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Vendor import of bwk's 1-May-2011 release.vendor/one-true-awk/20110501
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This file lists all bug fixes, changes, etc., made since the AWK book
was sent to the printers in August, 1987.
+May 1, 2011:
+ after advice from todd miller, kevin lo, ruslan ermilov,
+ and arnold robbins, changed srand() to return the previous
+ seed (which is 1 on the first call of srand). the seed is
+ an Awkfloat internally though converted to unsigned int to
+ pass to the library srand(). thanks, everyone.
+ fixed a subtle (and i hope low-probability) overflow error
+ in fldbld, by adding space for one extra \0. thanks to
+ robert bassett for spotting this one and providing a fix.
+ removed the files related to compilation on windows. i no
+ longer have anything like a current windows environment, so
+ i can't test any of it.
+May 23, 2010:
+ fixed long-standing overflow bug in run.c; many thanks to
+ nelson beebe for spotting it and providing the fix.
+ fixed bug that didn't parse -vd=1 properly; thanks to santiago
+ vila for spotting it.
+Feb 8, 2010:
+ i give up. replaced isblank with isspace in b.c; there are
+ no consistent header files.
Nov 26, 2009:
fixed a long-standing issue with when FS takes effect. a
change to FS is now noticed immediately for subsequent splits.