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-This is the readme file for pcl-cvs, release 1.05-CVS-$Name: $.
-Pcl-cvs is a front-end to CVS versions 1.5 through 1.7. It integrates
-the most frequently used CVS commands into an emacs interface.
-There may be some configuration that needs to be done in pcl-cvs.el to
-get it to work. See the instructions in the file INSTALL.
-Full documentation is in Texinfo format in the file pcl-cvs.texinfo. To
-browse this document online, or in the emacs info mode, you will need to
-process this file with the makeinfo program, which can also be found on
-prep.ai.mit.edu in pub/gnu.
-If you have been using a previous version of pcl-cvs (for instance the
-official 1.05 release, or any previous releases) you should read through
-the file NEWS to see what has changed.
-This release has been tested under, Emacs 19.28 and Emacs 19.30.
-Per Cederqvist
-(updated by Jim Blandy, Greg A. Woods, Karl Fogel)
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