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-Here's some of the texinfo conventions the CVS documentation uses:
-@code{ ... } command usage & command snippets, including
- command names.
-@var{ ... } variables - text which the user is expected to
- replace with some meaningful text of their own
- in actual usage.
-@file{ ... } file names
-@samp{ ... } for most anything else you need quotes around
- (often still misused for command snippets)
-@example ... @end example example command usage and output, etc.
-@emph{ ... } emphasis - warnings, stress, etc. This will be
- bracketed by underline characters in info files
- (_ ... _) and in italics in PDF & probably in
- postscript & HTML.
-@noindent Suppresses indentation of the following
- paragraph. This can ocassionally be useful
- after examples and the like.
-@cindex ... Add a tag to the index.
-@pxref{ ... } Cross reference in parentheses.
-@xref{ ... } Cross reference.
-Preformatted text should be marked as such (use @example... there may be other
-ways) since many of the final output formats can use relational fonts otherwise
-and marking it as formatted should restrict it to a fixed wiidth font. Keep
-this sort of text to 80 characters or less per line since larger may not be
-properly viewable for some info users.
-There are dictionary lists and function definition markers. Scan cvs.texinfo
-for their usage. There may be table definitions as well but I haven't used
-Use lots of index markers. Scan the index for the current style. Try to reuse
-an existing entry if the meaning is similar.
-For more on using texinfo docs, see the `info texinfo' documentation or
-http://www.gnu.org/manual/texinfo/texinfo.html .