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committerDimitry Andric <dim@FreeBSD.org>2018-07-28 11:08:33 +0000
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Vendor import of lld trunk r338150:vendor/lld/lld-trunk-r338150
Notes: svn path=/vendor/lld/dist/; revision=336821 svn path=/vendor/lld/lld-trunk-r338150/; revision=336822; tag=vendor/lld/lld-trunk-r338150
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diff --git a/COFF/Options.td b/COFF/Options.td
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--- a/COFF/Options.td
+++ b/COFF/Options.td
@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ def align : P<"align", "Section alignment">;
def aligncomm : P<"aligncomm", "Set common symbol alignment">;
def alternatename : P<"alternatename", "Define weak alias">;
def base : P<"base", "Base address of the program">;
+def color_diagnostics: Flag<["--"], "color-diagnostics">,
+ HelpText<"Use colors in diagnostics">;
+def color_diagnostics_eq: Joined<["--"], "color-diagnostics=">,
+ HelpText<"Use colors in diagnostics; one of 'always', 'never', 'auto'">;
def defaultlib : P<"defaultlib", "Add the library to the list of input files">;
def delayload : P<"delayload", "Delay loaded DLL name">;
def entry : P<"entry", "Name of entry point symbol">;
@@ -28,9 +32,12 @@ def errorlimit : P<"errorlimit",
def export : P<"export", "Export a function">;
// No help text because /failifmismatch is not intended to be used by the user.
def failifmismatch : P<"failifmismatch", "">;
+def guard : P<"guard", "Control flow guard">;
def heap : P<"heap", "Size of the heap">;
def ignore : P<"ignore", "Specify warning codes to ignore">;
def implib : P<"implib", "Import library name">;
+def lib : F<"lib">,
+ HelpText<"Act like lib.exe; must be first argument if present">;
def libpath : P<"libpath", "Additional library search path">;
def linkrepro : P<"linkrepro", "Dump linker invocation and input files for debugging">;
def lldltocache : P<"lldltocache", "Path to ThinLTO cached object file directory">;
@@ -42,12 +49,18 @@ def merge : P<"merge", "Combine sections">;
def mllvm : P<"mllvm", "Options to pass to LLVM">;
def nodefaultlib : P<"nodefaultlib", "Remove a default library">;
def opt : P<"opt", "Control optimizations">;
+def order : P<"order", "Put functions in order">;
def out : P<"out", "Path to file to write output">;
+def natvis : P<"natvis", "Path to natvis file to embed in the PDB">;
+def no_color_diagnostics: F<"no-color-diagnostics">,
+ HelpText<"Do not use colors in diagnostics">;
def pdb : P<"pdb", "PDB file path">;
+def pdbaltpath : P<"pdbaltpath", "PDB file path to embed in the image">;
def section : P<"section", "Specify section attributes">;
def stack : P<"stack", "Size of the stack">;
def stub : P<"stub", "Specify DOS stub file">;
def subsystem : P<"subsystem", "Specify subsystem">;
+def timestamp : P<"timestamp", "Specify the PE header timestamp">;
def version : P<"version", "Specify a version number in the PE header">;
def wholearchive_file : P<"wholearchive", "Include all object files from this archive">;
@@ -72,12 +85,14 @@ def deffile : Joined<["/", "-"], "def:">,
HelpText<"Use module-definition file">;
def debug : F<"debug">, HelpText<"Embed a symbol table in the image">;
+def debug_full : F<"debug:full">, Alias<debug>;
def debugtype : P<"debugtype", "Debug Info Options">;
def dll : F<"dll">, HelpText<"Create a DLL">;
def driver : P<"driver", "Generate a Windows NT Kernel Mode Driver">;
def nodefaultlib_all : F<"nodefaultlib">;
def noentry : F<"noentry">;
def profile : F<"profile">;
+def repro : F<"Brepro">, HelpText<"Use a hash of the executable as the PE header timestamp">;
def swaprun_cd : F<"swaprun:cd">;
def swaprun_net : F<"swaprun:net">;
def verbose : F<"verbose">;
@@ -102,6 +117,12 @@ defm fixed : B<"fixed", "Disable base relocations",
defm highentropyva : B<"highentropyva",
"Enable 64-bit ASLR (default on 64-bit)",
"Disable 64-bit ASLR">;
+defm incremental : B<"incremental",
+ "Keep original import library if contents are unchanged",
+ "Overwrite import library even if contents are unchanged">;
+defm integritycheck : B<"integritycheck",
+ "Set FORCE_INTEGRITY bit in PE header",
+ "No effect (default)">;
defm largeaddressaware : B<"largeaddressaware",
"Enable large addresses (default on 64-bit)",
"Disable large addresses (default on 32-bit)">;
@@ -120,10 +141,14 @@ def help_q : Flag<["/?", "-?"], "">, Alias<help>;
// LLD extensions
def debug_ghash : F<"debug:ghash">;
def debug_dwarf : F<"debug:dwarf">;
+def debug_symtab : F<"debug:symtab">;
def export_all_symbols : F<"export-all-symbols">;
+def kill_at : F<"kill-at">;
def lldmingw : F<"lldmingw">;
def msvclto : F<"msvclto">;
def output_def : Joined<["/", "-"], "output-def:">;
+def pdb_source_path : P<"pdbsourcepath",
+ "Base path used to make relative source file path absolute in PDB">;
def rsp_quoting : Joined<["--"], "rsp-quoting=">,
HelpText<"Quoting style for response files, 'windows' (default) or 'posix'">;
def dash_dash_version : Flag<["--"], "version">,
@@ -132,6 +157,7 @@ def dash_dash_version : Flag<["--"], "version">,
// Flags for debugging
def lldmap : F<"lldmap">;
def lldmap_file : Joined<["/", "-"], "lldmap:">;
+def show_timing : F<"time">;
// The flags below do nothing. They are defined only for link.exe compatibility.
@@ -146,8 +172,6 @@ multiclass QB<string name> {
def functionpadmin : F<"functionpadmin">;
def ignoreidl : F<"ignoreidl">;
-def incremental : F<"incremental">;
-def no_incremental : F<"incremental:no">;
def nologo : F<"nologo">;
def throwingnew : F<"throwingnew">;
def editandcontinue : F<"editandcontinue">;
@@ -157,8 +181,6 @@ def delay : QF<"delay">;
def errorreport : QF<"errorreport">;
def idlout : QF<"idlout">;
def maxilksize : QF<"maxilksize">;
-def natvis : QF<"natvis">;
-def pdbaltpath : QF<"pdbaltpath">;
def tlbid : QF<"tlbid">;
def tlbout : QF<"tlbout">;
def verbose_all : QF<"verbose">;