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Vendor import of bwk's 26-Nov-2009 release.vendor/one-true-awk/20091126
Notes: svn path=/vendor/one-true-awk/dist/; revision=201945 svn path=/vendor/one-true-awk/20091126/; revision=201946; tag=vendor/one-true-awk/20091126
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This file lists all bug fixes, changes, etc., made since the AWK book
was sent to the printers in August, 1987.
+Nov 26, 2009:
+ fixed a long-standing issue with when FS takes effect. a
+ change to FS is now noticed immediately for subsequent splits.
+ changed the name getline() to awkgetline() to avoid yet another
+ name conflict somewhere.
+Feb 11, 2009:
+ temporarily for now defined HAS_ISBLANK, since that seems to
+ be the best way through the thicket. isblank arrived in C99,
+ but seems to be arriving at different systems at different
+ times.
+Oct 8, 2008:
+ fixed typo in b.c that set tmpvec wrongly. no one had ever
+ run into the problem, apparently. thanks to alistair crooks.
Oct 23, 2007:
minor fix in lib.c: increase inputFS to 100, change malloc
for fields to n+1.