changed it so that
+ it always returns a filename in native form. Tcl_TildeSubst is defined
+ as a macro for backward compatibility, but it is deprecated. (SS)
+11/5/95 (new feature) Made "tkerror" and "bgerror" synonyms, so that
+either name can be used to manipulate the command (provides temporary
+backward compatibility for existing scripts that use tkerror). (JO)
+11/5/95 (new feature) Added exit handlers and new C procedures
+Tcl_CreateExitHandler, Tcl_DeleteExitHandler, and Tcl_Exit. (JO)
+11/6/95 (new feature) Added pid command for Macintosh version of
+Tcl (it didn't previously exist on the Mac). (RJ)
+11/7/95 (new feature) New generic IO facility and support for IO to
+files, pipes and sockets based on a common buffering scheme. Support
+for asynchronous (non-blocking) IO and for event driver IO. Support
+for automatic (background) asynchronous flushing and asynchronous
+closing of channels. (JL)
+11/7/95 (new feature) Added new commands "fconfigure" and "fblocked"
+to support new I/O features such as nonblocking I/O. Added "socket"
+command for creating TCP client and server sockets. (JL).
+11/7/95 (new feature) Complete set of C APIs to the new generic IO
+ - Opening channels: Tcl_OpenFileChannel, Tcl_OpenCommandChannel,
+ Tcl_OpenTcpClient, Tcl_OpenTcpServer.
+ - I/O procedures on channels, which roughly mirror the ANSI C stdio
+ library: Tcl_Read, Tcl_Gets, Tcl_Write, Tcl_Flush, Tcl_Seek,
+ Tcl_Tell, Tcl_Close, Tcl_Eof, Tcl_InputBlocked, Tcl_GetChannelOption,
+ Tcl_SetChannelOption.
+ - Extension mechanism for creating new kinds of channels:
+ Tcl_CreateChannel, Tcl_GetChannelInstanceData, Tcl_GetChannelType,
+ Tcl_GetChannelName, Tcl_GetChannelFile, Tcl_RegisterChannel,
+ Tcl_UnregisterChannel, Tcl_GetChannel.
+ - Event-driven I/O on channels: Tcl_CreateChannelHandler,
+ Tcl_DeleteChannelHandler. (JL)
+11/7/95 (new feature) Channel driver interface specification to allow
+new types of channels to be added easily to Tcl. Currently being used
+in three drivers - for files, pipes and TCP-based sockets. (JL).
+11/7/95 (new feature) interp delete now takes any number of path
+names of interpreters to delete, including zero. (JL).
+11/8/95 (new feature) implemented 'info hostname' and Tcl_GetHostName
+command to get host name of machine on which the Tcl process is running. (JL)
+11/9/95 (new feature) Implemented file APIs for access to low level files
+on each system. The APIs are: Tcl_CloseFile, Tcl_OpenFile, Tcl_ReadFile,
+Tcl_WriteFile and Tcl_SeekFile. Also implemented Tcl_WaitPid which waits
+in a system dependent manner for a child process. (JL)
+11/9/95 (new feature) Added Tcl_UpdateLinkedVar procedure to force a
+Tcl variable to be updated after its C variable changes. (JO)
+11/9/95 (bug fix) The glob command has been totally reimplemented so
+that it can support different file name conventions. It now handles
+Windows file names (both UNC and drive-relative) properly. It also
+supports nested braces correctly now. (SS)
+11/13/95 (bug fix) Fixed Makefile.in so that configure can be run
+from a clean directory separate from the Tcl source tree, and compilations
+can be performed there. (JO)
+11/14/95 (bug fix) Fixed file sharing between interpreters and file
+transferring between interpreters to correctly manage the refcount so that
+files are closed when the last reference to them is discarded. (JL)
+11/14/95 (bug fix) Fixed gettimeofday implementation for the
+Macintosh. This fixes several timing related bugs. (RJ)
+11/17/95 (new feature) Added missing support for info nameofexecutable
+on the Macintosh. (RJ)
+11/17/95 (bug fix) The Tcl variables argc argv and argv0 now return
