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Upgrade NTP to 4.2.8p4.
Security: FreeBSD-SA-15:25.ntp Security: CVE-2015-7871 Security: CVE-2015-7855 Security: CVE-2015-7854 Security: CVE-2015-7853 Security: CVE-2015-7852 Security: CVE-2015-7851 Security: CVE-2015-7850 Security: CVE-2015-7849 Security: CVE-2015-7848 Security: CVE-2015-7701 Security: CVE-2015-7703 Security: CVE-2015-7704, CVE-2015-7705 Security: CVE-2015-7691, CVE-2015-7692, CVE-2015-7702 Approved by: so
Notes: svn path=/releng/9.3/; revision=290001
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+.de1 NOP
+. it 1 an-trap
+. if \\n[.$] \,\\$*\/
+.ie t \
+.ds B-Font [CB]
+.ds I-Font [CI]
+.ds R-Font [CR]
+.el \
+.ds B-Font B
+.ds I-Font I
+.ds R-Font R
+.TH ntp-wait 1ntp-waitman "21 Oct 2015" "ntp (4.2.8p4)" "User Commands"
+.\" EDIT THIS FILE WITH CAUTION (/tmp/.ag-fzaONA/ag-rzaWMA)
+.\" It has been AutoGen-ed October 21, 2015 at 12:34:08 PM by AutoGen 5.18.5
+.\" From the definitions ntp-wait-opts.def
+.\" and the template file agman-cmd.tpl
+\- Wait for ntpd to stabilize the system clock
+.\" Mixture of short (flag) options and long options
+[\f\*[B-Font]\-flag\f[] [\f\*[I-Font]value\f[]]]
+[\f\*[B-Font]\-\-option-name\f[][[=| ]\f\*[I-Font]value\f[]]]
+.sp \n(Ppu
+.ne 2
+All arguments must be options.
+.sp \n(Ppu
+.ne 2
+will send at most
+queries to
+sleeping for
+after each status return that says
+has not yet produced a synchronized and stable system clock.
+.sp \n(Ppu
+.ne 2
+will do this quietly, unless the
+flag is provided.
+This can be useful at boot time, to delay the boot sequence until after
+\f\*[I-Font]ntpd\f[] \f\*[I-Font]\-g\f[]
+has set the time.
+.NOP \f\*[B-Font]\-n\f[] \f\*[I-Font]number\f[], \f\*[B-Font]\-\-tries\f[]=\f\*[I-Font]number\f[]
+Number of times to check ntpd.
+This option takes an integer number as its argument.
+The default
+for this option is:
+.ti +4
+ 100
+ The maximum number of times we will check \fBntpd\fP to see if
+ it has been able to synchronize and stabilize the system clock.
+.NOP \f\*[B-Font]\-s\f[] \f\*[I-Font]secs\-between\-tries\f[], \f\*[B-Font]\-\-sleep\f[]=\f\*[I-Font]secs\-between\-tries\f[]
+How long to sleep between tries.
+This option takes an integer number as its argument.
+The default
+for this option is:
+.ti +4
+ 6
+ We will sleep for \fIsecs-between-tries\fP after each query
+ of \fBntpd\fP that returns "the time is not yet stable".
+.NOP \f\*[B-Font]\-v\f[], \f\*[B-Font]\-\-verbose\f[]
+Be verbose.
+ By default, \fBntp-wait\fP is silent.
+ With this option, \fBntp-wait\fP will provide status information.
+.NOP \f\*[B-Font]\-\&?\f[], \f\*[B-Font]\-\-help\f[]
+Display usage information and exit.
+.NOP \f\*[B-Font]\-\&!\f[], \f\*[B-Font]\-\-more-help\f[]
+Pass the extended usage information through a pager.
+.NOP \f\*[B-Font]\-v\f[] [{\f\*[I-Font]v|c|n\f[] \f\*[B-Font]\-\-version\f[] [{\f\*[I-Font]v|c|n\f[]}]}]
+Output version of program and exit. The default mode is `v', a simple
+version. The `c' mode will print copyright information and `n' will
+print the full copyright notice.
+One of the following exit values will be returned:
+Successful program execution.
+The operation failed or the command syntax was not valid.
+libopts had an internal operational error. Please report
+it to autogen-users@lists.sourceforge.net. Thank you.
+.NOP "Harlan Stenn"
+This document corresponds to version @VERSION@ of NTP.
+.sp \n(Ppu
+.ne 2
+This manual page was \fIAutoGen\fP-erated from the \fBntp-wait\fP
+option definitions.