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[PATCH 3/3] WPS UPnP: Handle HTTP initiation failures for events more properly While it is appropriate to try to retransmit the event to another callback URL on a failure to initiate the HTTP client connection, there is no point in trying the exact same operation multiple times in a row. Replve the event_retry() calls with event_addr_failure() for these cases to avoid busy loops trying to repeat the same failing operation. These potential busy loops would go through eloop callbacks, so the process is not completely stuck on handling them, but unnecessary CPU would be used to process the continues retries that will keep failing for the same reason. Obtained from: https://w1.fi/security/2020-1/\ 0003-WPS-UPnP-Handle-HTTP-initiation-failures-for-events-.patch Security: VU#339275 and CVE-2020-12695
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