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authorJung-uk Kim <jkim@FreeBSD.org>2012-06-27 16:44:58 +0000
committerJung-uk Kim <jkim@FreeBSD.org>2012-06-27 16:44:58 +0000
commit2b8b5455829304396e38200c205612c4dc57c052 (patch)
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parentfd3744ddb062b70bb370acec340acbac23f0bd98 (diff)
Import OpenSSL 0.9.8x.vendor/openssl/0.9.8x
Notes: svn path=/vendor-crypto/openssl/dist/; revision=237653 svn path=/vendor-crypto/openssl/0.9.8x/; revision=237654; tag=vendor/openssl/0.9.8x
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1 files changed, 30 insertions, 18 deletions
diff --git a/FREEBSD-upgrade b/FREEBSD-upgrade
index 0be4e3f62460..bce7ac58c65e 100644
--- a/FREEBSD-upgrade
+++ b/FREEBSD-upgrade
@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ First, read http://wiki.freebsd.org/SubversionPrimer/VendorImports
# Xlist
setenv XLIST /FreeBSD/work/openssl/svn-FREEBSD-files/FREEBSD-Xlist
setenv FSVN "svn+ssh://svn.freebsd.org/base"
-setenv OSSLVER 0.9.8k
-# OSSLTAG format: v0_9_8k
+setenv OSSLVER 0.9.8x
+# OSSLTAG format: v0_9_8x
###setenv OSSLTAG v`echo ${OSSLVER} | tr . _`
@@ -25,13 +25,12 @@ svn co $FSVN/vendor-crypto/openssl/dist dist
tar -x -X $XLIST -f openssl-${OSSLVER}.tar.gz
cd dist
-svn list -R | grep -v '/$' | sort >../old
+svn list -R | egrep -v -e '/$' -e '^FREEBSD-(Xlist|upgrade)$' | sort >../old
cd ../openssl-${OSSLVER}
find . -type f -or -type l | cut -c 3- | sort >../new
cd ..
# See that files to remove makes sense
-# FREEBSD-Xlist FREEBSD-upgrade will show up - ignore that.
comm -23 old new
# See that files to add makes sense
comm -13 old new
@@ -41,30 +40,43 @@ cd dist
comm -23 ../old ../new | xargs svn rm
comm -13 ../old ../new | xargs svn --parents add
+svn stat
svn ci
-echo svn cp $FSVN/vendor-crypto/openssl/dist $FSVN/vendor-crypto/openssl/$OSSLVER
+svn cp $FSVN/vendor-crypto/openssl/dist $FSVN/vendor-crypto/openssl/$OSSLVER
-# XXX, below this point it's very WIP.
+# Merge to head
+mkdir ../head
+cd ../head
+svn co $FSVN/head/crypto/openssl crypto/openssl
+svn merge $FSVN/vendor-crypto/openssl/dist crypto/openssl
# Resolve conflicts manually
-cd src/crypto/openssl
-cvs ci -m "Resolve conflicts after import of OpenSSL ${OSSLVER}."
-cd ../../secure
-# Do something so it actually compiles...
-# Update version number in lib/libcrypto/Makefile.inc
-cd lib/libcrypto
+svn co $FSVN/head/secure/lib/libcrypto secure/lib/libcrypto
+svn co $FSVN/head/secure/lib/libssl secure/lib/libssl
+svn co $FSVN/head/secure/usr.bin/openssl secure/usr.bin/openssl
+cd secure/lib/libcrypto
+# Update version number and release date in Makefile.inc
+# Update all opensslconf-${MACHINE_CPUARCH}.h
+# Regen assembly files if necessary
+make -f Makefile.asm all
+make -f Makefile.asm clean
+# Regen manual pages
make man-makefile-update && make man-update
cd ../libssl
make man-makefile-update && make man-update
cd ../../usr.bin/openssl
make man-makefile-update && make man-update
-cd ../..
-cvs add lib/libcrypto/man/*.3 lib/libssl/man/*.3 usr.bin/openssl/man/*.1
-cvs update
-# check for files not added
-cvs ci -m "Upgrade to OpenSSL ${OSSLVER}."
+cd ../../..
+# Commit!
+svn ci crypto/openssl secure/lib/libcrypto secure/lib/libssl secure/usr.bin/openssl
- -- simon@
+ -- simon@, jkim@