+something reasonable on the Mac. (RJ)
+11/22/95 (new feature) Implemented "auto-detect" mode for end of line
+translations. On input, standalone "\r" mean MAC mode, standalone "\n"
+mean Unix mode and "\r\n" means Windows mode. On output, the mode is
+modified to whatever the platform specific mode for that platform is. (JL)
+11/24/95 (feature change) Replaced "configInfo" file with tclConfig.sh,
+which is more complete and uses slightly different names. Also
+arranged for tclConfig.sh to be installed in the platform-specific
+library directory instead of Tcl's script library directory. (JO)
+*** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5a2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+----------------- Released patch 7.4p3, 11/28/95 -----------------------
+12/5/95 (new feature) Added Tcl_File facility to support platform-
+independent file handles. Changed all interfaces that used Unix-
+style integer fd's to use Tcl_File's instead. (SS)
+12/5/95 (new feature) Added a new "clock" command to Tcl. The command
+allows you to get the current "clicks" or seconds & allows you to
+format or scan human readable time/date strings. (RJ)
+12/18/95 (new feature) Moved Tk_Preserve, Tk_Release, and Tk_EventuallyFree
+to Tcl, renamed to Tcl_Preserve, Tcl_Release, and Tcl_EventuallyFree. (JO)
+12/18/95 (new feature) Added new "package" command and associated
+procedures Tcl_PkgRequire and Tcl_PkgProvide. Also wrote
+pkg_mkIndex library procedure to create index files from binaries
+and scripts. (JO)
+12/20/95 (new feature) Added Tcl_WaitForFile procedure. (JO)
+12/21/95 (new features) Made package name argument to "load" optional
+(Tcl will now attempt to guess the package name if necessary). Also
+added Tcl_StaticPackage and support in "load" for statically linked
+packages. (JO)
+12/22/95 (new feature) Upgraded the foreach command to accept multiple
+loop variables and multiple value lists. This lets you iterate over
+multiple lists in parallel, and/or assign multiple loop variables from
+one value list during each iteration. The only potential compatibility
+problem is with scripts that used loop variables with a name that could be
+construed to be a list of variable names (i.e. contained spaces). (BW)
+1/5/96 (new feature) Changed tclsh so it builds as a console mode
+application under Windows. Now tclsh can be used from the command
+line with pipes or interactively. Note that this only works under
+Windows 95 or NT. (SS)
+1/17/96 (new feature) Modified Makefile and configure script to allow
+Tcl to be compiled as a shared library: use the --enable-shared option
+when configuing. (JO)
+1/17/96 (removed obsolete features) Removed the procedures Tcl_EnterFile
+and Tcl_GetOpenFile: these no longer make sense with the new I/O system. (JL)
+1/19/96 (bug fixes) Prevented formation of circular aliases, through the
+Tcl 'interp alias' command and through the 'rename' command, as well as
+through the C API Tcl_CreateAlias. (JL)
+1/19/96 (bug fixes) Fixed several bugs in direct deletion of interpreters
+with Tcl_DeleteInterp when the interpreter is a slave; fixes based on a
+patch received from Viktor Dukhovni of ESM. (JL)
+1/19/96 (new feature) Implemented on-close handlers for channels; added
+the C APIs Tcl_CreateCloseHandler and Tcl_DeleteCloseHandler. (JL)
+1/19/96 (new feature) Implemented portable error reporting mechanism; added
+the C APIs Tcl_SetErrno and Tcl_GetErrno. (JL)
+1/24/96 (bug fix) Unknown command processing properly invokes external
+commands under Windows NT and Windows '95 now. (SS)
+1/23/96 (bug fix) Eliminated extremely long startup times under Windows '95.
