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caroot: properly remove old distrusted roots
The proper procedure was not followed in r364943; all of these that were deleted should have instead been moved over to the blacklist so that certctl can DTRT. Users must still `certctl rehash` after this, but this should generally be done by one of mergemaster/etcupdate/freebsd-update/pkgbase already; note that freebsd-update doesn't come into play for this particular update, as these have not yet made it into a release. Future work (after svn -> git) will likely change the script that updatecert invokes to facilitate the process, rather than trusting that kevans or whomever updates in the future will remember. Reported by: Helge Oldach <freebsd oldach net> MFC after: 3 days
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=365248
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