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-This is the NEWS file for pcl-cvs, an Emacs elisp front-end to CVS.
-User-visible changes in the un-official CVS release of pcl-cvs
-from the official 1.05 release to 1.05-CVS-$Name: $:
-* Support for using ChangeLog files, including hooks to automatically
- guess CVS log entries from ChangeLog contents.
-* Support for client/server CVS (versions 1.5 through 1.7 and newer).
-* New commands for tagging files and directory trees (still needs to
- be made to run in the background).
-* Better support for recognizing and handling unknown directories.
-* An attempt at new ediff and emerge interfaces (still needs work!),
- including attempts to make vendor-branch merging work.
-* In a possibly misguided attempt to make it easier to see the effects
- of changes that affect several files, diff output is now stored in a
- uniqe buffer for each file.
-* Some commands now have default flags (cvs-*-flags).
-* Proper quoting of command line arguments displayed in *cvs-tmp*.
-* More hacking with getting CVSROOT right, though probably all
- pointless, since CVS should do the right thing all the time.
-* Elib is back, at least in the CVS distribution.
-* Lots of minor bug fixes, tweaks, cleanup, re-indentation, etc.
-* Some minor tweaks, fixes, re-indentation, etc., in the
- documentation.
-User-visible changes in pcl-cvs from 1.04 to 1.05:
-* Elib is no longer distributed with pcl-cvs. You must get Elib
- separately, for instance from ftp.lysator.liu.se in pub/emacs.
-* The Lucid Emacs support works again.
-* A new function, cvs-change-cvsroot, can be used to interactively
- switch between CVS repositories.
-* The mode line in the *cvs* buffer now indicates when a "cvs update"
- is running.
-* The .cvsignore file is automatically sorted alphabetically (to
- reduce the risk of conflicts when two people add different files
- simultaneously). This behaviour can be turned off with
- cvs-sort-ignore-file.
-* A trailing newline is always added in commit log messages. This
- behaviour can be turned off with
- cvs-commit-buffer-require-final-newline.
-* This version of pcl-cvs should work together with RCVS. I have not
- tested this myself, though.
-* Plus some bug fixes. (Note that the version of cookie.el that is
- distributed with pcl-cvs 1.04 contains errors that affects pcl-cvs.
- You should get Elib 0.07).
-User-visible changes in pcl-cvs from 1.03 to 1.04:
-* Support for Emerge. Hitting "e" on a file that is Modified, Merged
- or in Conflict will start Emerge, an interactive file merger written
- in Emacs Lisp. This requires Emerge version 4. Emerge is not
- included in this package. If you can't find it anywhere else, you
- can get in from ftp.lysator.liu.se in pub/emacs. This package makes
- it a lot easier to resolve conflicts.
-* Emacs will now automatically revert your buffers when the CVS
- commands pcl-cvs issues causes the file to change. This automatic
- revert never occurs if the buffer contents did not agree with the
- file prior to the command.
-* If you are running Lucid GNU Emacs, you will get some fonts and
- mouse support. This was contributed from people at Lucid.
-* The variable cvs-cvsroot can be used to select the location if the
- repository. You no longer need to exit Emacs, setenv CVSROOT, and
- start a new Emacs if you work with multiple repositories.
-* The "q" key can be used to hide the *cvs* buffer.
-* The name of the commands in the *cvs* have changed. If it was called
- cvs-foo, it will now be called cvs-mode-foo. See the ChangeLog
- entry from Tue Aug 4 03:02:25 1992 for a complete list of changes.
-* The variable cvs-cvs-diff-flags is no longer used. Instead,
- cvs-diff-flags is always used.
-* Plus a lot of bug fixes.
-User-visible changes in pcl-cvs from 1.02 to 1.03:
-* Output from CVS to stdout and stderr is separated and parsed
- independently. In that way pcl-cvs should work regardless of
- whether stdout is buffered or line-buffered. Pcl-cvs should now
- work with CVS 1.3 without modifications on hosts such as
- DECstations.
-* Pcl-cvs now fully supports RCS version 5.6 as well as 5.5.
-* New functions:
- + cvs-undo-local-changes ("U") - Undo all your modifications
- to a file and get the newest
- version from the repository.
- + cvs-update-other-window - Similar to cvs-update.
- + cvs-byte-compile-files - Byte compile the selected files.
-* cvs-update now displays the *cvs* buffer, which initially contains a
- small message ("Running `cvs update' in /foo/bar/gazonk/...") until
- the update is ready. The *cvs* buffer no longer pops up when the
- update is ready. It often failed to pop up, due to race conditions
- that are very hard to solve (and I doubt that they were at all
- solvable).
-* cvs-unmark-all-files is moved from "U" to "ESC DEL" to be
- "compatible" with dired.
-* cvs-diff ("d") and cvs-diff-backup ("b") can be configured to work
- on only the file the cursor is positioned on, and ignore any marked
- files. A prefix argument toggles this.
-* Only one `cvs update' can be run at a time. (It was previously
- possible to start more than one simultaneously, but pcl-cvs could
- not really handle more than one.)
-* Some rudimentary support for programs that CVS runs at update (due
- to the -u switch in the modules file).
-* Pcl-cvs now automatically generates a bug report if it can't parse
- the output from CVS.
-* The *cvs* buffer is read-only.
-* Pcl-cvs now creates temporary files in $TMPDIR if that environment
- variable is set (otherwise it uses /tmp).
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