+The problem was a result of the option database initialization code that
+concatenated $HOME with /.Xdefaults, resulting in a // in the middle of the
+file name. Under Windows '95, this is incorrectly interpreted as a UNC
+path. They delays came from the network timeouts needed to determine that
+the file name was invalid. Tcl_TranslateFileName now suppresses duplicate
+slashes that aren't at the beginning of the file name. (SS)
+1/25/96 (bug fix) Changed exec and open to create children so they are
+attached to the application's console if it exists. (SS)
+1/31/96 (bug fix) Fixed command line parsing to handle embedded
+spaces under Windows. (SS)
+----------------- Released 7.5b1, 2/1/96 -----------------------
+2/7/96 (bug fix) Fixed off by one error in argument parsing code under
+Windows. (SS)
+2/7/96 (bug fix) Fixed bugs in VC++ makefile that improperly
+initialized the tcl75.dll. Fixed bugs in Borland makefile that caused
+build failures under Windows NT. (SS)
+2/9/96 (bug fix) Fixed deadlock problem in AUTO end of line translation
+mode which would cause a socket server with several concurrent clients
+writing in CRLF mode to hang. (JL)
+2/9/96 (API change) Replaced -linemode option to fconfigure with a
+new -buffering option, added "none" setting to enable immediate write. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with b1 ***
+2/9/96 (new feature) Added C API Tcl_InputBuffered which returns the count
+of bytes currently buffered in the input buffer of a channel, and o for
+output only channels. (JL)
+2/9/96 (new feature) Implemented asynchronous connect for sockets. (JL)
+2/9/96 (new feature) Added C API Tcl_SetDefaultTranslation to set (per
+channel) the default end of line translation mode. This is the mode that
+will be installed if an output operation is done on the channel while it is
+still in AUTO mode. (JL)
+2/9/96 (bug fix) Changed Tcl_OpenCommandChannel interface to properly
+handle all of the combinations of stdio inheritance in background
+pipelines. See the Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3) man page for more
+info. This change fixes the bug where exec of a background pipeline
+was not getting passed the stdio handles properly. (SS)
+2/9/96 (bug fix) Removed the new Tcl_CreatePipeline interface, and
+restored the old version for Unix platforms only. All new code should
+use Tcl_CreateCommandChannel instead. (SS)
+2/9/96 (bug fix) Changed Makefile.in to use -L and -ltcl7.5 for Tcl
+library so that shared libraries are more likely to be found correctly
+on more platforms. (JO)
+2/13/96 (new feature) Added C API Tcl_SetNotifierData and
+Tcl_GetNotifierData to allow notifier and channel driver writers to
+associate data with a Tcl_File. The result of this change is that
+Tcl_GetFileInfo now always returns an OS file handle, and Tcl_GetFile
+can be used to construct a Tcl_File for an externally constructed OS
+handle. (SS)
+2/13/96 (bug fix) Changed Windows socket implementation so it doesn't
+set SO_REUSEADDR on server sockets. Now attempts to create a server
+socket on a port that is already in use will be properly identified
+and an error will be generated. (SS)
+2/13/96 (bug fix) Fixed problems with DLL initialization under Visual
+C++ that left the C run time library uninitialized. (SS)
+2/13/96 (bug fix) Fixed Windows socket initialization so it loads
+winsock the first time it is used, rather than at the time tcl75.dll
+is loaded. This should fix the bug where the modem immediately starts
+trying to connect to a service provider when wish or tclsh are
+started. (SS)
+2/13/96 (new feature) Added C APIs Tcl_MakeFileChannel and
+Tcl_MakeTcpClientChannel to wrap up existing fds and sockets into
+channels. Provided implementations on Unix and Windows. (JL)
+2/13/96 (bug fix) Fixed bug with seek leaving EOF and BLOCKING set. (JL)
+2/14/96 (bug fix) Fixed reentrancy problem in fileevent handling
+and made it more robust in the face of errors. (JL)
