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Update release note:
boot0 volume ID and F6 PXE invoke support, DHCP options via kenv, cpuctl(4) added, ciphy(4) VSC8211 support, jme(4) newer JMC250/260 support, rl(4) improved, ata(4) Marvell PATA M88SX6121 support, and config(8) multiple makeoption support. Approved by: re (implicit)
Notes: svn path=/releng/7.2/; revision=191505
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<sect3 id="boot">
<title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
- <para></para>
+ <para>The &man.boot.8; now supports 4-byte volume ID that
+ certain versions of Windows put into the MBR and invoking
+ PXE by pressing F6 key on some supported BIOSes.</para>
+ <para>The &man.loader.8; is now able to obtain DHCP options
+ via &man.kenv.2; variables in the case of network boot.</para>
<sect3 id="proc">
<title>Hardware Support</title>
- <para></para>
+ <para>The &man.cpuctl.4; driver, which provides a special
+ device <filename>/dev/cpuctl</filename> as an interface to
+ the system CPU and functionality to retrieve CPUID
+ information, read/write machine specific registers (MSR) and
+ perform CPU firmware updates.</para>
<sect4 id="mm">
<title>Multimedia Support</title>
@@ -251,8 +260,15 @@
<sect4 id="net-if">
<title>Network Interface Support</title>
- <para></para>
+ <para>The ciphy(4) driver now supports Vitesse VSC8211
+ PHY.</para>
+ <para>The &man.jme.4; driver now supports newer JMicron
+ JMC250/JMC260 revisions.</para>
+ <para>The &man.rl.4; driver has been improved. A bug which
+ prevents it from working on systems with more than 4GB
+ memory has been fixed.</para>
@@ -271,6 +287,8 @@
<sect3 id="disks">
<title>Disks and Storage</title>
+ <para>The &man.ata.4; driver now supports Marvell PATA M88SX6121.</para>
<para>The &man.mmc.4; and &man.mmcsd.4; driver now support MMC
and SDHC cards, high speed timing, wide bus, and multiblock
@@ -293,6 +311,9 @@
<sect2 id="userland">
<title>Userland Changes</title>
+ <para>The &man.config.8; utility now supports
+ multiple <varname>makeoption</varname> lines.</para>
<para>The &man.fetch.1; utility now supports an
<option>-i</option> flag which supports If-Modified-Since HTTP