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Prune open issues and late-breaking news sections from the errata page.
Note that the errata page will be maintained until 11.4 reaches EoL. Approved by: re (implicit) Sponsored by: Rubicon Communications, LLC (netgate.com)
Notes: svn path=/releng/11.4/; revision=360911
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<para>This errata document for &os; &release; will be maintained
- until the release of &os; &release.next; (if
- applicable).</para>
+ until &os; &release; reaches end-of-life.</para>
@@ -97,37 +96,7 @@
- <para>[2019-07-04] An issue which can cause a crash when
- connecting to a &man.bhyve.4; instance with
- a <acronym>VNC</acronym> client under certain circumstances
- had been reported. An errata notice is planned
- post-release.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>[2019-07-04] An issue booting &man.bhyve.4; virtual
- machines compiled with &man.clang.1; version 8.0.0 or later
- had been reported late in the release cycle. An errata
- notice is planned post-release.</para>
- <para>This issue is believed to only affect OpenBSD virtual
- machines compiled with &man.clang.1;.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>[2019-07-04] An issue when upgrading from &os;&nbsp;11.3
- to &os;&nbsp;12.0 (which occurred earlier in time,
- comparatively), had been reported where the
- <literal>com.delphix:spacemap_v2</literal> &man.zpool.8;
- feature does not exist on &os;&nbsp;12.0, will fail to
- import the <acronym>ZFS</acronym> pool.</para>
- <para>At this time, it is advised to defer migrating from
- &os;&nbsp;11.3 to &os;&nbsp;12.x until &os;&nbsp;12.1 is
- available.</para>
- <para>Upgrading from earlier &os;&nbsp;11.x releases to
- &os;&nbsp;12.0 are believed to be unaffected.</para>
+ <para>No open issues.</para>
@@ -137,27 +106,7 @@
- <para>[2019-12-06] An issue has been reported with the
- &os;&nbsp;11.3-RELEASE images on the Google Compute Engine
- platform which causes virtual machines to fail to start
- properly.</para>
- <para>While we intend to investigate how to handle similar
- situations should they arise in the future, updated images
- will not be provided as of this time.</para>
- <para>Users wanting to use &os; in Google Compute Engine are
- advised to use 12.0-RELEASE or 12.1-RELEASE, or for those
- who wish to track 11.<replaceable>X</replaceable>, the
- <literal>freebsd-11-3-stable-amd64-v20190801</literal>
- snapshot from <literal>stable/11</literal> has been
- <link
- xlink:href="https://github.com/cirruslabs/cirrus-ci-docs/issues/359#issuecomment-519314652">
- reported to work correctly</link>.</para>
- <para>More details can be found in <link
- xlink:href="https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=242303">PR
- 242303</link>.</para>
+ <para>No late-breaking news.</para>