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+Wednesday January 18, 2017 devel.fx.lebail@orange.fr
+ Summary for 4.9.0 tcpdump release
+ General updates:
+ Improve separation frontend/backend (tcpdump/libnetdissect)
+ Don't require IPv6 library support in order to support IPv6 addresses
+ Introduce data types to use for integral values in packet structures
+ Fix display of timestamps with -tt, -ttt and -ttttt options
+ Fix some heap overflows found with American Fuzzy Lop by Hanno Boeck and others
+ (More information in the log with CVE-2016-* and CVE-2017-*)
+ Change the way protocols print link-layer addresses (Fix heap overflows
+ in CALM-FAST and GeoNetworking printers)
+ Pass correct caplen value to ether_print() and some other functions
+ Fix lookup_nsap() to match what isonsap_string() expects
+ Clean up relative time stamp printing (Fix an array overflow)
+ Fix some alignment issues with GCC on Solaris 10 SPARC
+ Add some ND_TTEST_/ND_TCHECK_ macros to simplify writing bounds checks
+ Add a fn_printztn() which returns the number of bytes processed
+ Add nd_init() and nd_cleanup() functions. Improve libsmi support
+ Add a summary comment in all printers
+ Compile with more warning options in devel mode if supported (-Wcast-qual, ...)
+ Fix some leaks found by Valgrind/Memcheck
+ Fix a bunch of de-constifications
+ Squelch some Coverity warnings and some compiler warnings
+ Update Coverity and Travis-CI setup
+ Update Visual Studio files
+ Frontend:
+ Fix capsicum support to work with zerocopy buffers in bpf
+ Try opening interfaces by name first, then by name-as-index
+ Work around pcap_create() failures fetching time stamp type lists
+ Fix a segmentation fault with 'tcpdump -J'
+ Improve addrtostr6() bounds checking
+ Add exit_tcpdump() function
+ Don't drop CAP_SYS_CHROOT before chrooting
+ Fixes issue where statistics not reported when -G and -W options used
+ New printers supporting:
+ Generic Protocol Extension for VXLAN (VXLAN-GPE)
+ Home Networking Control Protocol (HNCP), RFCs 7787 and 7788
+ Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP), type 3 and type 4 packets
+ Marvell Extended Distributed Switch Architecture header (MEDSA)
+ Network Service Header (NSH)
+ REdis Serialization Protocol (RESP)
+ Updated printers:
+ 802.11: Beginnings of 11ac radiotap support
+ 802.11: Check the Protected bit for management frames
+ 802.11: Do bounds checking on last_presentp before dereferencing it (Fix a heap overflow)
+ 802.11: Fix the radiotap printer to handle the special bits correctly
+ 802.11: If we have the MCS field, it's 11n
+ 802.11: Only print unknown frame type or subtype messages once
+ 802.11: Radiotap dBm values get printed as dB; Update a test output accordingly
+ 802.11: Source and destination addresses were backwards
+ AH: Add a bounds check
+ AH: Report to our caller that dissection failed if a bounds check fails
+ AP1394: Print src > dst, not dst > src
+ ARP: Don't assume the target hardware address is <= 6 octets long (Fix a heap overflow)
+ ATALK: Add bounds and length checks (Fix heap overflows)
+ ATM: Add some bounds checks (Fix a heap overflow)
+ ATM: Fix an incorrect bounds check
+ BFD: Update specification from draft to RFC 5880
+ BFD: Update to print optional authentication field
+ BGP: Add decoding of ADD-PATH capability
+ BGP: Add support for the AIGP attribute (RFC7311)
+ BGP: Print LARGE_COMMUNITY Path Attribute
+ BGP: Update BGP numbers from IANA; Print minor values for FSM notification
+ BOOTP: Add a bounds check
+ Babel: Add decoder for source-specific extension
+ CDP: Filter out non-printable characters
