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+Thursday February 19, 2013 guy@alum.mit.edu.
+ Summary for 4.4.0 tcpdump release
+ RPKI-RTR (RFC6810) is now official (TCP Port 323)
+ Fix detection of OpenSSL libcrypto.
+ Add DNSSL (RFC6106) support.
+ Add "radius" as an option for -T.
+ Update Action codes for handle_action function according to
+ 802.11s amendment.
+ Decode DHCPv6 AFTR-Name option (RFC6334).
+ Updates for Babel.
+ Fix printing of infinite lifetime in ICMPv6.
+ Added support for SPB, SPBM Service Identifier, and Unicast
+ Address sub-TLV in ISIS.
+ Decode RIPv2 authentication up to RFC4822.
+ Fix RIP Request/full table decoding issues.
+ On Linux systems with cap-ng.h, drop root privileges
+ using Linux Capabilities.
+ Add support for reading multiple files.
+Wednesday November 28, 2012 guy@alum.mit.edu.
+ Summary for 4.3.1 tcpdump release
+ Print "LLDP, length N" for LLDP packets even when not in verbose
+ mode, so something is printed even if only the timestamp is
+ present
+ Document "-T carp"
+ Print NTP poll interval correctly (it's an exponent, so print
+ both its raw value and 2^value)
+ Document that "-e" is used to get MAC addresses
+ More clearly document that you need to escape or quote
+ backslashes in filter expressions on the command line
+ Fix some "the the" in the man page
+ Use the right maximum path length
+ Don't treat 192_1_2, when passed to -i, as an interface number
Friday April 3, 2011. mcr@sandelman.ca.
Summary for 4.3.0 tcpdump release
fixes for forces: SPARSE data (per RFC 5810)