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Update release notes:
FREEBSD32 syscall translation layer now supports addition/removal of syscall from kernel module, VFS_AIO syscalls added to FREEBSD32, ktr(4) new tracepoint for callout added, cpufreq(4) hw.est.msr_info added, kern.timecounter.invariant_tsc for i386 and amd64 added, vfs.lookup_shared improvement and removal of LOOKUP_SHARED option, and netstat(1) -ss for icmp6 section fixed. Approved by: re (implicit)
Notes: svn path=/releng/7.2/; revision=191521
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to 3.6GB. Note that the ceiling as a fraction of the kernel
map size rather than an absolute quantity.</para>
+ <para>The &man.kld.4; now supports installing 32-bit system
+ call to the &os; system call translation layer from kernel
+ modules.</para>
+ <para>The &os; 32-bit system call translation layer now
+ supports installing 32-bit system calls for
+ <literal>VFS_AIO</literal>.</para>
+ <para>The &man.ktr.4; now supports a new KTR tracepoint in the
+ <literal>KTR_CALLOUT</literal> class to note when a callout
+ routine finishes executing.</para>
<sect3 id="boot">
<title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
@@ -248,6 +260,20 @@
information, read/write machine specific registers (MSR) and
perform CPU firmware updates.</para>
+ <para>The &man.cpufreq.4; driver now supports a
+ <varname>hw.est.msr_info</varname> loader tunable. When
+ this set to <literal>1</literal>, it attempts to build a
+ simple list containing just the high and low frequencies if
+ it cannot obtain a frequency list from either ACPI or the
+ static tables. This is disabled by default.</para>
+ <para arch="amd64,i386">CPU frequency change notifiers are now
+ disabled when the TSC is P-state invariant. Also, a new
+ loader tunable
+ <varname>kern.timecounter.invariant_tsc</varname> has been
+ added to force this behavior by setting it to
+ non-zero.</para>
<sect4 id="mm">
<title>Multimedia Support</title>
@@ -337,7 +363,13 @@
<sect3 id="fs">
<title>File Systems</title>
- <para></para>
+ <para>The shared vnode locking for pathname lookups in
+ &man.VFS.9; subsystem has been improved. This is disabled
+ by default. Setting a sysctl variable
+ <varname>vfs.lookup_shared</varname> to <literal>1</literal>
+ enables it for better performance. Note that the
+ <literal>LOOKUP_SHARED</literal> equivalent to the sysctl
+ variable kernel option has been removed.</para>
@@ -373,6 +405,10 @@
<screen>&prompt.user; netstat -m -N foo</screen>
+ <para>A bug in the &man.netstat.1; utility has been fixed. The
+ <option>-ss</option> now works in the icmp6 section as
+ expected.</para>
<para>The &man.powerd.8; program has been improved. Changes
include reasonable CPU load estimation on SMP systems and a
new mode named as <literal>hiadaptive</literal> for AC-powered