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New release notes:
pbio(4) added, axe(4) added, bge(4) BCM5750/BCM5751 support, kernel panic when net.inet.ip.rtexpire=0 fixed, ipnat(8) non-TCP/UDP packets redirect rules support, trm(4) update, fwcontrol(8) -m option, $inetd_flags now includes "-C 60", libc eui64(3) functions support, ngctl(8) dot command, pax(1) bugfixes, and whois(1) improvements. Approved by: re (implicitly)
Notes: svn path=/releng/4.11/; revision=140556
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<para>A bug in &man.mmap.2; that pages marked as <literal>PROT_NONE</literal>
may become readable under certain circumstances, has been fixed.</para>
+ <para arch="i386">The &man.pbio.4; driver,
+ which supports direct access to
+ the Intel 8255A programmable peripheral interface (PPI)
+ chip running in mode 0 (simple I/O) has been added.</para>
<para>Bugs in <function>vm_object_madvise()</function>,
<function>vm_object_sync()</function>, and
@@ -170,6 +175,13 @@
<sect3 id="net-if">
<title>Network Interface Support</title>
+ <para>The &man.axe.4; driver, which supports
+ ASIX Electronics AX88172 USB 2.0 Ethernet chipset
+ has been added.</para>
+ <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports BCM5750
+ and BCM5751.</para>
<para>The &man.em.4; driver now supports 82541ER and 82546GB
dual port PCI Express adapter.</para>
@@ -193,6 +205,11 @@
now also support this capability and it can be controlled
via &man.ifconfig.8;.</para>
+ <para>A system panic which occurs
+ when <varname>net.inet.ip.rtexpire</varname> and/or
+ <varname>net.inet6.ip6.rtexpire</varname> are set to
+ <literal>0</literal> has been fixed.
<!-- Above this line, order network driver changes by manpage/variable name-->
@@ -208,6 +225,9 @@
<para>&man.ipfw.4; now supports lookup tables. This feature is
useful for handling large sparse address sets.</para>
+ <para>&man.ipnat.8; now allows redirect rules to work for
+ non-TCP/UDP packets.</para>
<para>The <literal>RST</literal>
handling of the &os; TCP stack has been improved
to make reset attacks as difficult as possible while
@@ -234,6 +254,8 @@
<para>The &man.mpt.4; driver now supports LSI Logic FC929X
Dual 2Gb/s Fibre Channel card.</para>
+ <para>The &man.trm.4; driver now supports the DC395U2W adapters
+ and problems under heavy load have been fixed.</para>
<sect3 id="fs">
@@ -270,10 +292,24 @@
smooth load peaks appearing when a lot of jobs are scheduled
for a particular moment.</para>
- <para>The LQM, Link Quality Monitoring support in &man.ppp.8;
- has been reimplemented. The LQM, which is described
- in RFC 1989, allows PPP to keep track of the quality
- of a running connection.</para>
+ <para>The &man.fwcontrol.8; now supports a <option>-m</option>
+ option to set the default <literal>fwmem</literal> target.</para>
+ <para>The <option>-C 60</option> option is now used
+ in the default <varname>$inetd_flags</varname> variable
+ in <filename>/etc/rc.conf</filename>.</para>
+ <para>The <application>libc</application> now supports
+ &man.eui64.3; functions.</para>
+ <para>The &man.ngctl.8; now supports <command>dot</command> command to
+ produce a <application>GraphViz</application> (.dot)
+ of the entire Netgraph.</para>
+ <para>The LQM, Link Quality Monitoring support in &man.ppp.8;
+ has been reimplemented. The LQM, which is described
+ in RFC 1989, allows PPP to keep track of the quality
+ of a running connection.</para>
<para>The userland &man.ppp.8; implementation now supports a <quote>set rad_alive
<replaceable>N</replaceable></quote> command
@@ -286,6 +322,15 @@
<para>&man.syslogd.8; now supports <literal>LOG_NTP</literal>
+ <para>Several off-by-one errors and potential buffer
+ overruns in &man.pax.1; have been fixed.</para>
+ <para>&man.whois.1; now supports NORID (Norwegian top level registry)
+ handles, the German whois nameserver, and a <option>-k</option> flag
+ for querying <hostid role="fqdn">whois.krnic.net</hostid>
+ (the National Internet Development Agency of Korea)
+ which hold details of IP address allocations within Korea.</para>
<!-- Above this line, order userland changes by manpage/variable name-->
@@ -296,6 +341,14 @@
<para><application>sendmail</application> has been updated from
version 8.12.11 to version 8.13.1.</para>
+ <para><application>GNU patch</application> source files in
+ <filename>src/contrib/patch</filename> has been removed.
+ &os; have used the &man.patch.1; sources
+ in <filename>src/gnu/usr.bin/patch</filename> for nearly seven years.</para>
+ <para>The timezone database has been updated from the
+ <application>tzdata2004e</application> release to the
+ <application>tzdata2004g</application> release.</para>
<sect2 id="ports">
@@ -322,6 +375,11 @@
(based on Red Hat Linux 7.1)
to <filename role="package">linux_base-8</filename>
(based on Red Hat Linux 8.0).</para>
+ <para>The <varname>NOSECURE</varname> variable in <filename>make.conf</filename>
+ has been removed because it is broken and no longer supported.
+ If you had been using the <varname>NOSECURE</varname>,
+ please now use the <varname>NOCRYPT</varname> instead.</para>