+2/14/96 (feature change) Made generic IO level emulate blocking mode if the
+channel driver is unable to provide it, e.g. if the low level device is
+always nonblocking. Thus, now blocking behavior is an advisory setting for
+channel drivers and can be ignored safely if the channel driver is unable
+to provide it. (JL)
+2/15/96 (new feature) Added "binary" end of line translation mode, which is
+a synonym of "lf" mode. (JL)
+2/15/96 (bug fix) Fixed reentrancy problem in fileevent handling vs
+deletion of channel event handlers. (JL)
+2/15/96 (bug fix) Fixed bug in event handling which would cause a
+nonblocking channel to not see further readable events after the first
+readable event that had insufficient input. (JL)
+2/17/96 (bug fix) "info complete" didn't properly handle comments
+in nested commands. (JO)
+2/21/96 (bug fix) "exec" under Windows NT/95 did not properly handle
+very long command lines (>200 chars). (SS)
+2/21/96 (bug fix) Sockets could get into an infinite loop if a read
+event arrived after all of the available data had been read. (SS)
+2/22/96 (bug fix) Added cast of st_size elements to (long) before
+sprintf-ing in "file size" command. This is needed to handle systems
+like NetBSD with 64-bit file offsets. (JO)
+----------------- Released 7.5b2, 2/23/96 -----------------------
+2/23/96 (bug fix) TCL_VARARGS macro in tcl.h wasn't defined properly
+when compiling with C++. (JO)
+2/24/96 (bug fix) Removed dependencies on Makefile in the UNIX Makefile:
+this caused problems on some platforms (like Linux?). (JO)
+2/24/96 (bug fix) Fixed configuration bug that made Tcl not compile
+correctly on Linux machines with neither -ldl or -ldld. (JO)
+2/24/96 (new feature) Added a block of comments and definitions to
+Makefile.in to make it easier to have Tcl's TclSetEnv etc. replace
+the library procedures setenv etc, so that calls to setenv etc. in
+the application automatically update the Tcl "env" variable. (JO)
+2/27/96 (feature change) Added optional Tcl_Interp * argument (may be NULL)
+to C API Tcl_Close and simplified closing of command channels. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+2/27/96 (feature change) Added optional Tcl_Interp * argument (may be NULL)
+to C type definition Tcl_DriverCloseProc; modified all channel drivers to
+implement close procedures that accept the additional argument. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+2/28/96 (bug fix) Fixed memory leak that could occur if an upvar
+referred to an element of an array in the same stack frame as the
+upvar. (JO)
+2/29/96 (feature change) Modified both Tcl_DoOneEvent and Tcl_WaitForEvent
+so that they return immediately in cases where they would otherwise
+block forever (e.g. if there are no event handlers of any sort). (JO)
+2/29/96 (new feature) Added C APIs Tcl_GetChannelBufferSize and
+Tcl_SetChannelBufferSize to set and retrieve the size, in bytes, for
+buffers allocated to store input or output in a channel. (JL)
+2/29/96 (new feature) Added option -buffersize to Tcl fconfigure command
+to allow Tcl scripts to query and set the size of channel buffers. (JL)
+2/29/96 (feature removed) Removed channel driver function to specify
+the buffer size to use when allocating a buffer. Removed the C typedef
+for Tcl_DriverBufferSizeProc. Channels are now created with a default
+buffer size of 4K. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+2/29/96 (feature change) The channel driver function for setting blocking
+mode on the device may now be NULL. If the generic code detects that the
+function is NULL, operations that set the blocking mode on the channel
+simply succeed. (JL)
+3/2/96 (bug fix) Fixed core dump that could occur if a syntax error
+(such as missing close paren) occurred in an array reference with a
+very long array name. (JO)
+3/4/96 (bug fix) Removed code in the "auto_load" procedure that deletes
+all existing auto-load information whenever the "auto_path" variable
+is changed. Instead, new information adds to what was already there.
