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+17 July 2020. Summary of changes for version 20200717:
+This release is available at https://acpica.org/downloads
+1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:
+Do not increment OperationRegion reference counts for field units. Recent
+server firmware has revealed that this reference count can overflow on
+large servers that declare many field units (thousands) under the same
+OperationRegion. This occurs because each field unit declaration will add
+a reference count to the source OperationRegion. This release solves the
+reference count overflow for OperationRegion objects by preventing
+fieldUnits from incrementing their parent OperationRegion's reference
+Replaced one-element arrays with flexible-arrays, which were introduced
+in C99.
+Restored the readme file containing the directions for generation of
+ACPICA from source on MSVC 2017. Updated the file for MSVC 2017. File is
+located at: generate/msvc2017/readme.txt
+2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and ACPICA tools:
+iASL: Fixed a regression found in version 20200214. Prevent iASL from
+emitting an extra byte of garbage data when control methods declared a
+single parameter type without using braces. This extra byte is known to
+cause a blue screen on the Windows AML interpreter.
+iASL: Made a change to allow external declarations to specify the type of
+a named object even when some name segments are not defined.
+This change allows the following ASL code to compile (When DEV0 is not
+defined or not defined yet):
+ External (\_SB.DEV0.OBJ1, IntObj)
+ External (\_SB.DEV0, DeviceObj)
+iASL: Fixed a problem where method names in "Alias ()" statement could be
+misinterpreted. They are now interpreted correctly as method invocations.
+iASL: capture a method parameter count (Within the Method info segment,
+as well as the argument node) when using parameter type lists.
28 May 2020. Summary of changes for version 20200528: