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Remove Y2K_INFO which does not belong to this distribution
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-Y2K status of bzip2 and libbzip2, versions 0.1, 0.9.0 and 0.9.5
-Informally speaking:
- bzip2 is a compression program built on top of libbzip2,
- a library which does the real work of compression and
- decompression. As far as I am aware, libbzip2 does not have
- any date-related code at all.
- bzip2 itself copies dates from source to destination files
- when compressing or decompressing, using the 'stat' and 'utime'
- UNIX system calls. It doesn't examine, manipulate or store the
- dates in any way. So as far as I can see, there shouldn't be any
- problem with bzip2 providing 'stat' and 'utime' work correctly
- on your system.
- On non-unix platforms (those for which BZ_UNIX in bzip2.c is
- not set to 1), bzip2 doesn't even do the date copying.
- Overall, informally speaking, I don't think bzip2 or libbzip2
- have a Y2K problem.
-Formally speaking:
- I am not prepared to offer you any assurance whatsoever
- regarding Y2K issues in my software. You alone assume the
- entire risk of using the software. The disclaimer of liability
- in the LICENSE file in the bzip2 source distribution continues
- to apply on this issue as with every other issue pertaining
- to the software.
-Julian Seward
-Cambridge, UK
-25 August 1999