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+ Changes between 1.0.1j and 1.0.1k [8 Jan 2015]
+ *) Fix DTLS segmentation fault in dtls1_get_record. A carefully crafted DTLS
+ message can cause a segmentation fault in OpenSSL due to a NULL pointer
+ dereference. This could lead to a Denial Of Service attack. Thanks to
+ Markus Stenberg of Cisco Systems, Inc. for reporting this issue.
+ (CVE-2014-3571)
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Fix DTLS memory leak in dtls1_buffer_record. A memory leak can occur in the
+ dtls1_buffer_record function under certain conditions. In particular this
+ could occur if an attacker sent repeated DTLS records with the same
+ sequence number but for the next epoch. The memory leak could be exploited
+ by an attacker in a Denial of Service attack through memory exhaustion.
+ Thanks to Chris Mueller for reporting this issue.
+ (CVE-2015-0206)
+ [Matt Caswell]
+ *) Fix issue where no-ssl3 configuration sets method to NULL. When openssl is
+ built with the no-ssl3 option and a SSL v3 ClientHello is received the ssl
+ method would be set to NULL which could later result in a NULL pointer
+ dereference. Thanks to Frank Schmirler for reporting this issue.
+ (CVE-2014-3569)
+ [Kurt Roeckx]
+ *) Abort handshake if server key exchange message is omitted for ephemeral
+ ECDH ciphersuites.
+ Thanks to Karthikeyan Bhargavan of the PROSECCO team at INRIA for
+ reporting this issue.
+ (CVE-2014-3572)
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Remove non-export ephemeral RSA code on client and server. This code
+ violated the TLS standard by allowing the use of temporary RSA keys in
+ non-export ciphersuites and could be used by a server to effectively
+ downgrade the RSA key length used to a value smaller than the server
+ certificate. Thanks for Karthikeyan Bhargavan of the PROSECCO team at
+ INRIA or reporting this issue.
+ (CVE-2015-0204)
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Fixed issue where DH client certificates are accepted without verification.
+ An OpenSSL server will accept a DH certificate for client authentication
+ without the certificate verify message. This effectively allows a client to
+ authenticate without the use of a private key. This only affects servers
+ which trust a client certificate authority which issues certificates
+ containing DH keys: these are extremely rare and hardly ever encountered.
+ Thanks for Karthikeyan Bhargavan of the PROSECCO team at INRIA or reporting
+ this issue.
+ (CVE-2015-0205)
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Ensure that the session ID context of an SSL is updated when its
+ SSL_CTX is updated via SSL_set_SSL_CTX.
+ The session ID context is typically set from the parent SSL_CTX,
+ and can vary with the CTX.
+ [Adam Langley]
+ *) Fix various certificate fingerprint issues.
+ By using non-DER or invalid encodings outside the signed portion of a
+ certificate the fingerprint can be changed without breaking the signature.
+ Although no details of the signed portion of the certificate can be changed
+ this can cause problems with some applications: e.g. those using the
+ certificate fingerprint for blacklists.
+ 1. Reject signatures with non zero unused bits.
+ If the BIT STRING containing the signature has non zero unused bits reject
+ the signature. All current signature algorithms require zero unused bits.
+ 2. Check certificate algorithm consistency.
+ Check the AlgorithmIdentifier inside TBS matches the one in the
+ certificate signature. NB: this will result in signature failure
+ errors for some broken certificates.
+ Thanks to Konrad Kraszewski from Google for reporting this issue.
+ 3. Check DSA/ECDSA signatures use DER.
+ Reencode DSA/ECDSA signatures and compare with the original received
+ signature. Return an error if there is a mismatch.
+ This will reject various cases including garbage after signature
+ (thanks to Antti Karjalainen and Tuomo Untinen from the Codenomicon CROSS
+ program for discovering this case) and use of BER or invalid ASN.1 INTEGERs
+ (negative or with leading zeroes).
+ Further analysis was conducted and fixes were developed by Stephen Henson
+ of the OpenSSL core team.
+ (CVE-2014-8275)
+ [Steve Henson]
+ *) Correct Bignum squaring. Bignum squaring (BN_sqr) may produce incorrect
+ results on some platforms, including x86_64. This bug occurs at random
+ with a very low probability, and is not known to be exploitable in any
+ way, though its exact impact is difficult to determine. Thanks to Pieter
+ Wuille (Blockstream) who reported this issue and also suggested an initial
+ fix. Further analysis was conducted by the OpenSSL development team and
+ Adam Langley of Google. The final fix was developed by Andy Polyakov of
+ the OpenSSL core team.
+ (CVE-2014-3570)
+ [Andy Polyakov]
+ *) Do not resume sessions on the server if the negotiated protocol
+ version does not match the session's version. Resuming with a different
+ version, while not strictly forbidden by the RFC, is of questionable
+ sanity and breaks all known clients.
+ [David Benjamin, Emilia Käsper]
+ *) Tighten handling of the ChangeCipherSpec (CCS) message: reject
+ early CCS messages during renegotiation. (Note that because
+ renegotiation is encrypted, this early CCS was not exploitable.)
+ [Emilia Käsper]
+ *) Tighten client-side session ticket handling during renegotiation:
+ ensure that the client only accepts a session ticket if the server sends
+ the extension anew in the ServerHello. Previously, a TLS client would
+ reuse the old extension state and thus accept a session ticket if one was
+ announced in the initial ServerHello.
+ Similarly, ensure that the client requires a session ticket if one
+ was advertised in the ServerHello. Previously, a TLS client would
+ ignore a missing NewSessionTicket message.
+ [Emilia Käsper]
Changes between 1.0.1i and 1.0.1j [15 Oct 2014]
*) SRTP Memory Leak.