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- Update relnotes items:
grdc(6) 12-hour mode fixed, inetd(8) crash with IPv6 address fixed, netstat(1) statistics counter divided by 1024 fixed, rc.d/netif now updates only static routes, vt(4) kern.vt.bell_enable, puc(4) MSI support, epair(4) and lagg(4) cloner vnet jail support, epair(4) panic fixed, lagg(4) per-interface sysctl nodes replaced with ifconfig flags, lagg(4) panic fixed, SIOCGDRLST_IN6 and SIOCGPRLST_IN6 ioctls removed. Approved by: re (implicit)
Notes: svn path=/releng/10.3/; revision=297254
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to include a new flag, <literal>-s</literal>, which creates
a symbolic link to the specified source.</para>
- <para revision="285929">A bug in &man.ctladm.8; utility which could
- return a non-zero value even if it succeeds has been fixed.</para>
+ <para revision="285929">A bug in the &man.ctladm.8; utility
+ which could return a non-zero value even if it succeeds has
+ been fixed.</para>
+ <para revision="288185">A bug in the &man.grdc.6; program which
+ caused a wrong display in the 12-hour mode has been
+ fixed.</para>
<para revision="286810" contrib="sponsor"
sponsor="&yandex;">The &man.ifconfig.8; utility now reports
SFP/SFP+ data when a <option>-v</option> flag is specified and
the NIC driver provides them.</para>
+ <para revision="288048">Bugs in the &man.inetd.8; daemon which
+ could cause a crash when an RPC entry is defined and an IPv6
+ address is specified in <varname>-a</varname> flag have been
+ fixed.</para>
<para revision="286064">The &man.jail.8; utility has been
updated to include a new flag, <literal>-l</literal>, which
ensures a clean environment in the target jail when used.
@@ -227,6 +237,10 @@
which prevented dynamic VHD format from working with QEMU
has been fixed.</para>
+ <para revision="287593">A bug in the &man.netstat.1; utility
+ which showed the statistics in the number of packets divided
+ by 1024, not 1000 has been fixed.</para>
<para revision="287746">The &man.pciconf.8; utility has been
updated to use the PCI ID database from the <filename
role="package">misc/pciids</filename> package, if present,
@@ -332,8 +346,8 @@
<title><filename class="directory">/etc/rc.d</filename>
- <para revision="294680">The <literal>netwait</literal>
- &man.rc.8; script has been updated to wait for network
+ <para revision="294680">The <filename>rc.d/netwait</filename>
+ script has been updated to wait for network
interfaces that attach late in the boot process, such as some
<acronym>USB</acronym> network cards.</para>
@@ -341,6 +355,10 @@
<literal>firewall_type="SIMPLE"</literal> now uses
&man.ipfw.4; <command>tables</command> for addresses to be
+ <para revision="287737">The <filename>rc.d/netif</filename>
+ script now updates only static routes when an interface
+ is specified.</para>
<sect2 xml:id="userland-periodic">
@@ -376,6 +394,11 @@
variable when kernel debugger support (<option>options
KDB</option>) is enabled.</para>
+ <para revision="287782">The &man.vt.4; terminal console driver now
+ supports <varname>kern.vt.bell_enable</varname> sysctl variable
+ to enable or disable terminal bell. The default is
+ <literal>1</literal> (enabled).</para>
<para revision="286843">A <function>thread_create()</function>
function has been added as an API to create userspace thread in
kernel space.</para>
@@ -426,6 +449,11 @@
driver, which supports Freescale i.MX watchdog, has been
+ <para revision="287926">The &man.puc.4; driver now supports MSI
+ interrupts and prefers it to the legacy interrupts. This
+ behavior can be disabled by setting
+ <varname>hw.puc.msi_disable</varname> loader tunable.</para>
<para revision="287037">A bug in the &man.uart.4; driver which
could cause a polarity reversal of PPS (Pulse Per Second)
capture events has been fixed. The trailing edge of a
@@ -591,6 +619,26 @@
<para>This section describes changes that affect networking in
+ <para revision="287594,287723">The &man.epair.4; virtual
+ Ethernet interface and the &man.lagg.4; pseudo interface now
+ support <filename>VIMAGE</filename> kernel.</para>
+ <para revision="287594">A bug in the &man.epair.4; virtual
+ Ethernet interface which could cause a panic when running
+ &man.ifconfig.8; <command>create</command> and
+ <command>destory</command> quickly has been fixed.</para>
+ <para revision="287723">&man.sysctl.3; variables in the
+ &man.lagg.4; pseudo interface
+ <varname>net.link.lagg.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.<replaceable>*</replaceable></varname>
+ have been removed in favor of per-interface &man.ifconfig.8;
+ flags and options. <command>ifconfig -v</command>
+ command shows them.</para>
+ <para revision="287723">Bugs in the
+ &man.lagg.4; pseudo interface which could cause a system
+ panic have been fixed.</para>
<para revision="286125" contrib="sponsor"
sponsor="&netgate;">A bug in &man.pf.4; packet filter which
could cause a rule with no <literal>log</literal> parameter to
@@ -601,6 +649,11 @@
address was deleted from the link-level address table for
+ <para revision="287733">Obsolete APIs,
+ <literal>SIOCGDRLST_IN6</literal> and
+ <literal>SIOCGPRLST_IN6</literal> in &os; IPv6 stack have been
+ removed.</para>
<sect2 xml:id="network-protocols">
<title>Network Protocols</title>