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Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp
10.0.0 release. MFC r356479 (by bdragon): [PowerPC] Fix libllvmminimal build when building from powerpc64 ELFv1. When bootstrapping on powerpc64 ELFv1, it is necessary to use binutils ld.bfd from ports for the bootstrap, as this is the only modern linker for ELFv1 host tools. As binutils ld.bfd is rather strict in its handling of undefined symbols, it is necessary to pull in Support/Atomic.cpp to avoid an undefined symbol. Reviewed by: dim, emaste Sponsored by: Tag1 Consulting, Inc. Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D23072 MFC r356930: Add more Subversion mergeinfo bootstrap information, to hopefully increase the probability of merging in vendor changes. MFC r358408 (by brooks): Merge commit 7214f7a79 from llvm git (by Sam Elliott): [RISCV] Lower llvm.trap and llvm.debugtrap Summary: Until this commit, these have lowered to a call to abort(). `llvm.trap()` now lowers to `unimp`, which should trap on all systems. `llvm.debugtrap()` now lowers to `ebreak`, which is exactly what this instruction is for. Reviewers: asb, luismarques Reviewed By: asb Tags: #llvm Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D69390 This fixes miscompilation resulting in linking failures with INVARIANTS disabled. Reviewed by: dim Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D23857 MFC r358851: Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp 10.0.0-rc3 c290cb61fdc. Release notes for llvm, clang, lld and libc++ 10.0.0 will become available here: https://releases.llvm.org/10.0.0/docs/ReleaseNotes.html https://releases.llvm.org/10.0.0/tools/clang/docs/ReleaseNotes.html https://releases.llvm.org/10.0.0/tools/lld/docs/ReleaseNotes.html https://releases.llvm.org/10.0.0/projects/libcxx/docs/ReleaseNotes.html PR: 244251 MFC r358854: Add one additional file to libllvmminimal, to help the ppc64 bootstrap. Reported by: bdragon PR: 244251 MFC r358857: Move another file in libllvm from sources required for world, to sources required for bootstrap, as the PowerPC builds need this. Reported by: bdragon PR: 244251 MFC r358907: Allow -DNO_CLEAN build across r358851. The openmp 10.0.0 import renamed one .c file to .cpp, and this is something our dependency system does not handle correctly. Add another ad-hoc cleanup to get rid of the stale dependency. PR: 244251 MFC r358909 (by emaste): Extend r358907 to explicitly remove stale lib32 dependency After r325072 stale lib32 dependencies were not remooved. A more holistic approach is needed to address this but for the immediate issue (-DNO_CLEAN builds across r358851) just readd the explicit lib32 path. Reported by: dim Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation MFC r358910 (by emaste): Makefile.inc1: move dependency hack comment to the block it applies to MFC r359035 (by emaste): Makefile.inc1: add a note when deleting stale dependencies We have ad-hoc stale dependency handling in Makefile.inc1 to handle the cases where file extensions change, but it appears that some cases are not functional. Add a note when about to clean stale deps to help when investigating failure reports. Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation MFC r359082: Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp llvmorg-10.0.0-rc4-5-g52c365aa9ca. The actual release should follow Real Soon Now. PR: 244251 MFC after: 6 weeks MFC r359083 (by emaste): invoke _cleanobj_fast_depend_hack unconditionally Apparently make ${CLEANDIR} is leaving stale entries in .depend files; for now invoke the hacky cleanup in both the -DNO_CLEAN and normal (no -DNO_CLEAN) cases. In collaboration with: dim Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation MFC r359084: Merge commit 00925aadb from llvm git (by Fangrui Song): [ELF][PPC32] Fix canonical PLTs when the order does not match the PLT order Reviewed By: Bdragon28 Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D75394 This is needed to fix miscompiled canonical PLTs on ppc32/lld10. Requested by: bdragon Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24109 MFC r359085: Merge commit 315f8a55f from llvm git (by Fangrui Song): [ELF][PPC32] Don't report "relocation refers to a discarded section" for .got2 Similar to D63182 [ELF][PPC64] Don't report "relocation refers to a discarded section" for .toc Reviewed By: Bdragon28 Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D75419 This is needed to fix compile errors when building for ppc32/lld10. Requested by: bdragon Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24110 MFC r359086: Merge commit b8ebc11f0 from llvm git (by Sanjay Patel): [EarlyCSE] avoid crashing when detecting min/max/abs patterns (PR41083) As discussed in PR41083: https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41083 ...we can assert/crash in EarlyCSE using the current hashing scheme and instructions with flags. ValueTracking's