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+Readme for the OCTEON Executive Library
+The OCTEON Executive Library provides runtime support and hardware
+abstraction for the OCTEON processor. The executive is composed of the
+libcvmx.a library as well as header files that provide
+functionality with inline functions.
+The libcvmx.a library is built for every application as part of the
+application build. (Please refer to the 'related pages' section of the
+HTML documentation for more information on the build system.)
+Applications using the executive should include the header files from
+$OCTEON_ROOT/target/include and link against the library that is built in
+the local obj directory. Each file using the executive
+should include the following two header files in order:
+#include "cvmx-config.h"
+#include "cvmx.h"
+The cvmx-config.h file contains configuration information for the
+executive and is generated by the cvmx-config script from an
+'executive-config.h' file. A sample version of this file is provided
+in the executive directory as 'executive-config.h.template'.
+Copy this file to 'executive-config.h' into the 'config' subdirectory
+of the application directory and customize as required by the application.
+Applications that don't use any simple executive functionality can omit
+the cvmx-config.h header file. Please refer to the examples for a
+demonstration of where to put the executive-config.h file and for an
+example of generated cvmx-config.h.
+For file specific information please see the documentation within the
+source files or the HTML documentation provided in docs/html/index.html.
+The HTML documentation is automatically generated by Doxygen from the
+source files.
+Please see the release notes for version specific information.