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Vendor import TrustedBSD OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 12, with the following change
history notes since the last import: OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 12 - Correct bug in auditreduce which prevented the -c option from working correctly when the user specifies to process successful or failed events. The problem stemmed from not having access to the return token at the time the initial preselection occurred, but now a second preselection process occurs while processing the return token. - getacfilesz(3) API added to read new audit_control(5) filesz setting, which auditd(8) now sets the kernel audit trail rotation size to. - auditreduce(1) now uses stdin if no file names are specified on the command line; this was the documented behavior previously, but it was not implemented. Be more specific in auditreduce(1)'s examples section about what might be done with the output of auditreduce. - Add audit_warn(5) closefile event so that administrators can hook termination of an audit trail file. For example, this might be used to compress the trail file after it is closed. - auditreduce(1) now uses regular expressions for pathname matching. Users can now supply one or more (comma delimited) regular expressions for searching the pathnames. If one of the regular expressions is prefixed with a tilde (~), and a path matches, it will be excluded from the search results. MFC after: 3 days Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project
Notes: svn path=/vendor/openbsm/dist/; revision=162621
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