+Otherwise, changing the "auto_path" variable causes all package-
+related information to be lost. If you really want to get rid of
+existing auto-load information, use auto_reset before setting auto_path. (JO)
+3/5/96 (new feature) Added version suffix to shared library names so that
+Tcl will compile under NetBSD and FreeBSD (I hope). (JO)
+3/6/96 (bug fix) Cleaned up error messages in new I/O system to correspond
+more closely to old I/O system. (JO)
+3/6/96 (new feature) Added -myaddr and -myport options to the socket
+command, removed -tcp and -- options. This lets clients and servers
+choose a particular interface. Also changed the default server address
+from the hostname to INADDR_ANY. The server accept callback now gets
+passed the client's port as well as IP address. The C interfaces for
+Tcl_OpenTcpClient and Tcl_OpenTcpServer have changed to support the
+above changes. (BW)
+*** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+3/6/96 (changed feature) The library function auto_mkindex will now
+default to using the pattern "*.tcl" if no pattern is given. (RJ)
+3/6/96 (bug fix) The socket channel code for the Macintosh has been
+rewritten to use native MacTcp. (RJ)
+3/7/96 (new feature) Added Tcl_SetStdChannel and Tcl_GetStdChannel
+interfaces to allow applications to explicitly set and get the global
+standard channels. (SS)
+3/7/96 (bug fix) Tcl did close not the file descriptors associated
+with "stdout", etc. when the corresponding channels were closed. (SS)
+3/7/96 (bug fix) Reworked shared library and dynamic loading stuff to
+try to get it working under AIX. Added new @SHLIB_LD_LIBS@ autoconf
+symbol as part of this. AIX probably doesn't work yet, but it should
+be a lot closer. (JO)
+3/7/96 (feature change) Added Tcl_ChannelProc typedef and changed the
+signature of Tcl_CreateChannelHandler and Tcl_DeleteChannelHandler to take
+Tcl_ChannelProc arguments instead of Tcl_FileProc arguments. This change
+should not affect any code outside Tcl because the signatures of
+Tcl_ChannelProc and Tcl_FileProc are compatible. (JL)
+3/7/96 (API change) Modified signature of Tcl_GetChannelOption to return
+an int instead of char *, and to take a Tcl_DString * argument. Modified
+the implementation so that the option name can be NULL, to mean that the
+call should retrieve a list of alternating option names and values. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+3/7/96 (API change) Added Tcl_DriverSetOptionProc, Tcl_DriverGetOptionProc
+typedefs, added two slots setOptionProc and getOptionProc to the channel
+type structure. These may be NULL to indicate that the channel type does
+not support any options. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b2, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+3/7/96 (feature change) stdin, stdout and stderr can now be put into
+nonblocking mode. (JL)
+3/8/96 (feature change) Eliminated dependence on the registry for
+finding the Tcl library files. (SS)
+----------------- Released 7.5b3, 3/8/96 -----------------------
+3/12/96 (feature improvement) Modified startup script to look in several
+different places for the Tcl library directory. This should allow Tcl
+to find the libraries under all but the weirdest conditions, even without
+the TCL_LIBRARY environment variable being set. (JO)
+3/13/96 (bug fix) Eliminated use of the "linger" option from the Windows
+socket implementation. (JL)
+3/13/96 (new feature) Added -peername and -sockname options for fconfigure
+for socket channels. Code contributed by John Haxby of HP. (JL)
+3/13/96 (bug fix) Fixed panic and core dump that would occur if the accept
+callback script on a server socket encountered an error. (JL)
+3/13/96 (feature change) Added -async option to the Tcl socket command.
