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Preliminary attempt to codify the changes made to RELENG_4_3 tree.
There appear to have been 9 commits to the tree after 4.3 release was finalized. In the future, I plan on committing here shortly after changes I notice and also after advisories are released. Approved in concept by: kris Slightly reviewed by: rwatson
Notes: svn path=/releng/4.3/; revision=80526
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@@ -6,6 +6,50 @@ chronology since 4.0 was released is included, followed by the common
items quick how-tos, followed by entries for versions of -current
prior to 4.0 Release.
+This is for the 4.3 release branch. All entries since 4.3 are an
+itemized list of commits to this branch, numbered from the beginning.
+By this count, we're at 4.3.0p9.
+The security advisories related to various patches contain information
+on how to build/install a minimal set of binaries and start/stop a
+minimal number of processes, if possible, for that patch. For those
+updates that don't have an advisory, or to be safe, you can do a full
+build and install as described in the COMMON ITEMS section.
+20010723: p9 FreeBSD-SA-01:49 (part 2)
+ Fix a different overflow with output_data and netflush in
+ telnetd. Make sure that you have both this update and the
+ previous one.
+20010721: p8 FreeBSD-SA-01:49 (part 1)
+ Fix buffer overflow in telnetd.
+20010719: p7
+ Add PRNG security patch from openssl to prevent guessing of
+ internal state.
+20010717: p6
+ Fix ipfw "me" definition.
+20010710: p5 FreeBSD-SA-01:42
+ Don't share signal handlers from rfork after exec.
+20010708: p4 FreeBSD-SA-01:48
+ Fix possible tcpdump buffer overflow.
+20010704: p3
+ Unbreak paranoid host checking in tcp_wrappers.
+20010601: p2 FreeBSD-SA-01:40 (part 2)
+ Fix a second instance of chdir with fts_safe_changedir().
+20010530: p1 FreeBSD-SA-01:40 (part 1)
+ Fix to stat after chdir .. in fts to make sure we wind up where
+ we think we should.
The KERNEL variable for buildkernel and installkernel has been
deprecated in favor of KERNCONF. make kernel now combines these