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authorBruce A. Mah <bmah@FreeBSD.org>2002-05-02 20:37:12 +0000
committerBruce A. Mah <bmah@FreeBSD.org>2002-05-02 20:37:12 +0000
commit2a86dbea9c07a9c9b263025146cf294248a2a21a (patch)
parent0bda882c48779f9d40d986e4834bc62524884817 (diff)
Add cross-references to applicable security advisories. Also
be more consistent about the format of the names we give for advisories. Approved by: nectar
Notes: svn path=/releng/4.3/; revision=95956
1 files changed, 20 insertions, 20 deletions
diff --git a/UPDATING b/UPDATING
index b030d1368542..48958844fbd0 100644
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ build and install as described in the COMMON ITEMS section.
20020307: p28 FreeBSD-SA-02:13.openssh
OpenSSH off-by-one error.
-20020223: p27
+20020223: p27 FreeBSD-SA-02:18.zlib
zlib inflate error handling.
20020127: p26
@@ -35,11 +35,11 @@ build and install as described in the COMMON ITEMS section.
20020123: p23 FreeBSD-SA-02:07.k5su
k5su fixes.
-20011221: p22 FreeBSD-SA-02:02:pw.asc
+20011221: p22 FreeBSD-SA-02:02:pw
A bug was fixed wherein the pw(8) command created a short-lived
but world-readable copy of /etc/master.passwd.
-20011202: p21 FreeBSD-SA-01:63:openssh.asc
+20011202: p21 FreeBSD-SA-01:63:openssh
A security hole in OpenSSH involving `UseLogin yes' has been
@@ -49,61 +49,61 @@ build and install as described in the COMMON ITEMS section.
20010911: p19
semop fixes to prevent overflows.
-20010910: p18 FreeBSD-SA-01:62.asc
+20010910: p18 FreeBSD-SA-01:62.uucp
UUCP fixes.
-20010904: p17 FreeBSD-SA-01:59
+20010904: p17 FreeBSD-SA-01:59.rmuser
Minor fix to p16.
-20010904: p16 FreeBSD-SA-01:59
+20010904: p16 FreeBSD-SA-01:59.rmuser
Close race condition when updating /etc/master.passwd in rmuser.
-20010830: p15 FreeBSD-SA-01:58
+20010830: p15 FreeBSD-SA-01:58.lpd
Fix lpd remote root exploitable buffer overflow.
-20010822: p14 FreeBSD-SA-01:57
- Fix command line argument overflow probelm in sendmail.
+20010822: p14 FreeBSD-SA-01:57.sendmail
+ Fix command line argument overflow problem in sendmail.
20010821: p13
Close the "IRC DCC" security problem.
-20010813: p12 FreeBSD-SA-01:55
+20010813: p12 FreeBSD-SA-01:55.procfs
procfs permission tightening.
20010810: p11
Check filehandle size when mounting nfs filesystems.
-20010805: p10 FreeBSD-SA-01:52
+20010805: p10 FreeBSD-SA-01:52.fragment
Prevent DoS attack from bogus fragmented packets.
-20010723: p9 FreeBSD-SA-01:49 (part 2)
+20010723: p9 FreeBSD-SA-01:49.telnetd (part 2)
Fix a different overflow with output_data and netflush in
telnetd. Make sure that you have both this update and the
previous one.
-20010721: p8 FreeBSD-SA-01:49 (part 1)
+20010721: p8 FreeBSD-SA-01:49.telnetd (part 1)
Fix buffer overflow in telnetd.
-20010719: p7 FreeBSD-SA-01:51
+20010719: p7 FreeBSD-SA-01:51.openssl
Add PRNG security patch from openssl to prevent guessing of
internal state.
-20010717: p6 FreeBSD-SA-01:53
+20010717: p6 FreeBSD-SA-01:53.ipfw
Fix ipfw "me" definition.
-20010710: p5 FreeBSD-SA-01:42
+20010710: p5 FreeBSD-SA-01:42.signal
Don't share signal handlers from rfork after exec.
-20010708: p4 FreeBSD-SA-01:48
+20010708: p4 FreeBSD-SA-01:48.tcpdump
Fix possible tcpdump buffer overflow.
-20010704: p3 FreeBSD-SA-01:56
+20010704: p3 FreeBSD-SA-01:56.tcp_wrappers
Unbreak paranoid host checking in tcp_wrappers.
-20010601: p2 FreeBSD-SA-01:40 (part 2)
+20010601: p2 FreeBSD-SA-01:40.fts (part 2)
Fix a second instance of chdir with fts_safe_changedir().
-20010530: p1 FreeBSD-SA-01:40 (part 1)
+20010530: p1 FreeBSD-SA-01:40.fts (part 1)
Fix to stat after chdir .. in fts to make sure we wind up where
we think we should.