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Move 4.3 header info. Add p3 and p4.
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-Updating Information for FreeBSD STABLE users
+Updating Information for FreeBSD STABLE users, 4.4 security branch
This file is maintained and copyrighted by M. Warner Losh
<imp@village.org>. Please send new entries directly to him. See end
of file for further details. For commonly done items, please see the
-COMMON ITEMS: section later in the file.
+COMMON ITEMS: section later in the file. A reverse chronology since
+4.0 was released is included, followed by the common items quick
+how-tos, followed by entries for versions of -current prior to 4.0
-A reverse chronology since 4.0 was released is included, followed by
-the common items quick how-tos, followed by entries for versions of
--current prior to 4.0 Release.
+This is for the 4.4 release branch. All entries since 4.4 are an
+itemized list of commits to this branch, numbered from the beginning.
+By this count, we're at 4.4.0p4.
-20011221: p2
+The security advisories related to various patches contain information
+on how to build/install a minimal set of binaries and start/stop a
+minimal number of processes, if possible, for that patch. For those
+updates that don't have an advisory, or to be safe, you can do a full
+build and install as described in the COMMON ITEMS section.
+20020123: p4 FreeBSD-SA-02:08.exec
+ There's a small window in exec where one could debug a setuid
+ program and obtain elevated priviledges. This was corrected.
+20020117: p3 FreeBSD-SA-02:07.k5su
+ k5su fixes.
+20011221: p2 FreeBSD-SA-02:02
A bug was fixed wherein the pw(8) command created a short-lived
but world-readable copy of /etc/master.passwd.
-20011202: p1
+20011202: p1 FreeBSD-SA-01:63
A security hole in OpenSSH involving `UseLogin yes' has been