+ CFM: Fixes to match the IEEE standard, additional bounds and length checks
+ CSLIP: Add more bounds checks (Fix a heap overflow)
+ ClassicalIPoATM: Add a bounds check on LLC+SNAP header (Fix a heap overflow)
+ DHCP: Fix MUDURL and TZ options
+ DHCPv6: Process MUDURL and TZ options
+ DHCPv6: Update Status Codes with RFCs/IANA names
+ DNS: Represent the "DNSSEC OK" bit as "DO" instead of "OK". Add a test case
+ DTP: Improve packet integrity checks
+ EGP: Fix bounds checks
+ ESP: Don't use OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms() in OpenSSL 1.1.0 or later
+ ESP: Handle OpenSSL 1.1.x
+ Ethernet: Add some bounds checking before calling isoclns_print (Fix a heap overflow)
+ Ethernet: Print the Length/Type field as length when needed
+ FDDI: Fix -e output for FDDI
+ FR: Add some packet-length checks and improve Q.933 printing (Fix heap overflows)
+ GRE: Add some bounds checks (Fix heap overflows)
+ Geneve: Fix error message with invalid option length; Update list option classes
+ HNCP: Fix incorrect time interval format. Fix handling of IPv4 prefixes
+ ICMP6: Fetch a 32-bit big-endian quantity with EXTRACT_32BITS()
+ ICMP6: dagid is always an IPv6 address, not an opaque 128-bit string
+ IGMP: Add a length check
+ IP: Add a bounds check (Fix a heap overflow)
+ IP: Check before fetching the protocol version (Fix a heap overflow)
+ IP: Don't try to dissect if IP version != 4 (Fix a heap overflow)
+ IP: Stop processing IPPROTO_ values once we hit IPPROTO_IPCOMP
+ IPComp: Check whether we have the CPI before we fetch it (Fix a heap overflow)
+ IPoFC: Fix -e output (IP-over-Fibre Channel)
+ IPv6: Don't overwrite the destination IPv6 address for routing headers
+ IPv6: Fix header printing
+ IPv6: Stop processing IPPROTO_ values once we hit IPPROTO_IPCOMP
+ ISAKMP: Clean up parsing of IKEv2 Security Associations
+ ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Add support for Purge Originator Identifier (RFC6232) and test cases
+ ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Don't overwrite packet data when checking the signature
+ ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Filter out non-printable characters
+ ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Fix segmentation faults
+ ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Have signature_verify() do the copying and clearing
+ ISOCLNS: Add some bounds checks
+ Juniper: Make sure a Juniper header TLV isn't bigger than what's left in the packet (Fix a heap overflow)
+ LLC/SNAP: With -e, print the LLC header before the SNAP header; without it, cut the SNAP header
+ LLC: Add a bounds check (Fix a heap overflow)
+ LLC: Clean up printing of LLC packets
+ LLC: Fix the printing of RFC 948-style IP packets
+ LLC: Skip the LLC and SNAP headers with -x for 802.11 and some other protocols
+ LLDP: Implement IANA OUI and LLDP MUD option
+ MPLS LSP ping: Update printing for RFC 4379, bug fixes, more bounds checks
+ MPLS: "length" is now the *remaining* packet length
+ MPLS: Add bounds and length checks (Fix a heap overflow)
+ NFS: Add a test that makes unaligned accesses
+ NFS: Don't assume the ONC RPC header is nicely aligned
+ NFS: Don't overflow the Opaque_Handle buffer (Fix a segmentation fault)
+ NFS: Don't run past the end of an NFSv3 file handle
+ OLSR: Add a test to cover a HNA sgw case
+ OLSR: Fix 'Advertised networks' count
+ OLSR: Fix printing of smart-gateway HNAs in IPv4
+ OSPF: Add a bounds check for the Hello packet options
+ OSPF: Do more bounds checking
+ OSPF: Fix a segmentation fault
+ OSPF: Fix printing 'ospf_topology_values' default
