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Update release notes:
DDB show mount added, sparc64 US III support, DRM r600/r700, ae(4) WoL support, hardware MAC stats: cxgb(4), msk(4), nfe(4), re(4) hw.re.prefer_iomap, sis(4) VLAN tagging bugfix, txp(4) update, TCP MD5 signature option for IPv6, gpart(8) updated; APM and EBR scheme support, mpt(4) in GENERIC on sparc64, vfs.nfs.prime_access_cache for NFSv3, ncal(1) multibyte support, csup CVSMode support, du(1) -A and -B option added, makefs(8) added, and mergemaster(8) -F option added. Approved by: re (implicit)
Notes: svn path=/releng/7.2/; revision=191602
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<sect2 id="kernel">
<title>Kernel Changes</title>
+ <para>The &man.ddb.8; kernel debugger now supports a
+ <command>show mount</command> subcommand.</para>
<para>The &os; DTrace subsystem now supports a probe for
process execution.</para>
@@ -305,6 +308,9 @@
<sect3 id="proc">
<title>Hardware Support</title>
+ <para arch="sparc64">The &os; now supports Ultra SPARC III
+ (Cheetah) family.</para>
<para>The &man.acpi.4; subsystem now supports a &man.sysctl.8;
variable <varname>debug.batt.batt_sleep_ms</varname>. On
some laptops with smart batteries, enabling battery
@@ -353,9 +359,9 @@
<para>The DRM, a kernel module named Direct Rendering
Manager that gives direct hardware access to DRI clients,
- has been updated. Support for AMD/ATI r500 and IGP based
- chips, XGI V3XE/V5/V8, and Intel i915 chipsets has been
- improved.</para>
+ has been updated. Support for AMD/ATI r500, r600, r700,
+ and IGP based chips, XGI V3XE/V5/V8, and Intel i915
+ chipsets has been improved.</para>
<para>A new loader tunable <varname>hw.drm.msi</varname>
which controls if DRM uses MSI or not. This is set to
@@ -384,6 +390,9 @@
<sect4 id="net-if">
<title>Network Interface Support</title>
+ <para>The &man.ae.4; driver now supports WoL
+ (Wake on LAN).</para>
<para arch="amd64,i386">The &man.ale.4; driver are now
included in the <filename>GENERIC</filename>
@@ -398,6 +407,9 @@
<para>The ciphy(4) driver now supports Vitesse VSC8211
+ <para>The &man.cxgb.4; driver now supports hardware MAC
+ statistics.</para>
<para>The &man.fxp.4; driver has been improved. Changes include:</para>
@@ -442,19 +454,34 @@
<para>The &man.msk.4; driver has been improved. An issue
which makes it hang up in a certain condition has been
- fixed.</para>
+ fixed. A hardware MAC statistics support has been added
+ and users can get the information via sysctl variables
+ named
+ <varname>dev.msk.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.stats</varname>.</para>
<para>The &man.mxge.4; driver now supports some newer
revisions and 10GBASE-LRM and 10GBASE-Twinax media
+ <para>The &man.nfe.4; driver now supports hardware MAC
+ statistics.</para>
<para>The &man.re.4; driver has been improved. It now
- detects the link status.</para>
+ detects the link status. A new loader tunable
+ <varname>hw.re.prefer_iomap</varname> to disable memory
+ register mapping. This tunable is <literal>0</literal>
+ for all controllers except RTL8169SC family.</para>
<para>The &man.rl.4; driver has been improved. It now
detects the link status and a bug which prevents it from
working on systems with more than 4GB memory has been
+ <para>A bug in &man.sis.4; on VLAN tagged frame handling has
+ been fixed.</para>
+ <para>The &man.txp.4; driver has been updated to the latest
+ firmware.</para>
@@ -482,6 +509,10 @@
+ <para>The TCP MD5 Signature Option (RFC 2385) for IPv6 has
+ been implemented in the same way it has been implemented for
+ IPv4.</para>
<para>This also changes the semantics of selecting the IP for
processes within a &man.jail.8; as it now uses the same
logic as outside the &man.jail.8;.</para>
@@ -527,7 +558,13 @@
<para>A bug in the &man.ciss.4; driver which caused low
<quote>max device openings</quote> count that has led
- to poor performance has been fixed.</para>
+ to poor performance has been fixed.</para>
+ <para>The &man.gpart.8; utility has been updated. The APM
+ scheme now supports Tivo Series 1 partitions (read only), a
+ new EBR scheme to support Extended Boot Records has been
+ added, the BSD scheme now support bootcode, and bugs in PC98
+ and VTOC8 scheme have been fixed.</para>
<para>An issue in the &man.gvinum.8; with access permissions
to underlying disks used by a gvinum plex has been fixed.
