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Update release note:
type of shm_segsz in struct shmid_ds to size_t from int, AltiVec support on powerpc, INTx disabled when MSI/MSIX enabled, sysctl leaf node now has an MPSAFE flag, hw.drm.msi tunable added, ale(4) in GENERIC on amd64 and i386, ata-raid(4) initial support for DDF metadata, cam(4) kern.cam.cd.retry_count sysctl, ciss(4) max device openings count fix, btpand(8) for NAP, GN, PANU profiles of bluetooth added, and improve description of the fetch(1) If-Modified-Since support. Approved by: re (implicit)
Notes: svn path=/releng/7.2/; revision=191523
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<literal>KTR_CALLOUT</literal> class to note when a callout
routine finishes executing.</para>
+ <para>Types of variables used to track amount of allocated
+ System V shared memory from <literal>int</literal> to
+ <literal>size_t</literal>. This makes it possible to use more
+ than 2 GB shared memory segments on 64-bit architectures.
+ Please note the new BUGS section in &man.shmctl.2; and
+ <filename>/usr/src/UPDATING</filename> for limitations of this
+ temporal solution.</para>
<para>The &os; 32-bit system call translation layer now
supports installing 32-bit system calls for
@@ -307,6 +315,9 @@
<para>The &man.acpi.asus.4; driver now supports Asus A8Sr
+ <para arch="powerpc">Support for the AltiVec, a floating point
+ and integer SIMD instruction set has been added.</para>
<para>The &man.cpuctl.4; driver, which provides a special
device <filename>/dev/cpuctl</filename> as an interface to
the system CPU and functionality to retrieve CPUID
@@ -327,6 +338,13 @@
added to force this behavior by setting it to
+ <para>In the &man.pci.4; subsystem INTx is now disabled when
+ MSI/MSIX is enabled. This change fixes interrupt storm
+ related issues.</para>
+ <para>A &man.sysctl.3; leaf node has a flag to tag itself as
+ MPSAFE now.</para>
<sect4 id="mm">
<title>Multimedia Support</title>
@@ -339,6 +357,10 @@
chips, XGI V3XE/V5/V8, and Intel i915 chipsets has been
+ <para>A new loader tunable <varname>hw.drm.msi</varname>
+ which controls if DRM uses MSI or not. This is set to
+ <literal>1</literal> (enabled) by default.</para>
<para>The snd_au88x0(4) driver for Aureal Vortex
1/2/Advantage PCI has been removed because this was
broken for a long time.</para>
@@ -362,6 +384,13 @@
<sect4 id="net-if">
<title>Network Interface Support</title>
+ <para arch="amd64,i386">The &man.ale.4; driver are now
+ included in the <filename>GENERIC</filename>
+ kernel.</para>
+ <para>The &man.ath.hal.4;, Atheros Hardware Access Layer,
+ has been updated to the open source version.</para>
<para>The &man.axe.4; driver has been improved in
performance by eliminating extra context switch and now
supports Apple USB Ethernet adapter.</para>
@@ -481,6 +510,25 @@
<para>The &man.ata.4; driver now supports Marvell PATA M88SX6121.</para>
+ <para>The &man.ataraid.4; driver now has an initial support
+ for DDF metadata found on Adaptec HostRAID controllers.
+ Note that spares and rebuilds are not supported yet.</para>
+ <para>The &man.cam.4; SCSI subsystem now supports a sysctl
+ variable <varname>kern.cam.cd.retry_count</varname>. This
+ controls the number of retries for the CD media. When
+ trying to read scratched or damaged CDs and DVDs, the
+ default mechanism is sub-optimal, and programs like
+ <application>ddrescue</application> do much better if you
+ turn off the retries entirely since their algorithms do it
+ by themselves. This value is set to <literal>4</literal>
+ (for a total 5 attempts) by default. Setting to 0 turns off
+ all retry attempts.</para>
+ <para>A bug in the &man.ciss.4; driver which caused low
+ <quote>max device openings</quote> count that has led
+ to poor performance has been fixed.</para>
<para>An issue in the &man.gvinum.8; with access permissions
to underlying disks used by a gvinum plex has been fixed.
If the plex is a raid5 plex and is being written to, parity data might
@@ -539,6 +587,11 @@
invoked from <filename>/rescue</filename>, has been
+ <para>The &man.btpand.8; daemon from NetBSD has been added.
+ This daemon provides support for Bluetooth Network Access
+ Point (NAP), Group Ad-hoc Network (GN) and Personal Area
+ Network User (PANU) profiles.</para>
<para>The &man.config.8; utility now supports
multiple <varname>makeoption</varname> lines.</para>
@@ -564,7 +617,11 @@
<para>The &man.fetch.1; utility now supports an
<option>-i</option> flag which supports If-Modified-Since HTTP
- request.</para>
+ 1.1 request. If specified it will cause the file to be
+ downloaded only if it is more recent than the mtime of the
+ file. Also, <application>libfetch</application> now accepts
+ the mtime in the url structure and a flag to indicate when
+ this behavior is desired.</para>
<para>The &man.fsck.8; utility now supports a
<option>-D</option> flag for damaged recovery mode, which