+If the command is creating a client socket and the flag is present, the
+client is connected asynchronously. If the option is absent (the default),
+the client socket is connected synchronously, and the command returns only
+when the connection has been completed or failed. This change was suggested
+by Mark Diekhans. (JL)
+3/13/96 (feature change) Modified the signature of Tcl_OpenTcpClient to
+take an additional int argument, async. If nonzero, the client is connected
+to the server asynchronously. If the value is zero, the connection is made
+synchronously, and the call to Tcl_OpenTcpClient returns only when the
+connection fails or succeeds. This change was suggested by Mark Diekhans. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b3, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+3/14/96 (bug fix) "tclsh bogus_file_name" didn't print an error message. (JO)
+3/14/96 (bug fix) Added new procedures to tclCkalloc.c so that libraries
+and applications can be compiled with TCL_MEM_DEBUG even if Tcl isn't
+(however, the converse is still not true). Patches provided by Jan
+Nijtmans. (JO)
+3/15/96 (bug fix) Marked standard IO handles of a process as close-on-exec
+to fix bug in Ultrix where exec was not sharing standard IO handles with
+subprocesses. Fix suggested by Mark Diekhans. (JL)
+3/15/96 (bug fix) Fixed asynchronous close mechanism so that it closes the
+channel instead of leaking system resources. The manifestation was that Tcl
+would eventually run out of file descriptors if it was handling a large
+number of nonblocking sockets or pipes with high congestion. (JL)
+3/15/96 (bug fix) Fixed tests so that they no longer leak file descriptors.
+The manifestation was that Tcl would eventually run out of file descriptors
+if the tests were rerun many times (> a hundred times on Solaris). (JL)
+3/15/96 (bug fix) Fixed channel creation code so that it never creates
+unnamed channels. This would cause a panic and core dump when the channel
+was closed. (JL)
+3/16/96 (bug fixes) Made lots of changes in configuration stuff to get
+Tcl working under AIX (finally). Tcl should now support the "load"
+command under AIX and should work either with or without shared
+libraries for Tcl and Tk. (JO)
+3/21/96 (configuration improvement) Changed configure script so it
+doesn't use version numbers (as in -ltcl7.5 and libtcl7.5.so) under
+SunOS 4.1, where they don't work anyway. (JO)
+3/22/96 (new feature) Added C API Tcl_InterpDeleted that allows extension
+writers to discover when an interpreter is being deleted. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) The standard IO channels are now added to each
+trusted interpreter as soon as the interpreter is created. This ensures
+against the bug where a child would do IO before the master had done any,
+and then the child is destroyed - the standard IO channels would be then
+closed and the master would be unable to do any IO. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Made Tcl more robust against interpreter deletion, by
+using Tcl_Preserve, Tcl_Release and Tcl_EventuallyFree to split the process
+of interpreter deletion into two distinct phases. Also went through all of
+Tcl and added calls to Tcl_Preserve and Tcl_Delete where needed. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Fixed several places where C code was reading and writing
+into freed memory, especially during interpreter deletion. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Fixed very deep bug in Tcl_Release that caused memory to
+be freed twice if the release callback did Tcl_Preserve and Tcl_Release on
+the same memory as the chunk currently being freed. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Removed several memory leaks that would cause memory
+buildup on half-K chunks in the generic IO level. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Fixed several core dumps which occurred when new
+AssocData was being created during the cleanups in interpreter deletion.