@@ -539,6 +576,9 @@
and SDHC cards, high speed timing, wide bus, and multiblock
+ <para arch="sparc64">The &man.mpt.4; driver is now in the
+ <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
<para>The &man.sdhci.4; driver has been added. This supports
PCI devices with class 8 and subclass 5 according to SD Host
Controller Specification.</para>
@@ -569,6 +609,17 @@
+ <para>The &os; NFS file system now supports a sysctl variable
+ <varname>vfs.nfs.prime_access_cache</varname> to determine
+ whether or not <function>nfs_getattr()</function> will use
+ an ACCESS RPC to prime the access cache instead of a simple
+ GETATTR RPC. This is because on many NFS servers an ACCESS
+ RPC is much more expensive to service than a GETATTR RPC for
+ files in a NFSv3 mount. The sysctl variables is enabled by
+ default to maintain the previous behavior.</para>
+ <para>The &os; UDF file system now supports fifo.</para>
<para>The shared vnode locking for pathname lookups in
&man.VFS.9; subsystem has been improved. This is disabled
by default. Setting a sysctl variable
@@ -592,9 +643,16 @@
Point (NAP), Group Ad-hoc Network (GN) and Personal Area
Network User (PANU) profiles.</para>
+ <para>The &man.ncal.1; utility now supports multibyte
+ characters.</para>
<para>The &man.config.8; utility now supports
multiple <varname>makeoption</varname> lines.</para>
+ <para>The &man.csup.1; utility now supports CVSMode to fetch a
+ complete CVS repository. Note that the rsync transfer mode is
+ currently disabled.</para>
<para>The &man.dirname.1; utility now accepts multiple arguments
in the same way that &man.basename.1; does.</para>
@@ -602,6 +660,21 @@
flag. When specified, the &man.du.1; counts a file with
multiple hard links as multiple different files.</para>
+ <para>The &man.du.1; utility now supports an <option>-A</option> flag
+ to display the apparent size instead of the disk usage. This can be
+ helpful when operating on compressed volumes or sparse files.</para>
+ <para>The &man.du.1; utility now supports a <option>-B
+ <replaceable>blocksize</replaceable></option> option to
+ calculate block counts in blocksize byte blocks. This is
+ different from the <option>-k</option>, <option>-m</option>
+ options or setting <varname>BLOCKSIZE</varname> and gives an
+ estimate of how much space the examined file hierarchy would
+ require on a filesystem with the given
+ <replaceable>blocksize</replaceable>. Unless in
+ <option>-A</option> mode, <replaceable>blocksize</replaceable>
+ is rounded up to the next multiple of 512.</para>
<para>The &man.dumpfs.8; utility now supports an
<option>-f</option> flag, which causes it to list all free
fragments in the file system by fragment (block) number. This
@@ -640,6 +713,13 @@
flag is specified and the file does not exist, the &man.ln.1;
will put a warning message.</para>
+ <para>The &man.makefs.8; utility to create a file system image
+ from a directory tree has been added.</para>
+ <para>The &man.mergemaster.8; utility now supports an
+ <option>-F</option> option to automatically install files that
+ differ only in version control ID strings.</para>
<para>The &man.netstat.1; utility now reports &man.unix.4;
sockets listen queue statistics when an <option>-L</option>