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Vendor import of clang 3.8.0 release r262564:vendor/clang/clang-release_380-r262564
Notes: svn path=/vendor/clang/dist/; revision=296360 svn path=/vendor/clang/clang-release_380-r262564/; revision=296361; tag=vendor/clang/clang-release_380-r262564
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diff --git a/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst b/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
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--- a/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
+++ b/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ frontend, part of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, release 3.8. Here we
describe the status of Clang in some detail, including major
improvements from the previous release and new feature work. For the
general LLVM release notes, see `the LLVM
-documentation <http://llvm.org/docs/ReleaseNotes.html>`_. All LLVM
+documentation <../../../docs/ReleaseNotes.html>`_. All LLVM
releases may be downloaded from the `LLVM releases web
site <http://llvm.org/releases/>`_.
@@ -33,11 +33,6 @@ here. Generic improvements to Clang as a whole or to its underlying
infrastructure are described first, followed by language-specific
sections with improvements to Clang's support for those languages.
-Major New Features
-- Feature1...
Improvements to Clang's diagnostics
@@ -49,8 +44,6 @@ about them. The improvements since the 3.7 release include:
choose to enable only a subset of these warnings. ``-Wno-microsoft`` still
disables all these warnings, and ``-Wmicrosoft`` still enables them all.
-- ...
New Compiler Flags
@@ -71,16 +64,8 @@ debugger. Clang supports tuning for three debuggers, as follows.
Specifying ``-g`` without a tuning option will use a target-dependent default.
-New Pragmas in Clang
-Clang now supports the ...
-Windows Support
-Clang's support for building native Windows programs ...
+The new ``-fstrict-vtable-pointers`` flag enables better devirtualization
+support (experimental).
C Language Changes in Clang
@@ -117,30 +102,6 @@ Now, Clang is able to selectively use C's type conversion rules during overload
resolution in C, which allows the above example to compile (albeit potentially
with a warning about an implicit conversion from ``int*`` to ``char*``).
-C11 Feature Support
-C++ Language Changes in Clang
-- ...
-C++11 Feature Support
-Objective-C Language Changes in Clang
OpenCL C Language Changes in Clang
@@ -180,10 +141,10 @@ Several additional features/bugfixes have been added to the previous standards:
- Improved diagnostics for function pointers.
OpenMP Support in Clang
-OpenMP 3.1 is fully supported and is enabled by default with -fopenmp
-which now uses the clang OpenMP library instead of the GCC OpenMP library.
+OpenMP 3.1 is fully supported and is enabled by default with ``-fopenmp``
+which now uses the Clang OpenMP library instead of the GCC OpenMP library.
The runtime can be built in-tree.
In addition to OpenMP 3.1, several important elements of the OpenMP 4.0/4.5
@@ -214,7 +175,7 @@ Clang has experimental support for end-to-end CUDA compilation now:
pipelines, links device-side code with appropriate CUDA bitcode and produces
single object file with host and GPU code.
-- Implemented target attribute-based function overloading which allows clang to
+- Implemented target attribute-based function overloading which allows Clang to
compile CUDA sources without splitting them into separate host/device TUs.
Internal API Changes
@@ -271,17 +232,11 @@ recordDecl() previously matched AST nodes of type CXXRecordDecl, but now
matches AST nodes of type RecordDecl. If a CXXRecordDecl is required, use the
cxxRecordDecl() matcher instead.
Static Analyzer
-The scan-build and scan-view tools will now be installed with clang. Use these
+The scan-build and scan-view tools will now be installed with Clang. Use these
tools to run the static analyzer on projects and view the produced results.
Static analysis of C++ lambdas has been greatly improved, including
@@ -302,25 +257,6 @@ Several new checks were added:
the following command to scan-build:
``-enable-checker optin.osx.cocoa.localizability``.
-Core Analysis Improvements
-- ...
-New Issues Found
-- ...
-Python Binding Changes
-The following methods have been added:
-- ...
-Significant Known Problems
Additional Information
diff --git a/lib/Basic/Version.cpp b/lib/Basic/Version.cpp
index 29271a1b4421..2b5014e2936e 100644
--- a/lib/Basic/Version.cpp
+++ b/lib/Basic/Version.cpp
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ std::string getClangRepositoryPath() {
// If the SVN_REPOSITORY is empty, try to use the SVN keyword. This helps us
// pick up a tag in an SVN export, for example.
- StringRef SVNRepository("$URL: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/branches/release_38/lib/Basic/Version.cpp $");
+ StringRef SVNRepository("$URL: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/tags/RELEASE_380/final/lib/Basic/Version.cpp $");
if (URL.empty()) {
URL = SVNRepository.slice(SVNRepository.find(':'),