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Revise entry for superpages.
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<para arch="amd64,i386">The &os; virtual memory subsystem now
- supports <application>Superpages</application>. The
- <application>Superpages</application> is a feature that
- enables each entry in the TLB (translation lookaside buffer)
- to map a large physical memory region into a virtual address
- space in modern CPUs. This provides possible memory savings
- for applications that share large amounts of memory between
- the address spaces and performance improvements due to fewer
- TLB misses. This is disabled by default and can be enabled by
- setting a loader tunable
+ supports fully transparent use of
+ <application>superpages</application> for application memory;
+ application memory pages are dynamically promoted to or
+ demoted from superpages without any modification to
+ application code. This change offers the benefit of large
+ page sizes such as improved virtual memory efficiency and
+ reduced TLB (translation lookaside buffer) misses without
+ downsides like application changes and virtual memory
+ inflexibility. This is disabled by default and can be enabled
+ by setting a loader tunable
<varname>vm.pmap.pg_ps_enabled</varname> to