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-RXTELNET(1) BSD General Commands Manual RXTELNET(1)
- rrxxtteellnneett -- start a telnet and forward X-connections.
- rrxxtteellnneett [--ll _u_s_e_r_n_a_m_e] [--kk] [--tt _t_e_l_n_e_t___a_r_g_s] [--xx _x_t_e_r_m___a_r_g_s] [--KK _k_x___a_r_g_s]
- [--ww _t_e_r_m___e_m_u_l_a_t_o_r] [--bb _t_e_l_n_e_t___p_r_o_g_r_a_m] [--nn] [--vv] _h_o_s_t [_p_o_r_t]
- The rrxxtteellnneett program starts an xxtteerrmm window with a telnet to host _h_o_s_t.
- From this window you will also be able to run X clients that will be able
- to connect securely to your X server. If _p_o_r_t is given, that port will be
- used instead of the default.
- If setting up the X forwarding failes, rrxxtteellnneett will still telnet in to
- the remote host, but without X forwarding.
- The supported options are:
- --ll Log in on the remote host as user _u_s_e_r_n_a_m_e.
- --kk Disables keep-alives.
- --tt Send _t_e_l_n_e_t___a_r_g_s as arguments to tteellnneett.
- --xx Send _x_t_e_r_m___a_r_g_s as arguments to xxtteerrmm.
- --XX Send _k_x___a_r_g_s as arguments to kkxx.
- --ww Use _t_e_r_m___e_m_u_l_a_t_o_r instead of xterm.
- --bb Use _t_e_l_n_e_t___p_r_o_g_r_a_m instead of telnet.
- --nn Do not start any terminal emulator.
- --vv Be verbose.
- To login from host _f_o_o (where your display is) to host _b_a_r, you might do
- the following.
- 1. On foo: rrxxtteellnneett _b_a_r
- 2. You will get a new window with a tteellnneett to _b_a_r. In this window you
- will be able to start X clients.
- kx(1), rxterm(1), telnet(1), tenletxr(1), kxd(8)
-KTH_KRB March 7, 2004 KTH_KRB