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Makefile: add a small blurb about building with gcc xtoolchain
The key details are to install the appropriate flavor of devel/freebsd-gcc9 and pass CROSS_TOOLCHAIN while building. Suggested by: kib
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# 10. `reboot'
# 11. `make delete-old-libs' (in case no 3rd party program uses them anymore)
+# For individuals wanting to build from source with GCC from ports, first build
+# or install an appropriate flavor of devel/freebsd-gcc9. The packages produced
+# by this port are named "${TARGET_ARCH}-gcc9" -- note that not all
+# architectures supported by FreeBSD have an external gcc toolchain available.
+# Once the appropriate freebsd-gcc package is installed, simply pass
+# CROSS_TOOLCHAIN=${TARGET_ARCH}-gcc9 while building with the above steps,
+# e.g., `make buildworld CROSS_TOOLCHAIN=amd64-gcc9`.
# See src/UPDATING `COMMON ITEMS' for more complete information.
# If TARGET=machine (e.g. powerpc, arm64, ...) is specified you can