+ OTV: Add missing bounds checks
+ PGM: Print the formatted IP address, not the raw binary address, as a string
+ PIM: Add some bounds checking (Fix a heap overflow)
+ PIMv2: Fix checksumming of Register messages
+ PPI: Pass an adjusted struct pcap_pkthdr to the sub-printer
+ PPP: Add some bounds checks (Fix a heap overflow)
+ PPP: Report invalid PAP AACK/ANAK packets
+ Q.933: Add a missing bounds check
+ RADIUS: Add Value 13 "VLAN" to Tunnel-Type attribute
+ RADIUS: Filter out non-printable characters
+ RADIUS: Translate UDP/1700 as RADIUS
+ RESP: Do better checking of RESP packets
+ RPKI-RTR: Add a return value check for "fn_printn" call
+ RPKI-RTR: Remove printing when truncated condition already detected
+ RPL: Fix 'Consistency Check' control code
+ RPL: Fix suboption print
+ RSVP: An INTEGRITY object in a submessage covers only the submessage
+ RSVP: Fix an infinite loop; Add bounds and length checks
+ RSVP: Fix some if statements missing brackets
+ RSVP: Have signature_verify() do the copying and clearing
+ RTCP: Add some bounds checks
+ RTP: Add some bounds checks, fix two segmentation faults
+ SCTP: Do more bounds checking
+ SFLOW: Fix bounds checking
+ SLOW: Fix bugs, add checks
+ SMB: Before fetching the flags2 field, make sure we have it
+ SMB: Do bounds checks on NBNS resource types and resource data lengths
+ SNMP: Clean up the "have libsmi but no modules loaded" case
+ SNMP: Clean up the object abbreviation list and fix the code to match them
+ SNMP: Do bounds checks when printing character and octet strings
+ SNMP: Improve ASN.1 bounds checks
+ SNMP: More bounds and length checks
+ STP: Add a bunch of bounds checks, and fix some printing (Fix heap overflows)
+ STP: Filter out non-printable characters
+ TCP: Add bounds and length checks for packets with TCP option 20
+ TCP: Correct TCP option Kind value for TCP Auth and add SCPS-TP
+ TCP: Fix two bounds checks (Fix heap overflows)
+ TCP: Make sure we have the data offset field before fetching it (Fix a heap overflow)
+ TCP: Put TCP-AO option decoding right
+ TFTP: Don't use strchr() to scan packet data (Fix a heap overflow)
+ Telnet: Add some bounds checks
+ TokenRing: Fix -e output
+ UDLD: Fix an infinite loop
+ UDP: Add a bounds check (Fix a heap overflow)
+ UDP: Check against the packet length first
+ UDP: Don't do the DDP-over-UDP heuristic check up front
+ VAT: Add some bounds checks
+ VTP: Add a test on Mgmt Domain Name length
+ VTP: Add bounds checks and filter out non-printable characters
+ VXLAN: Add a bound check and a test case
+ ZeroMQ: Fix an infinite loop
+Tuesday April 14, 2015 guy@alum.mit.edu
+ Summary for 4.8.0 tcpdump release
+ Fix "-x" for Apple PKTAP and PPI packets
Friday April 10, 2015 guy@alum.mit.edu
Summary for 4.7.4 tcpdump release
RPKI to Router Protocol: Fix Segmentation Faults and other problems
@@ -464,10 +648,10 @@ Wed. November 12, 2003. mcr@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca. Summary for 3.8 release
Tuesday, February 25, 2003. fenner@research.att.com. 3.7.2 release
- Fixed infinite loop when parsing malformed isakmp packets.
+ Fixed infinite loop when parsing invalid isakmp packets.
(reported by iDefense; already fixed in CVS)
- Fixed infinite loop when parsing malformed BGP packets.
- Fixed buffer overflow with certain malformed NFS packets.
+ Fixed infinite loop when parsing invalid BGP packets.
+ Fixed buffer overflow with certain invalid NFS packets.
Pretty-print unprintable network names in 802.11 printer.
Handle truncated nbp (appletalk) packets.
Updated DHCPv6 printer to match draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-22.txt