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#include <sys/zfs_context.h>
#include <sys/zio.h>
#include <sys/sha2.h>

zio_checksum_SHA256(const void *buf, uint64_t size, zio_cksum_t *zcp)
	SHA2_CTX ctx;
	zio_cksum_t tmp;

	SHA2Init(SHA256, &ctx);
	SHA2Update(&ctx, buf, size);
	SHA2Final(&tmp, &ctx);

	 * A prior implementation of this function had a
	 * private SHA256 implementation always wrote things out in
	 * Big Endian and there wasn't a byteswap variant of it.
	 * To preseve on disk compatibility we need to force that
	 * behaviour.
	zcp->zc_word[0] = BE_64(tmp.zc_word[0]);
	zcp->zc_word[1] = BE_64(tmp.zc_word[1]);
	zcp->zc_word[2] = BE_64(tmp.zc_word[2]);
	zcp->zc_word[3] = BE_64(tmp.zc_word[3]);