+The solution implemented now is to loop repeatedly over the AssocData until
+none is left to clean up. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Fixed a bug in event handling which caused an infinite
+loop if there were no files being watched and no timer. Fix suggested by
+Jan Nijtmans. (JL)
+3/22/96 (bug fix) Fixed Tcl_CreateCommand, Tcl_DeleteCommand to be more
+robust if the interpreter is being deleted. Also fixed several order
+dependency bugs in Tcl_DeleteCommand which kicked in when an interpreter
+was being deleted. (JL)
+3/26/96 (bug fix) Upon a "short read", the generic code no longer calls
+the driver for more input. Doing this caused blocking on some platforms
+even on nonblocking channels. Bug and fix courtesy Mark Roseman. (JL)
+3/26/96 (new feature) Added 'package Tcltest' which is present only in
+test versions of Tcl; this allows the testing commands to be loaded into
+new interpreters besides the main one. (JL)
+3/26/96 (restored feature) Recreated the Tcl_GetOpenFile C API. You can
+now get a FILE * from a registered channel; Unix only. (JL)
+3/27/96 (bug fix) The regular expression code did not support more
+than 9 subexpressions. It now supports up to 20. (SS)
+4/1/96 (bug fixes) The CHANNEL_BLOCKED bit was being left on on a short
+read, so that fileevents wouldn't fire correctly. Bug reported by Mark
+Roseman.(JL, RJ)
+4/1/96 (bug fix) Moved Tcl_Release to match Tcl_Preserve exactly, in
+tclInterp.c; previously interpreters were being freed only conditionally
+and sometimes not at all. (JL)
+4/1/96 (bug fix) Fixed error reporting in slave interpreters when the
+error message was being generated directly by C code. Fix suggested by
+Viktor Dukhovni of ESM. (JL)
+4/2/96 (bug fixes) Fixed a series of bugs in Windows sockets that caused
+events to variously get lost, to get sent multiple times, or to be ignored
+by the driver. The manifestation was blocking if the channel is blocking,
+and either getting EAGAIN or infinite loops if the channel is nonblocking.
+This series of bugs was found by Ian Wallis of Cisco. Now all tests (also
+those that were previously commented out) in socket.test pass. (JL, SS)
+4/2/96 (feature change/bug fix) Eliminated network name support in
+favor of better native name support. Added "file split", "file join",
+and "file pathtype" commands. See the "file" man page for more
+details. (SS)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b3, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+4/2/96 (bug fix) Changed implementation of auto_mkindex so tclIndex
+files will properly handle path names in a cross platform context. (SS)
+4/5/96 (bug fix) Fixed Tcl_ReadCmd to use the channel buffer size as the
+chunk size it reads, instead of a fixed 4K size. Thus, on large reads, the
+user can set the channel buffer size to a large size and the read will
+occur orders of magnitude faster. For example, on a 2MB file, reading in 4K
+chunks took 34 seconds, while reading in 1MB chunks took 1.5 seconds (on a
+SS-20). Problem identified and fix suggested by John Haxby of HP. (JL)
+4/5/96 (bug fix) Fixed socket creation code to invoke gethostbyname only if
+inet_addr failed (very unlikely). Before this change the order was reversed
+and this made things much slower than they needed to be (gethostbyname
+generally requires an RPC, which is slow). Problem identified and fix
+suggested by John Loverso of OSF. (JL)
+4/9/96 (feature change) Modified "auto" translation mode so that it
+recognizes any of "\n", "\r" and "\r\n" in input as end of line, so
+that a file can have mixed end-of-line sequences. It now outputs
+the platform specific end of line sequence on each platform for files and
+pipes, and for sockets it produces crlf in output on all platforms. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b3, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+4/11/96 (new feature) Added -eofchar option to Tcl_SetChannelOption to allow
+setting of an end of file character for input and output. If an input eof
+char is set, it is recognized as EOF and further input from the channel is
+not presented to the caller. If an output eof char is set, on output, that
+byte is appended to the channel when it is closed. On Unix and Macintosh,
+all channels start with no eof char set for input or output. On Windows,
+files and pipes start with input and output eof chars set to Crlt-Z (ascii
+26), and sockets start with no input or output eof char. (JL)
+*** INCOMPATIBILITY with Tcl 7.5b3, but not with Tcl 7.4 ***
+4/17/96 (bug fix) Fixed series of bugs with handling of crlf sequence split
+across buffer boundaries in input, in AUTO mode. (JL, BW)
+4/17/96 (test suite improvement) Fixed test suite so that tests that
+depend on the availability of Unix commands such as echo, cat and others
+are not run if these commands are not present. (JL)
+4/17/96 (test suite improvement) The socket test now automatically starts,
+on platformst that support exec, a separate process for remote testsing. (JL)
+----------------- Released 7.5, 4/21/96 -----------------------