matchSelectPattern() may rely on overflow (nsw, etc) or other flags when detecting patterns such as min/max/abs composed of compare+select. But the value numbering / hashing mechanism used by EarlyCSE intersects those flags to allow more CSE. Several alternatives to solve this are discussed in the bug report. This patch avoids the issue by doing simple matching of min/max/abs patterns that never requires instruction flags. We give up some CSE power because of that, but that is not expected to result in much actual performance difference because InstCombine will canonicalize these patterns when possible. It even has this comment for abs/nabs: /// Canonicalize all these variants to 1 pattern. /// This makes CSE more likely. (And this patch adds PhaseOrdering tests to verify that the expected transforms are still happening in the standard optimization pipelines. I left this code to use ValueTracking's "flavor" enum values, so we don't have to change the callers' code. If we decide to go back to using the ValueTracking call (by changing the hashing algorithm instead), it should be obvious how to replace this chunk. Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D74285 This fixes an assertion when building the math/gsl port on PowerPC64. Requested by: pkubja MFC r359087: Merge commit 585a3cc31 from llvm git (by me): Fix -Wdeprecated-copy-dtor and -Wdeprecated-dynamic-exception-spec warnings. Summary: The former are like: libcxx/include/typeinfo:322:11: warning: definition of implicit copy constructor for 'bad_cast' is deprecated because it has a user-declared destructor [-Wdeprecated-copy-dtor] virtual ~bad_cast() _NOEXCEPT; ^ libcxx/include/typeinfo:344:11: note: in implicit copy constructor for 'std::bad_cast' first required here throw bad_cast(); ^ Fix these by adding an explicitly defaulted copy constructor. The latter are like: libcxx/include/codecvt:105:37: warning: dynamic exception specifications are deprecated [-Wdeprecated-dynamic-exception-spec] virtual int do_encoding() const throw(); ^~~~~~~ Fix these by using the _NOEXCEPT macro instead. Reviewers: EricWF, mclow.lists, ldionne, #libc Reviewed By: EricWF, #libc Subscribers: dexonsmith, libcxx-commits Tags: #libc Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D76150 This is because we use -Wsystem-headers during buildworld, and the two warnings above are now triggered by default with clang 10, preventing most C++ code from compiling without NO_WERROR. Requested by: brooks Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24049 MFC r359089 (by emaste): Revert r359083, fixed properly by r359088 r359083 introduced a workaround for stale libomp dependencies during a regular (no -DNO_CLEAN) buildworld. r359088 addressed the reason the clean step missed libomp, so revert the workaround. Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation MFC r359333: Merge commit f0990e104 from llvm git (by Justin Hibbits): [PowerPC]: e500 target can't use lwsync, use msync instead The e500 core has a silicon bug that triggers an illegal instruction program trap on any sync other than msync. Other cores will typically ignore illegal sync types, and the documentation even implies that the 'illegal' bits are ignored. Address this hardware deficiency by only using msync, like the PPC440. Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D76614 Requested by: jhibbits MFC r359334: Merge commit 459e8e948 from llvm git (by Justin Hibbits): [PowerPC]: Don't allow r0 as a target for LD_GOT_TPREL_L/32 Summary: The linker is free to relax this (relocation R_PPC_GOT_TPREL16) against R_PPC_TLS, if it sees fit (initial exec to local exec). If r0 is used, this can generate execution-invalid code (converts to 'addi %rX, %r0, FOO, which translates in PPC-lingo to li %rX, FOO). Forbid this instead. This fixes static binaries using locales on FreeBSD/powerpc (tested on FreeBSD/powerpcspe). Reviewed By: nemanjai Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D76662 Requested by: jhibbits MFC r359338: Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp llvmorg-10.0.0-0-gd32170dbd5b (aka 10.0.0 release). PR: 244251 MFC r359506 (by emaste): lldb: stop excluding bindings/ subdir With liblua in the tree we should be able to enable lldb's lua scripting. We'll need the files in bindings/, so start by allowing them to come in with the next import. Approved by: dim Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation MFC r359578: Merge once more from ^/vendor/llvm-project/release-10.x, to get the lldb/bindings directory, which will be used to provide lua bindings for lldb. Requested by: emaste MFC r359826: Merge commit 30588a739 from llvm git (by Erich Keane): Make target features check work with ctor and dtor- The problem was reported in PR45468, applying target features to an always_inline constructor/destructor runs afoul of GlobalDecl construction assert when checking for target-feature compatibility. The core problem is fixed by using the version of the check that takes a FunctionDecl rather than the GlobalDecl. However, while writing the test, I discovered that source locations weren't properly set for this check on ctors/dtors. This patch also fixes constructors and CALLED destructors. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem too possible to get a meaningful source location for a 'cleanup' destructor, so those are still 'frontend' level errors unfortunately. A fixme was added to the test to cover that situation. This should fix 'Assertion failed: (!isa<CXXConstructorDecl>(D) && "Use other ctor with ctor decls!"), function Init, file /usr/src/contrib/llvm-project/clang/include/clang/AST/GlobalDecl.h, line 45' when compiling the security/botan2 port. PR: 245550 MFC r359981: Revert commit a9ad65a2b from llvm git (by Nemanja Ivanovic): [PowerPC] Change default for unaligned FP access for older subtargets This is a fix for https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40554 Some CPU's trap to the kernel on unaligned floating point access and there are kernels that do not handle the interrupt. The program then fails with a SIGBUS according to the PR. This just switches the default for unaligned access to only allow it on recent server CPUs that are known to allow this. Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D71954 This upstream commit causes a compiler hang when building certain ports (e.g. security/nss, multimedia/x264) for powerpc64. The hang has been reported in https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45186, but in the mean time it is more convenient to revert the commit. Requested by: jhibbits MFC r359994: Revert commit b6cf400aa fro llvm git (by Nemanja Ivanovic): Fix bots after a9ad65a2b34f In the last commit, I neglected to initialize the new subtarget feature I added which caused failures on a few bots. This should fix that. This unbreaks the build after r359981, which reverted upstream commit a9ad65a2b34f. Reported by: jhibbits (and jenkins :) MFC r360129: Merge commit ce5173c0e from llvm git (by Reid Kleckner): Use FinishThunk to finish musttail thunks FinishThunk, and the invariant of setting and then unsetting CurCodeDecl, was added in 7f416cc42638 (2015). The invariant didn't exist when I added this musttail codepath in ab2090d10765 (2014). Recently in 28328c3771, I started using this codepath on non-Windows platforms, and users reported problems during release testing (PR44987). The issue was already present for users of EH on i686-windows-msvc, so I added a test for that case as well. Reviewed By: hans Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D76444 This should fix 'Assertion failed: (!empty() && "popping exception stack when not empty"), function popTerminate, file /usr/src/contrib/llvm-project/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGCleanup.h, line 583' when building the net-p2p/libtorrent-rasterbar PR: 244830 Reported by: jbeich, yuri MFC r360134: Merge commit 64b31d96d from llvm git (by Nemanja Ivanovic): [PowerPC] Do not attempt to reuse load for 64-bit FP_TO_UINT without FPCVT We call the function that attempts to reuse the conversion without checking whether the target matches the constraints that the callee expects. This patch adds the check prior to the call. Fixes: https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43976 Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D77564 This should fix 'Assertion failed: ((Op.getOpcode() == ISD::FP_TO_SINT || Subtarget.hasFPCVT()) && "i64 FP_TO_UINT is supported only with FPCVT"), function LowerFP_TO_INTForReuse, file /usr/src/contrib/llvm/lib/Target/PowerPC/PPCISelLowering.cpp, line 7276' when building the devel/libslang2 port (and a few others) for PowerPC64. Requested by: pkubaj MFC r360350: Tentatively apply https://reviews.llvm.org/D78877 (by Dave Green): [ARM] Only produce qadd8b under hasV6Ops When compiling for a arm5te cpu from clang, the +dsp attribute is set. This meant we could try and generate qadd8 instructions where we would end up having no pattern. I've changed the condition here to be hasV6Ops && hasDSP, which is what other parts of ARMISelLowering seem to use for similar instructions. Fixed PR45677. This fixes "fatal error: error in backend: Cannot select: t37: i32 = ARMISD::QADD8b t43, t44" when compiling sys/dev/sound/pcm/feeder_mixer.c for armv5. For some reason we do not encounter this on head, but this error popped up while building universes for stable/12.
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from older version of current across the gcc/clang cutover is a bit fragile.
+ Clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind and openmp have
+ been upgraded to 10.0.0. Please see the 20141231 entry below for
+ information about prerequisites and upgrading, if you are not already
+ using clang 3.5.0 or higher.
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