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Update release notes:
schizo driver on sparc64, txp(4) various improvements, tap(4) SIOSIFMTU support. Approved by: re (implicit)
Notes: svn path=/releng/7.2/; revision=191614
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MSI/MSIX is enabled. This change fixes interrupt storm
related issues.</para>
+ <para arch="sparc64">The schizo(4) driver for Schizo
+ Fireplane/Safari to PCI 2.1 and Tomatillo JBus to PCI 2.2
+ bridges has been added.</para>
<para>A &man.sysctl.3; leaf node has a flag to tag itself as
MPSAFE now.</para>
@@ -480,8 +484,18 @@
<para>A bug in &man.sis.4; on VLAN tagged frame handling has
been fixed.</para>
- <para>The &man.txp.4; driver has been updated to the latest
- firmware.</para>
+ <para>The &man.txp.4; driver now works on all supported
+ architecture. Also, &man.altq.4; support, WoL support,
+ checksum offload when VLAN enabled, better link state
+ change handling, a new sysctl variable
+ <varname>dev.txp.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.stats</varname>
+ for MAC statistics have been added. A new sysctl
+ variable
+ <varname>dev.txp.<varname>N</varname>.process_limit</varname>
+ to control how many received frames should be served in Rx
+ handler (set to 64 by default and valid ranges are 16 to
+ 128 in unit of frames) has been added. The firmware has
+ been updated to the latest version.</para>
@@ -531,6 +545,13 @@
obtain network interface name using file descriptor for
character device.</para>
+ <para>The &man.tap.4; now supports
+ <literal>SIOCSIFMTU</literal> ioctl to set a higher MTU than
+ 1500 (ETHERMTU). This allows &man.tap.4; device to be added
+ to a bridge, which requires all interface members to have
+ the same MTU, with an interface configured for jumbo
+ frames.</para>
<para>The domains list for handling the list of supported
domains in the &man.unix.4; (UNIX domain protocol family)
subsystem is now MPSAFE.</para>